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  1. What are your thoughts and expectations in regards to Tales of Arise?

    1. Commander


      *Ahem* It gives me Graces vibes from a quick glance. Combat sounds like it's going to be more focused on dodging and timing to pull off sick combos so I'm betting it'll be good. As for story, Bamco still has fun characters at their worst so that's all we can expect in a roulette of how well the plot will be. I'd definitely take a look into it at least because it looks like the poured a ton into this game. I think it's gonna be good, but not what people are expecting so we'll see some mixed opinions. I'm gonna play it though.

  2. Can't believe they censored your thread promoting intelligent discussion of weather effects, and how they enable a more serious metagame for serious matches on the ladder.

  3. I'm a gamer. Not because I have no life, but because I hold baby boomers responsible for the various atrocities they committed in their lifetime for nothing but the sole purpose of hedonistic pleasure.

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