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  1. Sorry that your writing was too political for the Reborn forum to tolerate.

    1. xX_Rock_Wrecker_Xx


      And too good might I add

  2. This is usually caused by certain attacks that the AI wants to call, but isn't really able to. Nature Power, for example, is a move that will cause the AI to lock up and just not use any move whatsoever.
  3. I had a lot of fun with this game. Don't watch my stream of it.
  4. Can't believe they censored your thread promoting intelligent discussion of weather effects, and how they enable a more serious metagame for serious matches on the ladder.

  5. https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen8oubeta-1010536269 This pretty much captures Gen 8 in a nutshell.
  6. I'm dumb. Are the PBS files for Rejuvenation V12 publicly available somewhere? I thought they were in the About Me section on your profile.


    Hope you're doing well. Keep getting better. 💪

    1. Jan


      They should be on the V12 thread, iirc. First post.

  7. tl;dr but couldn't you have just recycled and modified Showdown's random battle sets? Those are simple enough for the AI to use, at least with a bit of modification.
  8. I am going to cyberbully you if you don't get that demo up again soon.

    and you dog too

  9. What's your opinion on marijuana and do you believe yourself to be superior to marijuana consumers? Just curious.

  10. Never mind. I found Narcissa.
  11. Any clues on how to enter the And is there a key to enter the
  12. I have got to give props to whoever made the character sprites so animated. All the different poses they have really make them stand out. It's leagues above most other fangames (and honestly, the official games) to have characters with like half a dozen different sprites and animations that they'll go through in a single cutscene. Bravo.
  13. I just casually checked up on the status of all my favourite fangames and saw this got an update. It's like my birthday and Christmas rolled into one. Anyways, less talking and more playing.
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