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  1. Work up is not boosted on crowd field, it will still give +1 atk and +1 sp.atk.
  2. Crowd Field comeback bug: It will count Lucario (form 0) and Mega Lucario (form 1) as 2 different mons and proceed to give the mons that come after it +1 KO'd count to the comeback boost (in this case, Infernape get the 4KO'd mon boost (+1 ATKs, +1 DEFs, +2 Speed) when it should have get the 3KO'd boost (+1ATKs, +1 Speed))
  3. Crowd field's comeback buff is activated twice if mega evo, or i think if change form?
  4. the latest one, 6.0.2. Ya take the most left route from bottom to top
  5. Also i think bag sorting by type is bugged? like the 1st few items is sorted by type then after that it's all sort by name
  6. Hello, I am here to report this rock in The Depths that is behind the sewer in Celia North, it has infinite Heart Scales.
  7. hello Haru, i was trying to do a randomizer run, but when i turn the Move type Randomizer on, No move type get changed. But when i turn both that and Base Power Randomizwer on, it works normally. Game.rxdata
  8. (spoiler for like the whole GDC arc and above along with the character ANA)
  9. well Crawli is a double battle bug gym leader with a pre-set rain making him actually strong with fire type (Shelly PTSD), buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut he still have no rock/flying /poison coverage or those coverage is kinda slow/ frail. Dusk Lycan is the best option since Accel, rock slide. If you want to take advantage of the rain, Togedemaru and maybe pikachu can be useful with his dewspider. and lastly, you can change the field by getting a torkoal with drought as lead or get use both Dusk Lycan and Solrock then Rock slide spam... with A-Muk behind them if accident happen.
  10. So after finding and battle the Kimono girl, you will get gifted a special (maybe always shiny) eevee, it was a shadow poke then got purified by Souta, It have the move Transform. 2 of the Eeveelution, Leafeon and Glaceon, have crest. So I have some dumb questions: -If that Eevee evolve to either Leafeon and Glaceon, held one of the crest, then transform to a random wild poke, does it still have the type resistance from the crest? -If I give a Ditto a random crest, and let it transform into the supposed Crest holder, will it also have the Crest effect?
  11. So according to the E18 Pokemon location guide: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zbFBBm_MvNeWb-d7uswVMZCk_NUU76idjhKXEEjjcGg/edit#gid=666509645&fvid=83225955 I can find both Snivy AND Sceptile's mega stone, BUT snivy is after Hardy's gym while Mega Sceptile is after Void Gauntlet (and Agate City is free) Can anyone check it for me?
  12. The Shiny sprite is bascially Zangoose, Seviper's natural enemy's skin color! Zangoose shiny is Seviper!
  13. Try finding a Moxie Mightyena, it is very good for early game, with Woobat of course. Or after you take your starter, try finding some pick up pokemon and filled the whole team with them, slowly lvl them to 11 and after beating Venam, lvl them to 21 to get the 1% chance of Rare Candy, which is very useful since in Rejuv, the lvl cap stop completely, not making ur pokemon to disobey you or sth (or i haven't seen how you make it work like reborn). After that is easy game with Swoobat swooping til Nacrissa i think, and if some battle that is on the calm beach thingy, use it. For Starter poke, you can get a Torchic, which is obvious choice. But if you wanna use the crest thingy, then Infernape would be good enough. Pick up table: https://pkmn-rejuvenation.fandom.com/wiki/Pickup_Table Also try AP farming, cuz it can give you a bunch of useful items! Simple, buy a bunch of pokeball (muns can come from Pick up), get a strong poke with False swipe (Optional, filled the team with pick up poke), and run like a madman in Gearen park or the cave area (remember to check if you have pick up anything). By doing so you can complete: Tired Feet, gotta catch 'em all, running in tall grass, Items are handy, Mid-battle maintance, (if use pick up then Trashman), maybe "be drive to hunt", maybe "Friendship is magic" and Buying supplies and Seller if you sell some of the items with pick up and use them for pokeball. There are also "Baby boomer" quest and i think you can done it right be4 2nd badge and if you running in the cave. All that left is exploration and wanna fite every trainner ya see. The SWM modular pack can help a lot except there aren any Pick up QoL so *sad*. i think i may have talk too much sooo.... BYE
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