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  1. I love this! I'm sure no one here wants to walk up to a Mewtwo and just throw balls at it anyway! That being said, gimme those Lucario and Salamnce mega stones and I won't care about these legendaries nearly as much <_<
  2. I have noticed some rather strange switches as well, but those feel like they've always been there, and in situations where the AI doesn't really have a good move or switch to deal with whatever you have out, so it doesn't really matter as it was gonna lose anyway. As for trying to intentionally fool it, that's not really what I was doing, it's just that Sucker Punch it Pawniard's best move, so it was always gonna use it a lot.
  3. I'm on the latest version actually, 18.4 was it? I made sure to check back every now and then to see if anything new had come out after cas went crazy with a few releases during summer, but the last one was in July I believe and I definitely have that one. It didn't feel like a switching issue, like what can Shade even switch in that doesn't get destroyed by Pawniard one way or another. Maybe I'm slightly overthinking it too and the trainers just didn't have anything to play around Sucker Punch, and teaching the AI to switch in such a case sounds like hell. I actually read about the speed chec
  4. So uhm, I'm not 100% sure where to put this, because I don't think it fits into bug reporting. The thing is the following: It's my first time using Pawniard in Reborn (or in anything else, for that matter), and I made sure to get Sucker Punch on it. I noticed the AI not playing around it in any way though, running pokemon weak to dark like Espeon and Gengar into it and just dying. I suspect that the AI either doesn't recognize it as a priority move, or doesn't know that there is a way to get around it by not attacking. Whatever the case, I wanna put this out there for the off chanc
  5. Well, ACTUALLY, I used it back in gen 1, not 3, so you're still wrong- I will see myself out now.
  6. Beldum is listed as being obtainable before Radomus. I remember trying this when episode 17 was the most recent one, and it was not possible. IIRC the machine in Aya's house/gym just wouldn't go crazy, making it impossible to get Beldum. Unless it's been changed since then, which I don't really think is the case.
  7. All nice and good, but who needs multiple fossils of the same kind? I felt like the odds of those were more than ok.
  8. I fully expect Elias to turn on Lin and help the good guys, at least in one of the routes.
  9. Awesome to see so much progress, you guys are killing it! But, I gotta ask: why is episode 19 not getting released on its own, and then post game being its own kind of "episode"? This feels like two episodes are getting released at once anyway, and I kinda don't see the point in that. If it's because of the whole "people might stop caring after finishing the story" then they will stop caring after finishing the story even if the post game is already released. I don't see that happening anyway, at least not with long term fans of the game. Either way, take your time. Something as go
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