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  1. I didn't put this is bug reports because it doesn't make a big difference whether he's right or wrong
  2. Enemy Proof: JirachiBug.webm
  3. Jirachi won't take its turn as an AI trainer's pokemon, ally or enemy. check replies for proof.
  4. how about a run where you can only use Pokemon that are fighters in smash bros? their whole evolution up to them is allowed. (example: you can use Bulbasaur as long as you evolve it ASAP, but you can't evolve Ivysaur into Venusaur) the starters are basically limited to the gen 1s, froakie, and litten. as an added challenge, you can only have 3 Pokemon to resemble the default rules for stock matches in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. (3 stocks/lives)
  5. I just started a new file to use the randomizer. After the first battle with Cain, I accidentally clicked shift while he was walking me to the Pokemon center, and the dialogue right before the Cain battle played while I was stuck out of bounds, unable to move. the game will not continue no matter what I do. I cannot even access the menu. (upon clicking z) attached is a picture of where I got stuck. EDIT: given i could not save here, closing the tab and reopening it is an easy fix, but this should not go unnoticed.
  6. I am currently about to start the Devon raid. however, I can't hit the railnet switches to access it! at least, I think that's how you get there? anyway, can someone help with the "can't hit railnet switches" problem?
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