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  • Sprite landing!


    hey okay i've been a little quieter here but what'sup we're done with making all the 7th gen pokemon sprites front & back

    also marcello has pretty much done all the new moves and abilities already

    zoom zoom motherfluffers


    there's a few stragglers here and there and it's hard to show of script work so here, have some blocky-backgrounded sprites instead


    huge shoutout to zumi jan koyo and a last minute addition of bazaro for helping me tear through all these. this is super cool since that's the hardest part of spriting and also 7th gen implementation and also the entire E17 cycle overwith in a snapp


    but you will notice the spriting part is yet not at 100%, that is because we still have to do canon shinies, custom shinies, and eggs! right now smeargletail is working on formatting these sprites for essentials and then we'll launch into those things. well actually im already working on eggs but details.


    im also starting mapping early because fuqq da police

    okay thanks bye!





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    Wow, that was really fast. Congrats team for finishing all the sprites, they look amazing as always! Will you be opening up a thread in the public development forum for the shiny sprites?


    And now that the mapping for the desert has started I can't wait to see some screenshots in the coming months (really curious about the mirage tower).


    Also, happy new year Ame and the Team! (a bit early I know)


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    Fast. Congrats for that.
    Now on the real question how do I fluf my mother?




    This should work




    I made a terrible mistake.


    Afbeeldingsresultaat voor frightfuloid


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    Woo-hoo! Sprites AND scripts are nearly done! That's awesome, considering I thought it was only the former.


    Also, fuck yeah! Mapping! Any chances you'll be streaming some of that?


    Happy New Years to the team. Cheers everyone!

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  • i know i'm, like, criminally bad at updating the sidebar

    but it's just the scripts!

    i never know what's worth mentioning.

    anyway we might redo the battle system.





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