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  1. Hey thanks for not replying but if you see this and you also have the same problem i have a fix for you! If you go into your games saves and simply switch it to Game_2 or _3 if you have two save files already it will not lock you in. How i figured this out is by looking at some of the game design if you wanna now. Thanks!
  2. Hey im not sure if you still need help but if you wanna fix it and get out of the loop, rename the save before the fight Game_2 or Game_3 and it should not display the game over. I would know cos i did it myself.
  3. Hey i am doing a cagelock with my friend and im stuck in blacksteaple castle in the timeline with the red sea, i chose to give melanie the time gem and i cannot get out of this spot after getting a game over. Using Debug to warp away does nothing and when i enter puts me back in the game over loop and reverting my save does nothing. Please Help. Ill send my save and a screenshot of the problem.
  4. Lol in pupper high there is Battles round on the board and its supposed to be an anogram and has to do with labour pls help i have no clue.
  5. Yo so in V13 Here is my save : Game.rxdata Thanks if you can help.
  6. I already tried that. I already battled her and she just automatically went into that spot.
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