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  • One final card!


    I knew you'd pick that one!





    From here, surely even you can guess what's coming, right?

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    Team Météor ACE (since we see a planet and a comet)


    But not Lin, or a young/New Lin ?

    Wait you renew some playable character haircut. Why should Lin be any different ? I mean she is power, she surely manage to control your computer in order to refresh her hair and confuse us.

    She's Devil like that.


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    I've looked at the second card a few times cause it has a signiture on the bottom kinda n i could be wrong with the letters i've translated but i'm unsure (lw w willlams or lrw w willldms ) now weird thought what if its a anoagram i could be wrong but i've looked at it a few timesimage.png.69af48d9a14cd1ec5cdb06a90c4524ae.png

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    I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA i knew it!


    Okay, now that i've guessed the name right, let me help you guys on who's that one:


    3 hours ago, SqueezingLemon said:

    A new member to the agate ace triumvirate😱😱😱😱

    1 - This is a very plausable option, since the (spoiler) death of either Samson or Ciel.


    2 hours ago, Draconis said:

    Wait, Ace is one letter from Ame. Coincidence? Most likely.

    2 - Honestly? I dont think its this far fertched. Think with me: to present a new character this 'far' in the game should only means it will take an important roll like, for example, being the substitute champion because, you know, (spoiler) Ame died.


    3 - You know, this next one might be too off, but do you who could that be? Anna.

    Now, before you say its BS, think: who has a 'wishing' pokemon as a doll? Anna.

    Who has this 'feeling' of seeing something 'out of this world'? Anna

    She uses twintails, i know, but would an adult version of her a ponytail? I wouldn't mind at all.


    Well, these are just theories, but since we are talking about Reborn, anything is possible lol



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    At first the Trainer card thing made me feel like it would be a selection of an 'unknown' character in the battle facility (Basically you pick your own Frontier brain of 3 random cards designed like the middle and when you do it spins around to show the other two before the battle starts) but now? I'm not so sure. I still feel like it will have something to do with a battle or a puzzle. Regardless I am looking forward to this

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    42 minutes ago, Gummy_Dragon said:

    Mystery Girl is holding a hand of cards!

    Exactly and I dont think we have anyone with a card theme. I'd say it is a sprite of Shade's true self. More vague hints are, Shade foreshadows 4 deaths, tarot is used for foreshadowing ("Fool'' is one of the tarot's cards and the first of the pictures is almost outright the Fool's stance), 4 aces, you get it. Dont have an idea for the shooting star, the moon/sun in the background and the glowing eyes. Maybe some clues on Lin/Anna (+Shade?) relation and what links them? ("IT WAS ANNA" remember?). Also, not sure what the Joker stands for here.


    Also, from google: "The first card of the Major Arcana, The Fool is generally a positive card indicating new beginnings. If it appears in your readings it could mean that you are on the verge of an exciting, unexpected new adventure."

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    The ´´shooting star´´ or as sometimes called a meteor and that fact that this game is a story prequel for rejuvenation. Plus dont tell me you have all forgotten about the weird story from fortune teller lady in the neo city. She said that she saw a future where we are not and that there will be an apocaliptic event and I qoute  "  And Beaded hope breaks apart upon the tattered stones of a city forced to live up to its name again." This whole story is saying that, if we are not present in the story, Lin will win and everything that everybody has done will be undone. And as I said about the meteor and plus the story that we know from both games there is a big chance of Arceus shenanigans. 







    (( P.S. What if that Man/Woman/Idontknowwhat on the card is the person who talked to us in the sancuary and at the end of version 18?)) 

    Thank you for your time

    Edit: Plus the beaded hope could stand for Victoria, if that is true then is confirmed that the city was rebuild ( Like we as players did in our run of the game and as our wallets know) and then again (thanks to Lin) destroyed. 

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    What if Shade is, well, a shade of someone, cause when Anna invoked a wish, a space for a new character had to be made in this world - so everything that's left of a ''taciturn woman'' from the prophecy is a mere shadow of her?

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    I can kinda see Anna there, its faint. but with how the Fool Arcana looks, as well as Anna's name being a play off of Arcana as well as the very comet esct thr card itself has and Anna having the Jirachi 'Doll' its just too on point.

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    Whatever this is, I'm semi-confident that it will involve both Shade and Anna. I still don't believe it's a coincidence that you gain relationship points with both of them every time you make the "right" story choice. I think there's something there.


    EDIT: Comments that aged poorly

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