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  1. There's also the possibility Madame X could be an entirely new character, though it's unlikely.
  2. Well, everyone, I did it. I beat the main game, and I'm well into the postgame already. What a ride.
  3. Gonna leave this last comment before the lock. When E19 was first announced, I was still in high school. Now I'm making my way through college, and honestly? Every last minute of the wait was worth it. It's been a very eventful 4.5 years, and I'm honored to get to be here to see the ending. To Amethyst, the devs, and everyone else here: you're amazing and awesome; don't let anyone tell you otherwise. The hype's been a blast, everyone. See you all on the other side. It's been an honor and a pleasure.
  4. Just cleared out my schedule for the week, should be mostly free
  6. Yeah, I was gonna wait for the public release, but I think maybe I'll just get community, I don't think I can take more waiting lol
  7. Well, whichever way you look at it, I'd say we're in the very final hours.
  8. The open beta releases Saturday, if I'm not mistaken. 1 day from now, where I am.
  9. Lmao I may have a decent grasp on competitive play, but no way am I cut out for Insane mode.
  10. Wow, I'm really liking this new fix for the Itemfinder, and OML AEVIAN GASTRODON IS SO PRECIOUS HNNNNNNNNNNNNNGH
  11. On the subject of a potential battle against Amethyst, to me, although it feels unlikely, I think it wouldn't hurt to be prepared. After a bit of poking around, I think I've drawn a few conclusions about her possible team. We already know her ace is A-Ninetales, and I recount a source saying her favorite Pokemon is Sylveon. Additionally, if memory serves, during the starter egg quest, it's mentioned that Amethyst likes Popplio, so I believe she could have a Primarina. The fact that we receive an Absol belonging to her tells me she won't use only Fairy types, which makes sense. My theory is that her team is a mix of Fairy and Dark, though I could be wrong.
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