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  1. Is this game completely out or is it out only to beta tester? Because I cant find the episode anywhere to download it.
  2. Something strange just happened to me, my Toxel evolved in to the aevium variant Toxtricity even though I leveled him up instead of using the fire stone.
  3. Welp, I'm in trouble then because I already did the restoration quest so I won't find him in neither place and I just found out that missed out on cramorant as well.
  4. Anyone know a method to get pansage in Neo Gearan City? cause I missed the chance to get him in Gearan before it was Adrien came to renovate and I honestly don't want to do new game again just to get one pokemon. Also those anyone know how to use the search function in the pokedex in v13 because when I try to use shift it doesn't let me.
  5. Do I need to download the base game or can I download the patch version and just play the game?, cause I can't find the base game.
  6. Please can someone tell me in which exact part in Ruby Island is Stunfisk and Durant in Ruby Island? Also, Wobuffet's location.
  7. In which part of Ruby Island do I get Stunfisk and Mincino and in which area do I get Durant in Bountilia Island?
  8. Does anyboody know how to get back to Ruby Island? because Myrtle doesn't appear in Cellia Docks anymore for me and I want to catch Murkrow. . . . . Nevermind it looks like I didn't see the correct lain.
  9. Does anybody know where to get Majira's first key? Cause I found the second and third but I don't remember encountering the first.
  10. I heard that Cubone appears in the entrance of Vejyr but it it the first room with lava or is it grass before you enter the volcano and is it at night or day that he appears?........................ Nevermind found him but can someone tell me at what hour Zangoose appears at Old Grotto
  11. Does anybody know where the chip you need for that black foxes hideout that you find with Aaron? and also the location of eevee, because for the life of me I can't find him.
  12. Has anyone found torkoal, riolu and sunkern yet? If yes can someone please tell me where they are.
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