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  1. I'd Like to request adding in a Battle Roulette like the one in Platinum's Battle Frontier, you can stop it whenever you want but if you get on a streak where too many positive traits then Terra shows up and flips the panel to give you a negative trait. T'would be an epic thing.
  2. I'd like to make a suggestion You know how the Old Pokemon Stadium 1 & 2 games had cups for certain pokemon? Well why not do the same with the Reborn Password system? babies - stage 1 pokemon are only available for you and your opponents to use rental - each major fight has a random team of 6 including your own everstone - NFE pokemon are the only used pokemon and they can't reach their final evolution stages Australia - Pokemon with weather changing abilities are frequently found in the wild and every team is a weather team (for those of you who don't understand the reference: Every Australian says you experience all 4 seasons in 1 day, from personal experience on a visit this turned out to be true) Butterfingers - held items are disabled along with trainer items in battle, except the pokeball and its variations for obvious reasons.
  3. Dietydeath


    Out of Curiousity: Would it be possible to add a Mix Records options in the Wi-Fi settings so that we can partner up with other peoples pokemon teams for FITE's? Or (if possible) replicate the team battle feature used in Platinum Battle Tower and Black/White Battle Subway where you can partner up with a live person to take on challenges?
  4. That poor Alolan Exeggutor, You Spin his head right round, right round like a record baby round round round round. Shitty jokes aside, nice work Ame and team. Also wanted to know: Will The Z-Moves and Mega Evolutions use the same system? So input's would be based off a specific formula and the item held would be the variable producing different outputs
  5. Dietydeath

    Shine On

    Hey Ame, if possible, could you add alternate shiny sprites to certain pokemon? For example Tapufini normal shiny is pink and an alternate shiny form would have it look lke pacman eating a blue ghost
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