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  • machines aren't built to have this much sand in them


    hi whats up it definitely has not been two weeks but most y'all who saw the previous update status know why and for the rest of you who dont know why i'll tell you why it's because my computer died so like shit boi

    uhhh basically my motherboard had to replaced and also i had a corrupt RAM stick so that sucked and i lost all my data in the interim of me floundering about trying to fix it as if it were a software problem

    so that super sucks. 

    but don't worry-- i didnt lose much as far as reborn is concerned: the project files for city music but i dont really need those anymore, and a few graphics for E17 which i'll have to redo...but i can do so. it could be much worse.

    so i had my laptop over the past two weeks but it's kinda dinky and without all the things i needed there was only so much i could do

    now i have my computer back and repaired and running back up close to full functionality! so we go back to development


    as following up from my last update, i have not gotten as much done as i would like to have for the obvious reason. but the intro was done (in just a few days, in fact), and the eventing for Fucktruck Desert is just about done. i will probably put up a video showing the redone intro soon. in the mean time i'll move onto the scrapyard, which has the only puzzle that i expect might actually give me trouble (and even then it's just the Very Tedious Inconvenience sort of trouble). after the scrapyard puzzle, the eventing is kind of a straight shot.

    you might also noticed i've dipped into the story a little bit. this isn't exactly a story-heavy episode, so that part might go quicker. however, split paths doubles work time. so oops. going to try a different way of handling that split this time though. we'll see if it's easier or not


    i must once more disappear into the void, but know that it will not disappear back. 

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    1 hour ago, seki108 said:

    Glad to here this is back on track.  Hopefully, the repairs didn't cost you too much.......hopefully.

    Ha, BACK ON TRACK! Good one!

    (Get it? Because trains??)

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    3 hours ago, Chin Chin said:

    Will the version be released by the next 2 weeks? Asking cause i will leave for vacations and i wont have wifi :/

    At the current pace (and assuming no real-life delays), we are still looking at a few months, so you should be fine.  

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  • i know i'm, like, criminally bad at updating the sidebar

    but it's just the scripts!

    i never know what's worth mentioning.

    anyway we might redo the battle system.





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