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  1. "the number of h's in that quote is inversely proportional to what I was able to convince her to add." I was like "you convinced her to add h's to a quote??"
  2. Time to PP stall it to death! (Unless it has Recycle + Leppa Berry) ((Which it probably will))
  3. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  4. Given that you've gone so far with the sexual humor as to make butt plug jokes, I'd say that's the pot calling the kettle black
  5. JASMI MY LOVE MY SUNSHINE Your art always makes me so happy <333
  6. Yessssss my darling Jasmi makes her triumphant return~~ <333
  7. Happy Birthday :D, i hope that you will have a great day ^^

    1. ZEL


      Aye, happy birthday, man!
      We haven't exactly spoken a lot, but I know you are dear to a dear friend of mine, and I appreciate that you are there for her. Also, you do seem cool from all I've seen and heard so far, so there's that, too.
      Have a good one!

    2. Foamy


      Aaaaaaa thank you so much!
      I hope you know that you mean a lot to her, too! She talks about you all the time, and you're a really great person~

  8. "I refuse. I cannot be bribed by material goods. Greed is not my sin of choice." So wrath, then? Aw. Well I do hope you decide to play it one day!
  9. ...I will pay you $100 USD if you attempt a Pokémon Clover Nuzlocke. I will pay you an additional $100 USD if you complete said Nuzlocke. This isn't a joke, I'm dead serious.
  10. It's good to be back! "Eh every language pronounces things differently, like some people pronounce the Y in Gyarados while I don't." And those people are objectively wrong. The "Y" in "Gyarados" is officially silent, and there's no "Y" sound in the Japanese name at all. Well, more like #AStatisticallyNegligibleNumberOfAlolans. Like, 1 in 100 million. It's so effing stupid how Emma is like, "You and Neved are very similar. You've shown nothing but hostility, you lose your temper easily, you take things way too personally..." THESE ARE TWO ENTIRELY DIFFERENT CIRCUMSTANCES, EMMA. NEVED ABDUCTED AN ENTIRE TOWN FULL OF INNOCENT PEOPLE, SHIPPED THEM TO A REMOTE PRISON ON A SMALL ISLAND IN THE MIDDLE OF THE OCEAN, AND FORCED THEM TO PERFORM MANUAL LABOR WHILE KEEPING THEM IMPRISONED FOR AN INDEFINITE PERIOD OF TIME. AND YOU ARE WILLINGLY CHOOSING TO HELP THIS GUY WHO KIDNAPPED US, SO I'D SAY THAT VALARIE'S HOSTILITY IS PERFECTLY JUSTIFIED.
  11. Woo, I have a ton of catching up to do! "Plus Giratina is pronunced Ji-ra-tee-na" ...No, it's really not. In addition to being verbally referred to as "Gi-ra-tee-na" multiple times in official content, the Japanese characters for Giratina are "ギラティナ" (Gi-ra-ti-na). If it had been pronounced "Ji-ra-tee-na", then the characters would be "ジラティナ" (Ji-ra-ti-na). "If someone of an ethnic origin blows up a bus and then we assume that all of them are bus exploders, that's pretty bad but it doesn't exactly equal blowing up a bus, does it?" Not exactly, but in doing so, you're making the world more actively hostile for that ethnic group by jumping to that conclusion. If you assume that everyone of a certain ethnicity is a "bus exploder", then you encourage society to treat everyone of that ethnicity as if they were bus exploders. Which, inevitably, will result in hateful bigotry, persecution, and death. Let's say that one Alolan blows up a bus and kills 20 people. You, in a fit of rage, decry all Alolan people as savage, violent bus exploders. You vow to do whatever you can to seek revenge against all Alolan people, without exception. Your words and actions reach the impressionable hearts and minds of thousands of people, which leads to several violent attacks against peaceful Alolan establishments. In these attacks, over 50 innocent Alolan people are killed. Would you say that indirectly causing the deaths of 50 innocent people isn't as bad as directly causing the deaths of 20? Of course you wouldn't. You're simply fighting hate with more hate and getting innocent people killed in the crossfire, which makes you no better than the initial bus exploder. That's the point that Narcissa was trying to make.
  12. Ha, BACK ON TRACK! Good one! (Get it? Because trains??)
  13. Jasmi my love My sunshine The light of my life
  14. "Sweet Kiss and Draining Kiss cure sleep" So much flavor "I did say that we would be saying goodbye to a certain character. But if I were going to be a little more precise, I should say... It's not just one." rip ZEL
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