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  1. Having read the Somethingawfyl's playthrough because I was bored, I wanted to ask the Old League's Reaction regarding the story. Considering the fact that this game's story is based of real life events, I wanted to know whether the developers had asked for input by the Old Leaders regarding the portrayal of the events that hapenned in the story (if they gave the okay to include them and how) ? I remember that this wasn't the only interpentation of the Reborn League, since there was also an old webcomic, but that has disappeared. Also, knowing that some of the leaders were
  2. ....Ow, I just noticed the blood trail in the picture. That's kinda morbid. I haven't been here for too long, and I haven't always agreed, but I wish you all good luck. Take all the time you need, you deserve to finish this however you want (also, don't be afraid to take a break, you deserve that too).
  3. Just in case. I'm sorry if I seem impatient, but I haven't got any reply, so I'm just making sure.
  4. Can someone help me ? I have a few problems. I can't complete the sidequest at peridot ward because I chose cleffa at an earlier version. Is it possible to replace it with igglybuff ? Also, could I have my silver ring moved to the key items pocket and have a whismur, if possible ? I didn't get the event one and I gave away the loudred for the mega/z-ring sidequest. I'm sorry if it is too much trouble and I appreciate the help. Game.rxdata
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