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  1. I really appreciate the hard work done to make the full game better, the gen 8 pokemon which I wouldn't have experienced otherwise and the new crests. You guys did a excellent job.
  2. The original poster was referring to actually visiting the region of Reborn, because of those cameos. Please read the original post before claiming someone has not played the game.
  3. As I am unable to do what I normally do for a new Pokemon game file (breed level 1 versions of my team to start the game anew) and I was only able to get Togekiss thanks to some help with another member of the forums, I'm just going to stick with the progress I currently have.
  4. If done it would have to be a FFXIV FF tactics situation, as while Reborn is indeed mentioned in Rej, the settings and lore are different thanks to Rej using its own lore and lore from the anime, while Reborn stays completely faithful (so far) to the game's universe lore. So in theory it would be possible to visit a variation of Reborn but not the actual one.
  5. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

    1. The Swordsman

      The Swordsman

      Thanks! Sorry for the super late reply.

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      Don't worry and you're welcome! 

  6. I'm not fond of fakemon or forcing a pokemon onto the players but if it does get implemented the only way I can see that would please mostly everyone and have less work to implement is the starters. In a dream scenario though you would be able to choose a pokemon from a list of non legendaries and have them follow you like in HGSS.
  7. Hmm a neat idea that could potentially work spectacularly, if every anomaly is heavily tied to and grounded by that pokemon's canon lore.
  8. There seems to be a miscommunication, I'm not arguing for the game to be made easier, as I feel Reborn as it is currently already has the proper balance. I'm arguing against the notion that the game isn't challenging and thus needs to be made even harder, as that is apparently the only thing that matters.
  9. No it is not, as not even Reborn, as up to this moment, expects you to be only using certain pokemon in every battle. In fact the completed dex up to 7 is listed as a feature of the game, so yes if it came to that point it would indeed be a flaw. Character select forcing in general is a flaw. Like it or not there is more to Reborn than a difficult game. if you want nothing but hyper competitive battles Pokemon Showdown and Smogon already has you covered for now and the optional Nightclub is coming in the next update. Its what they, back when they were in everyone's good graces, ori
  10. Mono typing is....but playing with favorites is not. In fact it is a normal playstyle that is expected and even encouraged by Game Freak and Nintendo. I just included mono runs as another type where the selection is limited that people like to do and the option for them should still be there. While you may be in the camp that likes things to be ultra difficult because of the challenge, others like myself are more drawn to the story and characters. I rather not the game go from DS1/3 to DS2:SotFS under the misguided notion that being as difficult as you can is all that matters. Besides forcing
  11. While I do get that and the others, some of us choose to just play with certain pokemon because of that pokemon being their favorites or wanting to do a mono type run. Honestly the example I'm thinking of is the gauntlet at the end of 18.
  12. I taken a similar if less extreme stance, if the game does not have Wiggltuff, Samurott, Gallade, Dusk Lycanroc, Togekiss and Donpahn and it must be all 6, I won't buy the game at all. I've put up with GF removing features that make the game better, phoning in the story and characters (like X and Y) and barely innovating before, my favorites is my last straw. To this day I still haven't bought Sword. What makes this even more baffling is Ultra Moon was IMO a high point to end the 3DS era and everyone of Nintendo's other major franchises and even Digimon was hitting it all out of the park but
  13. Hi was wondering if you could make an overworld sprite for my character? I already did the battle trainer sprite but am too lazy to do an overworld sadly

  14. Well they also try to stop NTP throughout the game. (as Pokemon tends to leave abusers to just the evil team despite that being unrealistic) Honestly you could further the development of OTP by having them form a partnership and business relationship with the Ather Foundation of the Ultra universe.
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