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  1. Nope which is why we don't have a criminal organization following us wherever we go and actually win most of the leagues.
  2. To be fair, thats not exactly a hard guess in my case since I mostly use the same team and will refuse to enter your region if you won't allow me to use my favorites. (Looking at you Galar)
  3. Shows up at the sites and draws a counter sign.
  4. On the bright side for you, you might become a Kadabra if my candidate wins, enhancing your psychic power more than any human is capable of! You could take over GF yourself and save the Pokemon franchise!
  5. Honestly you have an easier time making Ame the head of the Democrats, considering their current actions, though really you need to think smaller. Aim for making Ame the head of Nintendo, it plays to your goals strengths without needing one half of the country to be on your side and gives you access to other properties that need saving like Paper Mario.
  6. I prefer Reborn thanks to that game trying to stay within the confines of the main pokemon games lore, while Rejuvenation likes to do its own thing and also throw some elements from the different Pokemon continuities too much for my liking, like the Pokemon anime. Reborn also IMO has a stronger cast of characters and story, with a bit more freedom on your character's relationship with the NPCs thanks to the hidden relationship stat. However Rejuvenation does do some things better than Reborn, like the map design, sidequests, machines taking place of HMs and a better "push" to where you need to go.
  7. Oh OK that makes the scenario more balanced then. Yeah playing around with a "what if", as long as it stays that way, causes no harm. I think it comes down to one of two possibilities, the first one which was brought up thanks to Sword and Shield, is the theory that Game Freak is burned out on Pokemon. The other one which is something I noticed that might also apply here, is Ian Flynn the current writer for the Sonic comics when asked why he avoids fan ideas and projects said that he avoids them because they might influence his work and cause legal problems, which might be case here.
  8. While Reborn is more difficult then normal for Pokemon games and I get it is some of the appeal for some players, I don't think Ame will or should mess with E4 formula besides adding the filed effects. Ame has wonderfully made Reborn in such a way that unlike most fan games it actually fits the game's world, I doubt she throw that sense of legitimacy in the final hour just to make things more difficult. As for the idea itself I am really against the idea that you should be able to switch at all, not only is it one of the key features that makes the endgame of Pokemon stand out, it tempts the game designer into character select forcing (which I'm against on the very principal) and not all the Pokemon you used would be recognized in the Hall of Fame. As for the subject of healing, from the way you make it sound you would limit item use, which is not only a unfair restriction (as that has never been the case before) but also limits Pokemon selection and strategies. So far Reborn has been able to be completed without me having to switch my team, (even if that stubbornness has made things harder for me in the long run) I rather keep it that way.
  9. Not at all, I'm just saying that unlimited strength isn't the ultimate answer to everything. For instance Goku, like Shaggy and his team, needed Bulma.
  10. Shaggy isn't the brains in the operation, just the brawn like Goku, which is why he and Scobby are the ones that deal with the criminals and monsters psychically. We need Fred or Velma to actually solve the mystery.
  11. I feel conflicted about Episode 24, on one hand it includes my favorite story moments from Unova, (in fact Old Team Plasma vs, New Team Plasma is what solidified OTP as my favorite team) no pokemon died and Colress having a Mewtwo is surprisingly fitting consider Colress' goals. On the other hand the randomizer completely ruined Ghetsis' battle. Moving onward to Ep 25 I was not expecting Tyrniatar to not make it and poor Motely was so close to at least seeing victory road, it was also a surprise to see you not replace them until the end and sell off your rare candies. Time for the final episode! Can J-Awsome and his friends from Reborn pull off the championship?
  12. Sorry my mistake, I forgot about it being a partner battle. Though in this case I'm happy that I am mistaken. Honestly the fact that you used Galahad after the battle while surfing should've clued me in.
  13. Well sadly Galahad fell, at least he served you well.
  14. Elias will indeed use normal types, though I suspect he would never use Sivally considering who he is. Other options might include Pyroar or Mega Audino if there is a religious theming to his team.
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