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  2. Just want say this before this is locked. Thank you Reborn team for this great game and to other members that helped me out with the game through the years, be it supplying a guide to a tricky puzzle or getting a certain pokemon. Its been a fun ride!
  3. Didn't stop him from trying to kill you and all of this is almost entirely from a out of universe perspective with no regard at all to the setting and it's history. The whole thing of you're only alive because main character is entirely divorced from the context of the story, or do you seriously think the good characters of Reborn would suddenly not try to intervene when they did before just because the person about to killed in front of them isn't "special." Heck realistically a person's ability to train pokemon is due solely to their ability and compassion for their pets, not some special main character status and you're forgetting said weapons are not tools but living creatures. To be blunt you killing grunts right and left does nothing to improve your chances of survival or taking them down, by doing so all you've changed is the reluctant grunts are now fully motivated as they try to avenge their friends, just another cog in this vicious cycle. By this logic you shouldn't even try the non lethal solution at all because you're not special, well guess what? Cops don't have that special main character status in real life and the conditions they are called into are not always ideal but they are expected to disarm the criminal, with lethal intent being a last resort and is heavily scrutinized. Not even trying under that reasoning is not logical, its moral cowardice and in that case seriously why are you even playing at being a vigilante in this scenario? If the risks of your own death are indeed far too big for you and you already survived one attack, why bother personally chasing Meteor down to their base? This reasoning also isn't why Titania kills the grunts, heck she is fully honest about how they weren't really a threat to her.
  4. Ghestisis actively tried to kill the player and is one of the darkest canon villains, yet the player did not kill him in return. Pokemon trainers hold at max 6 pokemon, powerful creatures capable of mass destruction that have made personal weapons obsolete, it is literally child's play in the Pokemon universe to disarm your opponent and force them to surrender. Lethal force was never a logical or necessary option.
  5. Its not just the plot but the very setting itself thats different. As I have stated elsewhere, unlike Rejuvenation which is more a melting pot of the games, anime (which is wildly different from the games) and its own fully unique lore, Reborn so far has held itself true the games' canon and has tried to keep its additions with it in mind. While a version of the Reborn region and its characters can exist in Rejuvenation, it can't be the original due to this.
  6. I was going to offer to breed a ratls and then give it to you but I forgot Rej doesn't have trading yet. If it helps any I did not get my Gallade from a egg but from the Hidden Lab.
  7. Personally I never saw that as a issue as I am invested in the game's story and RPGs where this is common are my favorite genre. Its just that the official Pokemon games don't really focus on the characterization and story for the most part unlike most RPGs. (Gen 5 and 7 being the exceptions and get similar complaints but are my favorites out of them) Its not that it sucks because of long cutscenes (which a point of preference than anything else, while you seem to dislike them, I like them) its that its more of a traditional RPG.
  8. Might be a reference to Lance's dragonite, the Rocket grunt didn't die there either.
  9. El's diary is the evidence for Solaris' parents dieing and him not wanting the job originally.
  10. Yes, you have Sirus' dialogue, Taka's dialogue, and El's diary from the top of my head.
  11. Which happened after Lin joined, you have to remember that originally for the longest time she was just the unofficial leader, her actually getting the position is fairly recent. Solaris' fall, like with most well written villains, was a slow fade. Originally there was no Team Meteor, it was his family protecting the keys, a job Solaris did not take seriously and wanted out of. Only when his parents were brutally murdered for the keys does he fully commit to the job, which leads to Team Meteor being created, their peaceful protests not working at all and to Lin and their new goals.
  12. Ah I did not know that, as since I don't normally pursue pokemon I don't intend to use the last time I saw Chandelure's dex entry was in the original White which was, "Being consumed in Chandelure's flame burns up the spirit, leaving the body behind. " Which implies the soul's destruction and made me dislike the pokemon even more. (As a litwick was feeding off its own trainer) Thanks for the info!
  13. From what I am recall (forgive its been awhile) Team Meteor's activities were not evil at all and more civil, just trying to get people leave the area in order to protect Arceus. Once Lin came along that changed for the worse as her methods were seen as necessary since they got actual results and then it was further warped from protecting Arceus to using it to make a "better" world. However, even that goal is a lie, in reality Lin is no different from Cyrus. Sirus on the other hand murdered some people before he joined Team Meteor for the very keys Solaris was supposed to protect, became Lin's right hand man and erased Eclipse from existence. While I do find Sirus to be more evil as Lin hasn't erased someone from existence yet, there is no denying she is the one most responsible for everything wrong that goes on in the game, because as Sirus notes Solaris, having lost his Team to a usurper, is the only one still on Team Meteor who cares about the old world. (I presume El does too but he isn't technically a member)
  14. Merry Christmas everyone!

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