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  1. OK lets grant that wish. Without Taka's and his family someone would be able grab Arceus more easily for their own ends, (as their role used to be guardians, till Lin twisted the goal to be the complete opposite) Taka's interference wouldn't have happened so the player and other people would most likely be dead, Lin would still be around and still be able to form Team Meteor as we know them today some other way, as she doesn't really need the family, she just used them for their insight and connections, Sirius would rise to power earlier, the volcano would go off without a hitch and Blake would be successful in his schemes because no Cal, Eclipse wouldn't be there to stop PULSE Clawlitzer, Luna wouldn't exist and thus the void would be a permanent prison and Evelynn and Lumina wouldn't exist, which would be the only potential positive as there is a chance there would be no PULSE pokemon. (forcing Lin to rely on the megas or gigamaxing) I think that covers everything
  2. If you choose the path of Ideals he never dies. For Taka you have to remember that said organization wasn't originally a group of terrorists it was twisted into that by Lin. Also Taka didn't just feel bad or whine about it, he acted as a mole where he actively helps the player many times. You forcing him to reveal himself isn't a change of heart, he was already working against them from the inside, its a betrayal of trust that gets him killed. Without Taka's interference more people would've been killed. Just because you don't think he should know how to sabotage the machine doesn't have the knowledge and afterward he was repentant and helps against Blake. Things aren't black and white.
  3. That might be why the heroes win in the end then. Though I am surprised that Lin wouldn't think of it considering she has very similar goals to Cyrus.
  4. I doubt there will be a PULSE Arceus, as Cyrus from DPP notes legendaires lose a lot of power by tech interference. If Arceus is captured I'm expecting a red chain variant.
  5. That doesn't really address the problem though, while sure there are some people want to catch them all, the main reason people feel so strongly about the National Dex is that every pokemon is someone's favorite. Sad to say but the National Dex is the name for all pokemon being included, I would gladly take no pokedex entries as a compromise but thats not going to happen.
  6. I was holding out hope they would fix this mistake in the DP remakes but it seems this horrible policy is continuing from now on. As part of my fun is playing with my favorite pokemon, I will no longer be buying their games for the most part and sticking to fan games. (with the only exception being main series games that have all my 6) Couple this with Lets GO! and the multiple other problems with SH, it seems GF doesn't care anymore.
  7. I really appreciate the hard work done to make the full game better, the gen 8 pokemon which I wouldn't have experienced otherwise and the new crests. You guys did a excellent job.
  8. The original poster was referring to actually visiting the region of Reborn, because of those cameos. Please read the original post before claiming someone has not played the game.
  9. As I am unable to do what I normally do for a new Pokemon game file (breed level 1 versions of my team to start the game anew) and I was only able to get Togekiss thanks to some help with another member of the forums, I'm just going to stick with the progress I currently have.
  10. If done it would have to be a FFXIV FF tactics situation, as while Reborn is indeed mentioned in Rej, the settings and lore are different thanks to Rej using its own lore and lore from the anime, while Reborn stays completely faithful (so far) to the game's universe lore. So in theory it would be possible to visit a variation of Reborn but not the actual one.
  11. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

    1. The Swordsman

      The Swordsman

      Thanks! Sorry for the super late reply.

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      Don't worry and you're welcome! 

  12. I'm not fond of fakemon or forcing a pokemon onto the players but if it does get implemented the only way I can see that would please mostly everyone and have less work to implement is the starters. In a dream scenario though you would be able to choose a pokemon from a list of non legendaries and have them follow you like in HGSS.
  13. Hmm a neat idea that could potentially work spectacularly, if every anomaly is heavily tied to and grounded by that pokemon's canon lore.
  14. There seems to be a miscommunication, I'm not arguing for the game to be made easier, as I feel Reborn as it is currently already has the proper balance. I'm arguing against the notion that the game isn't challenging and thus needs to be made even harder, as that is apparently the only thing that matters.
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