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  1. Hi was wondering if you could make an overworld sprite for my character? I already did the battle trainer sprite but am too lazy to do an overworld sadly

  2. Jynx crest:Gives free special attack and +2 speed boost upon entry and immune to priority moves
  3. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  4. Omg I like Kieran, Allen, Dylan, Sakitron,Delpha. Zumi you are awesome and thanks you so much for doing all of this amazing artwork.
  5. Is dusk lycanroc in this version? I’m just curious and also desolation episode 5 is sick
  6. These sprites look sick! My favorite is duruladon and g-max duruladon. thank you @jan and @zumi
  7. These look amazing my favorite is damien’s design. anyways keep up the amazing work @Zumi
  8. Omg I love the cave. Incredible no spectacular job to both @Zumi and @Jan
  9. This has been answered so many times. No there will not be any Dynamax in v13 the devs already answered this
  10. I think one out of these four might be who we fight next. Ava, Aaron, Garett, Jarred
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