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  1. i just want to say awesome game, and glad that things are improving and picking up. i cannot wait to head into the desert and play around in the new areas. and ty ame and the rest of the dev team who i know are continually making this game truly wonderful.
  2. just want to point out that you sow seeds or you are sowing them. you would need a needle for sewing.
  3. i really need to learn game building maybe i could make it happen or someone with a knack for it might take the idea and run with it. "wink wink" "nudge nudge" know what i mean vern.
  4. Just had an idea for a pokemon game. set in the middle ages, all tech related items and pokemon are obviously out. instead of a pokedex its a pokeledger toss in a crafting system so you can make your own olde timey pokeballs using magic items instead of tech for instance random apricot + shiny stone + random berry = random pokeball. just kind of spitballing here. instead of a pokegear the map functions and all are in the ledger instead of the pc system you have an npc in each town that is a branch manager of a company that runs a bank like vault. the pokedex would look like you sketched it. instead of gyms you have town leaders/ elders and instead of elite 4/ champion you have the king/queen and their generals the end result being that whoever beats the king/queen becomes the new one. oh and new primal evolutions of various pokemon or even steampunk versions of the technological ones. i mean come on who does not want to pawn a knight errant in pokemon battle. "for sooth, thou hast bested me stranger". its one possible direction that pokemon games could go. "Pocket monsters: The Lost Age"
  5. Oh i very much think i will. I just hope i don't freak people out too much. some of my comments may rate high on the " Oh S**t" meter. i blame the 9 years i was in the army.
  6. Ok ok i have no way to verify that title. but its a slightly funny if abrupt story. I am officially introducing myself here and now. the name is john i am a rather droll and boring individual. My hobbies include 2d games, weapon maintenance, and catching every single pokemon. See right back there <------ droll and boring, but you are stuck with me. so on to the meat of it. A few years ago my dad died and i moved in with my mom to take care of her. A few weeks ago when i started to play this game, she spoke the aforementioned title in her sleep, which is funny because she does not play pokemon games. so anyway nice to meet you all. and i believe this concludes my official introduction into these hallowed halls of excellence. and i can barely wait for episode 17. "if a thinker thinks a thought that thinks for itself, is the thought the thinker or is the thinker the thought?"
  7. that was just the jump start it needed thank you for the info.
  8. ty very much i found one in there.
  9. is there a way to catch skrelp after the city is rebuilt. i was looking through my pokedex and realized that i dont have it yet. im at the end of episode 16.
  10. the woman is not at sylph headquarters that i need to talk to.
  11. i have the devon scope model but i cant seem to trigger the kekleon to appear in beryl ward so that i can finish this side quest. im not sure what to do does it need to be done at a certain point? have i missed the opportunity to get it? im at the end of ep 16 and started doing the side quests.
  12. get the item finder so far i have found like 7 different link stones in various areas of the game.
  13. Pythagros09


    inside of celestine mountain using the super rod which you can get from belrose mansion where whats her name killed the attacking meteors on her dragonite. during ep 16 there will be a guy at the east side of the lake during the quest to find tara for simon.
  14. hi im new on here. im stuck behind an npc in charlottes gym. please help me Game - Copy.rxdata
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