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  1. me and my friend are doing our 10th run in preparation for this. Poggers
  2. credit to Sayia 1. Reset the puzzle. 2. Put the ore in the furnace. 3. Leave in furnace. Now: Red (1st) Blue (1st) Green (1st) Red (2nd) Red (3rd) 4. Take out furnace. Blue (2nd) Purple (1st) Gold (1st) Green (2nd) Red (4th) Green (3rd) Red (5th) Blue (3rd) Godl (2nd) Purple (2nd) Blue (4th) Gold (3rd) Put the ore in the machine on the left.
  3. go up and over the walls to the right, thats how you reach the statue.
  4. i guess no one has figured out the jailer keys yet. guess im done with all the sidequests and event pokemons then
  5. anyone figured out what to do with the jailers keys? they dont even show up in the inventory so i have no clues.
  6. its a bug, try the patch or try to use old version of the game.
  7. valor mountain, get the item from the dude. then changeb ack
  8. yeah just switched to old version and went to the cave then switched back
  9. Where to I go after defeating angie, retrieving magma stone and getting magma drift. I went to villa someone flew away and now no clue what to do.
  10. at first i had 4 ariados in this room or more, now all are gone after using teleporter edit: ok if u still havent finished it, search and earlier safe, and safe before the 3rd room, there should be 4 ariados there, (2 to the side, just get one on the side to move and then the puzzle is really simple.)
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