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  1. if you use debug mode ( which im doing at the moment since im done with the game) u might as well not need a perfect iv ditto since u can just change every stat of a pokemon anyways.
  2. yeah also in the grass. K spot i think
  3. hmm yeah i think ill give up, what do you want for it? got like every pokemon (almost 713/731) edit: as i write this finally got him. yikers
  4. ty ill try. ive been there before
  5. does grass/houses matter?
  6. Cant seem to find him in the diving spots grass /houses anywhere. am i missing something?
  7. coldscars

    Ep 18 Ledian

    Can u even get lediba/ledian lategame? ive grinded for hours >_<
  8. yeah i went for the complete opposite of the solution, got it solved now. ty for the help
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