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  1. thanks it probly hapend because at the exact moment that i presed what station to go to an NPC alked infront of the gate thank you how exactly do i transfer that to the actaul game file NVM i got again thank you so mtch
  2. im not really able to find any file named game.rxdata even in the data file i couldnt find it so if you cold tell me what file its in i can try to find it
  3. Is this corect?. idk if i did it corectl Game.exe
  4. Ya can't move can only quick save and soft reset
  5. i dont remember what station it is but i know i cant leave since i cant move
  6. https://photos.app.goo.gl/MoP67f4omui3NtQ7A I hope I did this correctly
  7. Can somebody help me get out of he station i saved before resetting because i was surprised by being suddenly stuck
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