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  1. That's intended, there is nothing to fix. With how insanely fast you can EV train with power items, that not really ever a reason to not overflow.
  2. For EVs just use a Power Item and then it literally does not matter where you grind.
  3. You can use the quicksave hotkey (D) to save in between the fights, whenever there is a moment without dialogue (so when they are walking around)
  4. It is well known that the majority of players never read those things
  5. Sirrobert

    Dive E19

    Anna gives you Dive before you battle Charlotte.
  6. I haven't gotten to the end game yet, so I don't know how the Circus Trio ends up, but I would not call their relationship toxic in any way. It's just banter between friends.
  7. The clown is a lot weaker than he was in E18, and he gives EXP candies like the grand hall trainers.
  8. Sirrobert


    Well that's a derp moment. Thanks.
  9. Sirrobert


    If you want to cheese it easily, and don't have the Murkrow, catch 3 Sturdy Gravelers. Buldoze 3 times will cause the cave to collapse, KOing all active pokemon
  10. Looks like this hasn't been answered yet: There is an entrance to the Underroot from right next to the library. That's the one that leads to that little section where the megastone is.
  11. Your antivirus program nuked it. You'll have to add it to the exceptions list.
  12. I didn't even know characters had specific ages, outside of those that just left the orphanage being "the age that you leave an orphanage"
  13. You could try to change the field in that area, that usually does something with things like this. So in a battle next to it, melt the ice.
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