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  1. This makes a wierd amount of sense... alright, I like it, it's in: now the EVs only get lowered if you're not using noevcap and the pokemon is holding a Power item. I did not expect you to just do that so quickly. Thank you very much
  2. So for the EVOverflow mod, I'm really liking the fact that the game automatically lowers EVs from whatever the lowest stat is. It's very useful during EV training. But it is also unwanted when done with EV training. Would it be possible to make this effect toggelable in some way? Perhaps only apply when a Power item is equipped? That would allow this mod to be a set and forget, rather than requiring turning on and off.
  3. You can enter new passwords at any PC by using a Datachip
  4. I am in love with all of these
  5. These pictures of code might as well be Shark Tale for as much as I understand what I'm looking at. But it was a fun journey to follow, and the writeups made it possible for thus code-illiterate person to follow.
  6. Solaris + lackey is the third fight. Blake and Fern is the second fight.
  7. There is a switch on one of the rocks on that side as well as on the other side.
  8. The main reason I refused was "Fuck that guy"
  9. I don't think I've ever heard someone shorten "pokemons" to "moons" before.
  10. I always assumed they were the same. Never really paid attention to their names. Then... why do they even recognise us?
  11. This won't be the last time you meet them.
  12. Having learned a little bit about how AI works recently: That is extremely impressive. Hats off to Marc for pulling that off.
  13. The question in the tunnel is extremely simple: The Meteors had their pokemon out, the kids didn't. You'll note that Cain only escaped because he ran away for long enough to call out his Nidoking, who EQ'd to bring down the house.
  14. I prefer to grind against the Crustles. No need to move, and you can grind for way longer before having to return to heal up, which means less frustration and more exp for the weaker pokemons per time interval.
  15. Yes, that's more than enough. You can adjust nature later, around the mid game, when it starts becoming relevant.
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