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  1. It should be in the Obsidia Department Store (10F).
  2. Actually on the topic of moves, King's Shield only gives -1 ATK on contact in gen 8 (if you've changed this already, ignore it because i'm not at titania yet), and Howl's buff is now applied to allies as well. Yeah, THREE moves got changed from between USUM and SwSh, so i don't blame you missing them. (Well, four, but vanilla reborn already changed multi-attack)
  3. Expanding Force isn't functioning properly in Double Battles on Psychic Terrain also Rapid Spin's BP seems to still be 20 + it doesn't raise speed
  4. Yeah, tons of trainers on Intense have 252 EVs in every single stat.
  5. what. This is the Mod Posting subforum of the Pokemon Reborn subforum. You want to go to the Pokemon Rejuvenation subforum and ask for help there.
  6. I've turned Chaos Mode on for everything in a Randomizer playthrough. Is there any way at all for me to be able to see what the type matchups are other than pure trial and error?
  7. If a pokemon "dies" in a loseable fight, it doesn't. However, this is only the rival fights in the Grand Hall, Pyrous Solaris, and Dittoceus if you side with Elias.
  8. Celebrate has a Tutor in postgame. Event-only moves, or tutor moves that only one pokemon learns, are level 1/relearner moves in most cases. Examples are: Keldeo's Secret Sword Victini and Rayquaza's V-Create Rayquaza's Dragon Ascent Dragonite's Extremespeed (This is an egg move, but was only accessible from a Crystal/HeartGold/SoulSilver ingame event dratini until in gen 8 became a relearner move) Chances are that we might even have the Purification moves as relearner moves, and if not, it'd be easy to convince the devs into adding them.
  9. Use OU Smogon strategies and turn off fields. Or something.
  10. hardy's age was 16 *before* the update so this is meaningless
  11. The ages in the books haven't changed, what's the instance of it being mentioned?
  12. Generation 9 isn't even out yet in the mainline games. And it'll take a while for the base stats to be datamined, the new moves to be worked into Essentials, the new pokemon to be given sprites...
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