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  1. You kind of still did it, just in the form of collectable passwords.
  2. I recognise almost all of these. Thanks for the dedication.
  3. Juppie

    hi again

    A wild Amethyst appears, quick use Masterb... Oh I already used that to catch Bidoof. A way to prevent looking to much at to do list is to make a random button that pulls something from the list. That keeps the to do list (they are useful after all) but reduced the amount you have to look at them. If you do I do recommend a priority list for the thing that just have to happen first (but you most likely already have that).
  4. I've tried it and haven't stop reading for the last 4 hours. Thank you very much for this recommendation.
  5. there is a third part: go to the magma hideout
  6. Megas are included, however mega mawile has 125 def, so it is already excluded with def<=85 I'm not entirely sure, but priority seems to mean any Pokemon that has a increased priority move (like quick attack) and recovery a move that heals (like absorb and rest). 319 Pokemon have the recovery tag and 366 have the priority tag: they are not very useful to narrow down the options.
  7. Challenge #14 4 Params |Abomasnow, Paras, Parasect, Snower /ds skull bash, grass group, def<=85, resists ground Could I please get a Cranidos, i don't care about the IV's.
  8. challenge 17 /ds fairy type, Iron Defense, Play Rough OR /ds fairy type, steel type, spd<=90 I'm not really interested in the pokemon, so keep it of somebody else. Is challenge 14 really doable without "!" or "|"?
  9. So you're saying that one of the trees in the game will be replaced by a Trevenant and if you interact with it say: "Moo, I'm a feature." And it's name will be MissingNo.
  10. Grass: 21 Steel: 10 Ground: 12 Ice: 19 Ghost: 21 Dark: 8 Bug: 22 Rock: 6 Poison: 11
  11. Feraligator dragon dance is only through eggmoves, but you can get it from horsea. However since it is not possible to breed for a while after reaching the horsea location, Feraligator dragon dance becomes available at the start of ep 16 content. So indead not a 'starter' pokemon in that contex. It's still very strong without dragon dance though.
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