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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everyone! I'm here today for a special announcement: With the decent number of threads composed of Custom Playthroughs and Monotypes floating around in the Team Showcase section, it has been decided to create an official thread in regards to implementing custom mons for that save file. What this means you'll be able to have any mon that you request as long as it is reasonable and it goes along with your playthrough/monotype (Do note that this is for playthroughs/monotypes that are brand new, not already existing and going on). The reasoning behind this is more of the fact that eventually all mons will be implemented so why not help those who wish to play the game their own way as long as it is not for abuse. Anyways, here's what you need to do: - Post in the thread with your save file (If you don't know how to attach your save file with your post, look at the spoiler on how to do so). - State the type of playthrough/monotype being attempted and why you think Dan is cool. - Wait til someone implements the mon into the save file. - Take the save file (and say thanks :] ) and have fun! Q: How do I attach my save file? And that's it! That's all you need to do folks! If you have any questions/comments, feel free to PM myself or Lil' Danny. Take care! People who can help with adding mons (PM them if your request hasn't been fulfilled within a week): Mde2001 Njab Commander Armored Guardian Lugruf Despair Syndrome not-a-spoon AndSoThereisSt3ffo NovaKnight TheDW66 Jk_Garchomp
  2. Rules: Once a day, you have the ability to Hurt (You are evil) a Type by 2 points and also heal (That doesn't make it okay) a Type by 1 point. Each type will start with 20 points and will be eliminated once they reach 0 so just remove them when they do so. Without further any further delays, let us begin! Water : 20 Grass : 20 Dragon : 20 Electric : 20 Steel : 20 Fire : 20 Ground : 20 Ice : 20 Fighting : 20 Normal : 20 Ghost : 20 Dark : 20 Bug : 20 Flying : 20 Fairy : 20 Rock : 20 Poison : 20 Psychic : 20
  3. I can't battle with this idiot :ccccc
  4. If the image doesn't load for some dumb reason, I beat Madame X and will update this post with a working picture EDIT: IT DIDNT LUCKY ME Welp, I guess I wont be able to share my victory for a while, if anyone wants to help me with it feel free And also anyone that wants to know my strategy, ask down below Shoutout to valantisthanasoulis for helping me, the picture is in the second comment
  5. Idk where to post this Overall you consider yourself more optimistic or pessimistic? Personally, i'm 100% pessimistic for many reasons, mainly past experiences of important things went totally sh*t but whatever
  6. Welcome one and welcome all, this is your host with the most, the reporter with a disorder- wait no I don't but hey it rhymes. Anywho you're probably here to figure out the juicy tidbits I get out of these leaders right? Nick Olivia First up, we have the Esoteric Engineer, Nick! Not the most open of the leaders, but I think you'll love to hear what makes him tick!
  7. After a two-week hiatus with the website, the theme tour is finally back! What better way to bring it back with a tier made by our own members, the fight club!!? So this week we will have a fight club tourney! Most people already know what it is but for those who do not look at the following link. http://www.pokemonreborn.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=7643 You can only use the moves that are listed in the link. Ubers are allowed in this tour except for the ones that are mentioned in the above post (mewtwo/deoxys/rayquaza). FAQ Ditto is allowed Standard rules Freeze Clause Sleep Clause OHKO Clause Self KO Clause Evasion Clause Species Clause Disallow spectators [till finals] If any questions please post below or pm me The tourney will be hosted this Saturday (5/24/14) Signups 7:00pm EST and actual tourney will start @8:00pm EST Special thanks to sec for actually creating this tier and popularizing it. There will be prizes for first place *-* so JOIN!!!!!! Or else
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