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  1. I got all of the stickers, I went through and counted multiple times, and for some reason I can't access the very top floor of the department store, the 12th. Not sure what to do here. Edit: I got it fixed.
  2. my excitement continues to grow! thanks for the update! <3
  3. Forgive me if this is the wrong place, long time lurker but first time poster. I have the strangest bug in my game. I'm doing an Eeveelution only run (almost) and every single battle has been loading on Misty Terrain. I have used debug a bit, as I normally do in my challenge runs and replays, to cut out some monotony such as grinding and ev training, but I'm not sure what could have caused this. I can upload my save if need be. Its certainly not game breaking, but the last gym leader (Serra) was a breeze. And no matter who I send out first, it never changes. Any ideas?
  4. I am SO excited for this game to be finished! I just completed another run-through and I am sitting here like a kid waiting for Christmas Presents.
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