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  • Sewing the Seeds


    With Pokemon Sun and Moon, Gamefreak introduced an innocuous one-time-use hold item set called Seeds which would slightly boost the stats of the user when held in a certain terrain. The collective response surmounted to something along the lines of "oh, neat" and they were never regarded again. 


    And yet, hold items that activate on terrain have some pretty big implications for a game like Reborn, in which you'll fight on field effects more often than not. As such, the new seed items have gotten a bit of a facelift.




    Like in Sun and Moon there are still only four seed items, but instead of being one for each field, all 37 of our field effects have been categorized into one of four types:

    • Elemental
    • Magical
    • Telluric
    • Synthetic

    And the seeds have followed suit! Rather than seed items just working on one specific type of field, they'll activate on any field of their type. More than that, every seed+field combination produces, not only a stat boost, but a unique effect. Not all seeds are created equal! Some are fairly tame, but others heal you, or boost lots of stats in return for damaging you, or can change your type completely! Which Seed does what on which field is covered in your Field Notes app, so make sure to collect and check those to know what you're packin'. They say knowledge is power, but so is opportunism!


    I invite you to play around and use them to the best of your abilities. Your opponents certainly will be too, after all.



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    Of all the fun field updates that were done for the Gen VII release, this one was certainly one of my favourites, and the variety of effects is brilliant, I'm sure eveyone, myself included, will have some fun with these! And then the leaders will use them to ruin your fun.

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    Awesome; items like these were something that Reborn really needed. Outside of the Amplifield Rock (as far as I know), the only way we could interact with the field was with moves.  I'm super hype but scared at the same time. Icy Field + Elemental Seeds are gonna make taking on Blake a nightmare. And I can only imagine how much fun these could be in Online Battles.


    @YinYang9705 I'm guessing that 'telluric' refers to the metallic element, Tellurium. So I suppose means that it'll boost Pokemon that hold it while on each of the 4 different cave fields and the 2 factory fields? Possibly on Mountain and Rocky Field too?

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    This is a really cool idea, I'm glad that the team is still finding ways to get more mileage out of the field effects. Now I'm waiting to see how the gym leaders will use these items. Between these seeds, Gen VII pokemon and the Z-Crystals, they will have plenty of new toys to play with. I'm having nightmares already.


    1 hour ago, Marcello said:

    Telluric is a real word that just means 'Of the earth' and things akin, just fyi.


    Does Ame carry around a dictionary or something? Because some of these words in Reborn are really obscure.

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    So they get the boost (and the item is consumed) when a field of that category is activated, does the boost change when the field change from one field to another (for example super heated and burning, to me they make sense to be in the same group) or they keep the boost even after the original field is destroyed?

    I think the most logical would be keeping the boost but the most fun would be an ever changing boost depending on the field (but that would be better for a non consumable hold item or if it produces an aura or similar for the pokemon)

    Anyway it seems those little seed would be a nightmare or a blessing... Nice work

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    Sounds like an interesting concept to modify, I played Moon and didn't use the seeds very much. However how you altered the seeds to benefit the field, the pokemon, and the various effects proposed, can't wait to explore the realms of possibilities with your modified seeds. They sound really, really fun.

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    On 2/25/2017 at 9:21 AM, Stryker Gryphus said:

    Not gonna lie, when I first heard about the seed items, I got flashbacks of the Mystery Dungeon games

    i am playing explorers of sky these days, and  the thought of a seed with an effect seemed so natural to me. you just provided the explanation

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    6 hours ago, BRS swag said:

    PL5 8R1NG 84¢K M3G4 T3RR4 1N 3P150D3 17



    What he said I love how random Terra is.



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