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  1. (Before I start, Arceus is the topmost being in the universe and his direct underlings are Dialga, Palkia and Giratina. However, Arceus being split and weakened combined with Giratina out of control would mean Dialga and Palkia get to be the top dogs right? Keep that in mind ;) Firstly, I'm just gonna say I'm pretty sure Madame X is Erin from a different dimension/timeline as they say the exact same phrase in the prologue and the diamond route respectively. I know that Madame X's mask breaks and reveals dark hair but this is the key part of the reason I think Madame X has come from a timeline where Vitus manages to control and use the Archetype, thus diminishing the power of it within the individual children which causes it to leave alternate Erin/Madame X's body in the process. I also think Maria could be the original child while Marianette is 1 part of 4 new "children". I read a bit into the suffix -ette and it is generally hypocoristic, which is said to mean endearing, as a pet name, diminutive and/or euphemistic. I think this is evidence for the split because endearing and pet name suggest that Marianette is Indriad's favourite child, explaining why she is the only one not attempted to be locked in the Unown Dimension. Diminutive suggests that she is a smaller version of the original girl, while euphemism could be a reference to the brutal split of Maria causing the new girl to be a shadow of her original self. Basically, the whole point of that was to say that I don't think Melia is Maria but she is more likely to be Marianette, which is why she says she doesn't feel like Maria. Now onto the main theory and to put it bluntly, Spacea and Tiempa are the big baddies who want to stay in control after Arceus got sniped by the meteor. Yeah they're not heavily involved in the plot at first glance but what if I told you they were running a second, more "effective" group of Stormchasers to properly carry out their goals? Enter: Clear, Kieran and Eden. These robots are the ones doing the dirty work by attacking those that are potentially on Arceus' side (Celine's "army" due to their link with Nymiera as well as weakening the league in general and the main group of friends because of the Archetype and Adrest). Remember when it is suggested that Crescent might have become a rogue stormchaser because she might have found out something she wasn't supposed to know? Yeah, it was this. Why else do you think she attacked the former robo trio and managed to terminate Eden (revealed in ep15) wayyy before all of the main crew realise Clear and Kieran are evil? Crescent is an interceptor as well as us which means that her actions are actively changing fate; this could explain why it could be tricky for S and T to eliminate Crescent themselves. After making the big claim of S and T being the real villains I should probably reveal what I think is their ultimate motive: to eliminate any source of Arceus and catch that particular state of the world in a reset. They are doing this already by driving the group and Team Xen but more specifically Madame X against each other, who I suspect has conflicting goals with these robots despite working with them at Eclysia (can be explained by X wanting Melia alive whereas the robots don't care as she has to be eliminated anyways). This is getting a bit long (sorry!) so I'll wrap up with a few predictions of mine: Nim is a corrupted Nymiera that is also Storm-9 caused by Indriad below Hiyoshi where I heavily suspect the protectors lost as Anju is captured and Hazuki escapes like a coward with Thomas Blakeory. The mysterious killer that Clear says she has no affiliation with (all of this is in WLL) is either Cassandra or Madame X (Yveltal killed Nora but a Bisharp kills Taelia which is one of C's mons as well as Narcissa saying there was a woman in black and hair and clothes on top of the burning building) And finally, V14 will mark a dramatic loss for us. The Xenpurgis could be released if we fail the raid (bad ending), or the raid is successful but turns out to mean nothing.
  2. I'll just keep refreshing the page until I see a change in the hotbar.
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    Happy New Year guys, hope you had a nice break from working and chilled.
  4. Primeape Crest: Boosts crit ratio of every pokemon on the field (trying to make use of its Anger Point ability) Gothitelle Crest: Increases base evasion by 20% (can predict moves using psychic powers) and future sight can now hit randomly between 1-3 turns. Reuniclus Crest: Activates Trick Room upon entry (tribute to Mega Reuniclus from Pokemon Insurgence) Sunflora Crest: Maxes speed in sunlight and gains a new ability in Solar Power Pachirisu Crest: Gains an extra ability which is Prankster Bibarel Crest: Moody now boosts a stat by 3 stages and lowers another by 1. HM moves used by this Bibarel are 30% stronger Slaking Crest: Is now truant for only 1 in every 5 turns, guaranteed on the first turn, but its accuracy decreases by 10% and is twice as likely to flinch (it's still tired). Mudsdale Crest: Stamina now boosts Defense for taking a physical attack and Special Defense for taking a special attack. Half as likely to flinch. Drapion Crest: Gets priority on any dark type move and gets STAB for attacking bug moves. Darkrai Crest: Gains STAB and immunities but not the weaknesses of the ghost typing. (would still resist dark and ghost attacks) Cresselia Crest: Gives priority to healing moves. Doubles HP stat in a double battle only to give 1/8 of its health to an ally each turn. Diancie Crest: Gets an added ability in Serene Grace as well as a chance to drop accuracy when using a fairy type attack. Mew Crest: Gets STAB on every attack and takes normal damage from every typing. (Genetically linked to every single pokemon) Mewtwo Crest: Supereffective damage is now 3x and 6x (for double supereffectivity like rock vs fire/flying) (because it is extremely savage).
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    LOL random XD

    May I dare to suggest a random abilities option as well? That would make a randomized run well and truly bonkers.
  6. Very unlikely because Radomus' wife (woman who tells the shooting star story) is in the void and so is gardevoir but in a different place, so it is implied that they are 2 separate beings.
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