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  1. I'll just keep refreshing the page until I see a change in the hotbar.
  2. _v.sri4

    hi again

    Happy New Year guys, hope you had a nice break from working and chilled.
  3. Primeape Crest: Boosts crit ratio of every pokemon on the field (trying to make use of its Anger Point ability) Gothitelle Crest: Increases base evasion by 20% (can predict moves using psychic powers) and future sight can now hit randomly between 1-3 turns. Reuniclus Crest: Activates Trick Room upon entry (tribute to Mega Reuniclus from Pokemon Insurgence) Sunflora Crest: Maxes speed in sunlight and gains a new ability in Solar Power Pachirisu Crest: Gains an extra ability which is Prankster Bibarel Crest: Moody now boosts a stat by 3 stages and lowers another by 1. HM moves used by this Bibarel are 30% stronger Slaking Crest: Is now truant for only 1 in every 5 turns, guaranteed on the first turn, but its accuracy decreases by 10% and is twice as likely to flinch (it's still tired). Mudsdale Crest: Stamina now boosts Defense for taking a physical attack and Special Defense for taking a special attack. Half as likely to flinch. Drapion Crest: Gets priority on any dark type move and gets STAB for attacking bug moves. Darkrai Crest: Gains STAB and immunities but not the weaknesses of the ghost typing. (would still resist dark and ghost attacks) Cresselia Crest: Gives priority to healing moves. Doubles HP stat in a double battle only to give 1/8 of its health to an ally each turn. Diancie Crest: Gets an added ability in Serene Grace as well as a chance to drop accuracy when using a fairy type attack. Mew Crest: Gets STAB on every attack and takes normal damage from every typing. (Genetically linked to every single pokemon) Mewtwo Crest: Supereffective damage is now 3x and 6x (for double supereffectivity like rock vs fire/flying) (because it is extremely savage).
  4. _v.sri4

    LOL random XD

    May I dare to suggest a random abilities option as well? That would make a randomized run well and truly bonkers.
  5. Very unlikely because Radomus' wife (woman who tells the shooting star story) is in the void and so is gardevoir but in a different place, so it is implied that they are 2 separate beings.
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