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    Sheridan village, Apophyll academy(birthplace), Route 9(favorite vacation spot). Ok, I'm from India.
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  1. Perfect, he usually just sleeps, but, this time he ruined coded data just to sleep. Wow
  2. Tellur Town Autumn Remix from Pokken Tournament. This game's version is slightly sped up, making it actually better.
  3. This TM was a move which was present back in V8 and I believe it holds no significance as of now.
  4. For the helix cave issue, my file got fixed when I downloaded the latest update i.e., Deso5.0.4.
  5. Blaziken or Delphox can help you here, choose whichever. Make sure you have a pokemon with screens and maybe toxic for that chip damage. A drought user can help you out here, this one has to be in the first. The rest, in whichever way.
  6. it's here... It's Here... IT'S HERE... IT'S HERE. *screams internally*
  7. The suspense..... episode 4's ending is too good to be real.
  8. BRS swag

    Minor Progress Update

    It's a Minecraft world creation, at first glance. So, it's just a pun at how rejuv is developing these days from a normal RPG maker game in graphics to a wonderful one with all the super clean artwork and beautiful tile work especially Route 9.
  9. I think the second book would be green in color and will contain only me, Emily, Scarlett with a bullet scar for joining Crescent, Connor with so many bullet shots (coz why not) but somehow still alive but most of all many pink pages with only one word "ROSETTTAAAA". I'm pretty sure there's no Baron, Amelia, Nova or Hardy in that book. Hardy
  10. BRS swag

    Minor Progress Update

    Le jan: I can't wait to show you guys what we've been keeping secret. Le me: Then please show us Jokes aside, here's wishing sound overall health to rejuv team and everyone reading this.
  11. BRS swag


    Do i have to patch 18.2, 18.3 and 18.4 or only 18.4?
  12. Are we introducing a new character this episode? Like ep 4 introduced Aurora as the new character. By the way, except ep 1, it seems all other episodes ended with a cliff hanger situation... Caz should just go and get a masters in storytelling, with the amount of talent seen in deso.
  13. Luckily, I didn't have to fight Tristan on Episode 3, as I started from Episode 4. There was a separate field effect weakening Fighting type attacks and my main ace against him was SB Blaziken. I had Walrein to stall him, so, I probably would have got some of his mons.
  14. If it's an already introduced character, we all know who it is
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