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  1. I just hope Hardy's theme hasn't changed..
  2. A question to the team here: Were you ever/Will you be open to ideas for fan-based mega evolutions? I'm asking coz I have some ideas...and I totally dig the mega mightyena. The only reason I kept it in my team.
  3. I have not seen this scene, or might have forgotten it... Can you tell me what conditions are to be met? Maybe in a spoiler, so that anyone who hasn't come up to there yet won't see.
  4. We could just take a rare candy there. Like, the West gearen generator.
  5. I think it will be way more fitting and simple if yamask trained in the zorrialyn labyrinth (that place with the garufan curse) will evolve into runerigus.
  6. Hey @Jan. Glad to know you are in recovery. But, don't work yourself right now. It's best to enjoy the new leash of life and new meaning of life after recovering from a situation like this. Rejuv can wait.
  7. This is because of the time gear amulet.
  8. Wow. It's great that I also imagined Tesla and Crescent exactly how they are drawn. Great work. 10/10.
  9. Please approve this @Zumi. Also, we totally need a sprite version of this. It's not difficult to compare this character to another character we all hate from Reborn. Edit: Am I to understand that if we now put him in the sewers, or maybe polioethal forest, he will become a Trubbish, the one he's meant to be.
  10. Can't say for now. The game creator is currently in medical school or so I've heard, so, we might not be seeing updates for a good amount of time. Meanwhile, even though I prefer completed games to play, this one's definitely worth a play. I mean even though it isn't close to complete or even halfway, the point where the game currently stops seems like a good ending for part of a game in itself. So, I say go for it, if you feel like it.
  11. I'm taking a wild guess but, I think the game might go into beta testing by end of 2020. But, hey, it's all right even if it's longer. The longer we wait, a better, well-tailored game we get.
  12. Yes. I ended up doing the very same. Thanks.
  13. Please do not read further if you don't want to be spoiled about the game. @Dypatome
  14. How many gyms/playable content do we have in this episode?
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