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    Sheridan village, Apophyll academy(birthplace), Route 9(favorite vacation spot). Ok, I'm from India.
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  1. Hmmm....ok, well I have something for you. High speed high atk./spatk. Pokemon help you here. Ex.: Blaziken, Roserade. Also some steel types can do good on her mega. Make sure you have weather on your side to make it easy, or screens/entry hazards (toxic spikes) if you're using tanky mons. A fighting or fire type on lucario coz they have good moves on lucario even without TMs. This is at the top of my head.
  2. It's usually after a gym battle, starting from the 5th gym and it works only when there are shopkeepers.
  3. It is an event in Phasial cave in route 3 just after sheridan. There are 6 of the poliwags to be found in various places
  4. Or maybe he could make a mini-quest for turning them over to the ship captain or the professor, either way, my intention here is to find the right authority for their custody. Maybe they get washed away and we dive there and collect them.
  5. That I understood, thanks... I was checking on how many different elite trainers we can fight.
  6. I remember playing in the 4th episode we had 4 elite trainers in the Fight Club. Is it still the same or different?
  7. Perfect, he usually just sleeps, but, this time he ruined coded data just to sleep. Wow
  8. Tellur Town Autumn Remix from Pokken Tournament. This game's version is slightly sped up, making it actually better.
  9. This TM was a move which was present back in V8 and I believe it holds no significance as of now.
  10. For the helix cave issue, my file got fixed when I downloaded the latest update i.e., Deso5.0.4.
  11. Blaziken or Delphox can help you here, choose whichever. Make sure you have a pokemon with screens and maybe toxic for that chip damage. A drought user can help you out here, this one has to be in the first. The rest, in whichever way.
  12. it's here... It's Here... IT'S HERE... IT'S HERE. *screams internally*
  13. The suspense..... episode 4's ending is too good to be real.
  14. BRS swag

    Minor Progress Update

    It's a Minecraft world creation, at first glance. So, it's just a pun at how rejuv is developing these days from a normal RPG maker game in graphics to a wonderful one with all the super clean artwork and beautiful tile work especially Route 9.
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