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    Sheridan village, Apophyll academy(birthplace), Route 9(favorite vacation spot). Ok, I'm from India.
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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  2. That's a recipe for very low BPs one can get. So, PULSE camerupt has low BP??? I thought it has high BP due to lava spewing like anger and whatnot. 2,000 camerupt diet? OMG
  3. So, in the 0700 variable BadEndingCalc, it seems I have 10 points and in 0461 Bad Ending 1, I have 0. But, I'm pretty sure that with everything I did like saving garbodor, gloria, saved amber (god that kyogre), florin is running for mayor, joined bladestar only with florin, exposed flora but only to erin, karen and karrina are alive, not having negative points with anyone, having very high karma, I guess I had 56, before going into my own nightmare (assuming the aquarium gave me 3 points). The only bitch move I did was not give the garufan book to the hidden library enthusiast in sheridan through the help plaza quests (which is more of a personal decision, I'm glad that my personal decisions are going so well throughout the game). Are there some points not included or are yet to be accounted for?
  4. So, total how many children? There was one in the lower floor of Goldenwood cave.
  5. So, only 5 children? I can remember that there is one more hiding in a tree next to akuwa gym.
  6. Anything on this? Or am I supposed to start a new game if I have to change difficulty?
  7. Is there a late game difficulty change option in V13? I honestly need it. P.S.: Intense mode is now on my Murtaugh list (like if you get the reference). I'm just not the competitive battler I was a year ago.
  9. True, that scenario gives a possibility that madame x was not under vitus's control. But, that still doesn't explain her shadow pokemon project and her ruthlessness to her subordinates. Maybe she's a Melia from an alternate timeline? Like Melanie? Makes sense why she'd want to make Melia's light her own and has been trying to get her from episode 1. Melia and Madame X haven't come very close except in Blacksteeple where she was paralyzed by the turrets, the alternate timeline, where she has a certain dignity to not mess up with alternate timelines like we did and the eclysia pyramid where she destroyed us but didn't touch Melia because it's not yet time for her to do so and overlap with her. Although, the last one makes little sense only. By now, time would have tried to erase two similar individuals, no idea why that didn't happen.
  10. True, she wouldn't help us save the world. But, that was the Nymiera of the past, pretty much like Anju of the past, so, that wouldn't matter here. Maybe Anathea is still trapped and comes out when her daughters are threatened only in that specific timeline?
  11. I like your theory, so, I will question it. If Madame X was Nymiera, then, why would the motherly Nymiera create shadow Pokemon and Rift Pokemon by suppressing their will, which is more like Vitus, who would use Pokemon as tools and doesn't care if they lose their hearts and their self. To satisfy your theory, Nymiera i.e., Madame X would have to be controlled by Vitus, like Anju.
  12. You just answered exactly how cass would. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and I definitely have a great eye for beautiful games. Will enjoy this garbage wasteland called the "real world" till E19 comes out.
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