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  1. Hi @Waynolt, thank you for the reply. So I tried your latest mod. I installed your mod with unreal time activated. It didn't work (or maybe I did it wrongly). I also tried your mod with unreal time deactivated. Both times I also had Use TMX activated. As of now, I only have Cut, Dig, Teleport and Headbutt in the list of TMXs usable outside of combat. Do I need to activate or deactivate anything for the mod to work? Also, do I need to have a pokemon with the move Rest for the mod to work?
  2. @Xufiie thanks for the reply. The reason I asked is because Waynolt replied to an earlier question of mine on how to set the date and time. He (?) said that the mod was already integrated into the base game, so I was wondering what password would enable it.
  3. Hi again @Waynolt, what's the password that enables you to change the date and time? Is it Because if it is, I don't think it works. After using a Data Chip to input the password, I went and checked the Pokegear. In Ep. 18, there was an option to set date and time under the weather-modifying option. Not so this time. Thanks again in advance for any replies.
  4. Hi @Waynolt, I seem to recall there being a mod which enables us to change the date and time using the Pokegear prior to E19. Is it integrated into the base game using a password or is there a mod for that? Thanks in advance for any replies.
  5. Hi there, this isn't spoilerish, since it's literally the fourth fight in game, when fighting Doxy Lindsey. Her first Pokemon is a female Cleffa who went up against my male Torchic. She used Charm, my Attack stat dropped two stages, but MY TORCHIC ALSO FELL IN LOVE. In fact, at one point, it's even immobilized by love. Is this effect intended? What triggered it? It was raining at the time, too. If I have to guess, Cleffa might have Cute Charm. I did attack it using Scratch, a contact move. Maybe I sped up the game and didn't read that the ability was triggered. But, it might also be worth checking out. Thanks.
  6. Thank you so much. This is great @Waynolt.
  7. Hi @Waynolt, Regarding the stat changes mod, is there any way we can see which exact stats are the one being boosted or lowered, like in E18? Some vids posted on YouTube already have them. I was wondering if you know anything about this?
  8. I think it's to accommodate Hidden Power Fairy, which can't be obtained Legitimately in mainstream Pokémon games.
  9. To the dev team, Thank you for your hard work for the past ten years. In 2012, I was a sophomore just hearing about this game for the first time. Ten years later, I'm a doctoral candidate and a huge fan of this work. This game has been a huge part of my life. It's equal parts frustrating, challenging, rewarding, and heartbreaking at the same time. I'm so happy I got to live to see the completion of this magnum opus of a game. As I'm sure you guys know, these past few years hasn't been easy for anyone worldwide, with the world battling a pandemic and being on the brink of war. Thank you for this. I do believe in a Higher Power, and may They bless you for your effort and the joy you brought to so many lives.
  10. Are you guys gunning for an April Fool's release date? Cause I wouldn't put it past you guys to pull off something deliciously evil like that. Don't ban me, just hyped.
  11. To Ame and the devs, while I am excited about seeing Ace, I hope they aren't a deus ex machina. I apologize if my comment seems inappropriate.
  12. First. I can't believe it!!!! Thanks for all your hard work guys. Glitch away... Edit: I hope Taka is still a major player in the story, after everything we've been through with him.
  13. There goes my SerRadomus ship, sinking into the night. If Zina does come back, I reckon it's Luna that's going to be affected the most.
  14. It is!! If I have to guess, probably Anna and Noel's (sorry, Fantasia and Painter) missing mom, who, as I recall, spun away.
  15. Probably Solaris when he was younger. Flashbacks in E19 perhaps? Looks like Taka, but the coat looks strongly like Solaris. Probably before his wife died, too I think, given the innocent look on his face.
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