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  1. @qwesty and @Hakimblue99, so I completed the entire Pokedex after the Showdown at Agate City is over. I got 912 out of 915 Pokemon. Did you get the same number?
  2. Bug report: When choosing Sprigatito as a starter, the Giga Drain move tutor in the Rhodocrine Jungle refused to teach me. At all. I thought she likes it if my starter is a Grass type.
  3. Did you get all the other non - canon Eevee - lutions too? Hawkeon, Maneon, Toxeon, Ephemeon, Kitsuneon, Drekeon, Eeveon, Titaneon, Zirconeon, and Bristleon?
  4. A minor non fatal bug. You can see an apparition of Gimmighoul after you catch it in the Garchomp statue room. It's near the entrance to the north. You can't interact with it. It disappears once you leave the room and reenter.
  5. Did you get Azurill, Dondozo, and Tatsugiri? They are impossible to get before Agate City. Kleavor, Ursaluna, Gholdengo as well.
  6. Bug report: Was battling with Taka as a partner in the Scrapyard when we met two Orthworm. One of it uses Shed Tail and an error message pops out. It didn't crash the game though.
  7. I got an Alcremie so this is probably not a big deal, but I found that the Hand Mixer is no longer sold at the Sweet Kiss Candy Shop post - restoration. Is this a glitch or did I just look at the wrong place? It was there pre - restoration.
  8. @Saslen , it worked. Thanks. So for those looking for the answer, make sure your Galarian Farfetch'd scores three crits in a Single Battle, and level it up afterwards with a Rare Candy. You'll get your Sirfetch'd.
  9. @Saslen, yeah. I tried it using Fury Cutter thrice. The crits are all in one battle, consecutively. The wild Pokemon I'm battling afterwards faints. Is it because I battled against wild Pokemon instead of trainer Pokemon?
  10. Hi there, thanks for the reply @Saslen. I have two other issues: 1) I can't find the TM for Avalanche near the rogue Beartic when I saved the Smoochum from it. 2) I can't evolve my Galarian Farfetch'd into Sirfetch'd even after landing three crits. I tried twice.
  11. Hi, can anyone tell me where to get the Mega Stone for Roserade? In the guide, it says that it is available in the Water Treatment Center. Where exactly? I've battled Ciel already.
  12. Hi there folks. I don't know whether this is appropriate, but I don't see any topic on this. @Fervis, please, if I'm overstepping boundaries, let me know and I'll take this down ASAP. For those who are playing @Fervis mod with the 18 Eevee - lutions, what are your favorite Eevee - lutions, their EV spreads, and their moveset? This mod has made it possible to have an all Eevee - run, and I'm curious for some moveset and EV ideas. Thank you
  13. Hi. Is this pack compatible with the Gen 8 and Gen 9 mod by Fervis?
  14. Why the sad reaction though? Is something wrong?
  15. Hi there everyone. I finally finished writing the main-game walkthrough, up to Episode 19. Some of you might know me from the original Reddit post, where I posted the first edition (that one is complete up to the 15th badge only). This is my labor of love, and an appreciation for the devs of this game. Please reach me from the contact info provided, or through this forum, or the subreddit if there are any mistakes, minor or major). The file is huge, about 869 pages in total on MS Word, so I don't think you can open it using Google Docs. If anyone has any user - friendly ideas to make the viewing experience smoother without having to download the entire thing, please, please, please reach me. Regarding the post-game, I will get round to it eventually. I want to focus of Bee's sidequest first. Until then, enjoy. To the mods, if I posted this in the wrong place, please inform me. I'm not here all the time, though, so I might not respond fast enough. If there is anything very wrong with it, please inform me ASAP. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sVI5nsvygRPNDe8YQBakoOsTZOuZkH0J/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=117741310920453333185&rtpof=true&sd=true
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