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  1. Probably Solaris when he was younger. Flashbacks in E19 perhaps? Looks like Taka, but the coat looks strongly like Solaris. Probably before his wife died, too I think, given the innocent look on his face.
  2. Thank you for the reply. Excuse me while I go squee in the corner.
  3. Hey Ame, Long time no see. Thank you for the update. I haven't been here in a while. The pandemic is rough, and Reborn is one of the few glimmers of hope I have left. Forgive me for asking: I know there are no plans for Gen 8 in E19, but even if they are implemented in the (distant) future, will the moves not available in Gen 8 be retained? Like Pursuit, Psywave, and a whole host of other moves and mechanics. What's going to happen to the competitive balance? If this has been answered before, I apologize for asking.
  4. Centauris91

    hi again

    I know I'm way behind on the hype train, but welcome back. No rush guys. Take all the time you need. We'll be here waiting.
  5. Hi guys. I might be a new member to this community since I just joined it a few weeks ago, but I actually started playing Reborn 7 years ago (I remember that Julia still has an Emolga, and the Tourmaline Desert is not done yet). I was young then. And stupid. I tried brute-forcing my way through every battle. It went about as well as you would expect. So I quit. I remembered exactly the point when I decided to quit. That damn Cradily. Fast forward to last year. Say what you want about USUM being a handholding game, but it reignited my interest in playing Pokemon again. S
  6. Oh ok. I'll look for a way around it first. Thank you for letting me know.
  7. To Starry Knight, thanks for the quick reply. Here's my save file. I was following the walkthrough video by NineIcyTails to get through this part, so for the life of me I don't see another way past this conundrum since in the video, I followed his steps precisely and it worked for him, but not for me. I am pretty sure this is a glitch though, so if you can help me, I'll be thankful. I saved just at the tree where Pinsir and Heracross was supposed to appear. I slathered some honey already. Thanks. Game.rxdata
  8. Hi everyone, New player here. My save file is stuck in the Aventurine Woods. The place where you're supposed to slather honey on the tree, fight Heracross so Pinsir can smash the log blocking one of the entrances. Tried that, multiple times in fact, but somehow the Pinsir fled and the log remained unsmashed. So the entrance remains blocked, and now I'm stuck since when I try it the second, and third, and fourth times, the log is still there. Can someone be kind enough to unstuck me? Thank you. I can find my save file but I can't attach them. I can't find the attach button. Please help.
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