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  1. I'm not sure what you expect a guy to do when you ask him to go do a boss battle that is stacked against him and he can't win without a well thought out strategy on a field he has never seen before now. Also if he loses then he loses a team member. Reading a description is not the same as actually battling on a field. Similar to how reading about or watching VGC battles won't make you good at VGC. What else would he do other than use the one strat that has worked for him so far.
  2. Magic Square is the worst. A lot of puzzles in this game make clever use of new or existing mechanics. Or they incorporate the Pokemon in that environment in fun ways. This puzzle is neither. it is just you trying to solve a number puzzle with very limited controls. The controls are probably the hardest part of the puzzle. The hardest puzzle, I'm not sure. Finding Beldum is still the puzzle that would be the most difficult to solve on your own since you really need to think outside the box. Once you know what to do it isnt so bad Hardest mandatory puzzle is still shellys books imo
  3. I like the weakest link system. It forces him to change his team up when it under performs. I've seen too many playthroughs of Pokemon where people beat their head against a wall with the same team against the same boss until they either win by luck or they trick the AI into letting them win. Just because they don't want to grind a new member of the team up to level 70. I'm glad TTar is willing to grind and keeps the battles fresh on each try.
  4. It would be good for him to not rush through it anyway. Wouldn't want him to finish before Ep 19 comes out
  5. Belly was my favorite. What a redemption story, and what an end. RIP
  6. I am pretty hyped with this run at this point. This guy is just rocking out with MVPs Kiki and Belly. I'm rooting for him all the way.
  7. in-game MC must have narcolepsy. I can just imagine them wanting to battle the Gardevoir or warn Indriad but they just randomly fall asleep. And when they come to someone "saved" them. New cannon, every time the screen fades to black the MC falls asleep for a while. Which is how they get thrown in prison so much
  8. I got emotional regeneration. which seems pretty good all things considered. I guess I cant get PTSD at least or suffer from heartbreak for too long.
  9. So much disrespect in this game. Meanwhile in Reborn we getting all this respect the past few episodes.
  10. Melia is way to annoying right now. Calling team Xen pathetic when her and all her "friends" got decimated by them a few episodes ago. I bet Spacea and Tiempa, whoever they are, must have told her the she's the chosen one and she is destined to save the world or some nonsense. I think she is in denial at this point because ever since she came back things have only gotten worse and worse. You lost Nim and your mom already. Who's next? Also, I can't bring myself to hate Valerie and Adam for trusting her. For all they know she is some mysterious person who managed to infiltrate Blacksteeple and she always acts confident. They never saw her at the beginning of the game bumbling around so they have no clue she is as completely clueless as they are.
  11. In this battle you had to work with 4 new members to your team. It seems like it would have been an enormous sweep otherwise
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