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  1. So it was Pokémon Go. I did remember that there was a release of a Pokémon game, but i wasn't sure any more which one it was. But yes, Pokémon Go did cause quite the Pokémon fever. So much in fact that not only did it do more for american people's health than any state financed health programms did (which made me laugh hard), but it also caused a lot of traffic accidents, as people proved to be as stupid as to think that it's a good idea to drive and play Pokémon Go at the same time (which is really sad, but also proves how stupid some people are). I don't know about you guys, but i'm not very intend on getting isekai'd by truck-kun, just because truck driver played Pokémon Go instead of paying attention to the streets.
  2. Like i said, Nintendo and the Pokémon Company both might want to lay low on any kind of bad publicity for a while, as a lot of fans are still very mad about the whole Sword/Shield stuff..... The whole incident already caused the sales of multiple other monster capturing games to rise as a result of the fans being angry (for a good reason in my opinion), and some of those newer monster capturing games do look quite promising. Sure, none of those might "kill" Pokémon (like the million times new games were hyped as THE WoW Killer, yet none of them ever scratched WoW when they were released), but if these new games play their cards right, they will be able to grow to a size where they might be able to stand next to Pokémon as an equal. Right now i think that Temtem might be able to pull that off, as it does try give players a lot of those things that they never got from Pokémon, even though there has been popular demand for years. The battles are more challenging, there is no RNG, and there is co-op. Also there will be housing, guilds and more in the future. But it's still in early access and thus there are still some things that still don't work properly. But for the most part the game is playable and worth the money.
  3. Yes, exactly that......and let's not get started on all the BS that other big publishers and developers pulled off.....
  4. He may be a confused man, but he's not stupid. And as long as he doesn't have his head in the clouds, busy with theorycrafting how Shade is responsible for all of this (yes, Shade broke his PC), he should be able to recover his data. The important questions is of course how much of his hardware is broken? If it's "just" the cpu and/or mainboard, simply replacing those would solve the problem, and would be much cheaper than a new PC. But let's be honest, most people would go for a new PC in this situation. If they can afford it, that is. And if his hard drive is still working, he can just connect it to his new PC and recover any data he needs.
  5. Yes, Temtem is fun, although it really DOES feel a little weird in the beginning, as it somehow feels like Pokémon, yet it doesn't. The double battle system is something you may have to get used to, but the fact that the game is designed so that you can't one shot an opponent that easy (and with that i mean take out BOTH of their Temtem in one turn) makes it really interesting. You can't fight the same way as you do in Pokémon, as the game uses a stamina based system instead of the PP system Pokémon uses. This basicly means you have to keep an eye on how much stamina your moves require, or your Temtem hurts itself. With the removal of RNG based elements like evasion, critical hits, or min/max rolls, the fight become more skill based than in Pokémon as well. And as i said, as long as you play by the rules you can enjoy the game without any worries about getting banned for no reason. I mean, come on....isn't it obvious that those who got rightfully banned for their actions are trying to spread bad rumors? If THEY can't have fun with the game, NOBODY deserves to have fun with it. Those people are easier to read than a book.
  6. Damn, and here i thought EP19 was all about our queen Shelly finally taking down the root of all evil: The Budew!
  7. From what i heard in his video it's either the cpu or the mainboard that died on him, so his save files should be ok as long as his hard drive didn't decide to evolve into a ghost type as well.
  8. Let's just hope that Nintendo finally realized that taking down fan games costs more money than it's worth, as there will be new fan games anyway. As long as nobody is trying to make money out of his fan game there should be not much to gain for nintendo. Also i don't see any real reason why they would have to wait for a fan game to be finished before taking legal action. If they wanted they could take down any fan game they want at any time. And with all the negative critique about Sword and Shield still fresh on everyones mind they should lay low with anything that could make their fans even more angry. Then again, big video game companies trying to ruin their most valuable franchises, enraging their long time fans in the process seems to be the new meta recently........
  9. Well, since he somehow was still able to upload this video to tell us his PC broke, he should be able to somehow keep his fans updated on what's going to happen in the near future. Let's just hope he's somehow able to aquire a new PC soon.
  10. Weeeeeelllllll...... You shouldn't believe everything that people are saying.....There are only 2 kinds of people who got banned up to now: Those who sabotaged the game by hacking, exploiting, and DDOS attacks, and those who live under the illusion that being an asshole is the right way to communicate with other people on the forums. And i can't blame Crema (the devs) for not wanting those people around. As long as you play by the rules you won't get banned. And no, saying things like "This game and it's devs are a piece of shit because feature X or Y that I WANT is not in the game..." is no critique, that is just rude. And the guys who got banned for that are now claiming they are innocent. Go figure..... The people who got banned so far all deserved the ban for their actions. And of course they are whining now, claiming to be innocent victims who got ripped off of their money. But let's be honest: They had the option to use their brains and NOT violate the TOS for both the game and the forums.....but they chose to be a pain instead. Instant Karma!
  11. Well, as for Uranium, wasn't that one "finished" very close to the release of.....what was it? X and Y? Or was that Sun and Moon? I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo took down Uranium that fast because it's "finished version" was released very close to the release of new official Pokémon games, and you know.....People could mistake Uranium for the new official game.....
  12. Yes, Nintendo is still taking down fan games left and right whenever they feel like it. If Nintendo would at least learn from the fan games they took down...... While i DO understand the reasoning that Nintendo wants to protect their property, i still think the main reason they are taking down fan games is the fact that those fan games tend to have features that fans wanted in the official games, but never got them in any official release. These fan games are doing something right where Nintendo refused to listen to their fans for years. And of course these small things are the reason why fan games are ever so popular. And of course Nintendo KNOWS that the biggest threat that fan games pose to their official counterparts are not even the fan games, but Nintendo itself. Or rather it's Nintendo's own inability to just go with the flow and make the right choices for the official games. Pokémon Sword and Shield is a masterpiece of an example here. Nintendo KNOWS perfectly well that more than 80% of the people playing Pokémon are adults who started with Gens 1 to 3 when they were kids. And they know that these adults have been making noise for years now, begging for an optional higher difficulty mode for experienced players. Instead the games got easier with every new generation. You can give your Switch to a monkey that smashes your Switch against the wall and tries to eat it, and this monkey will still beat the game like that. And whats worse: Nintendo (and Game Freak as well for that matter) treats Pokémon fans like all of them were 6 to 10 year old kids (and stupid kids as well). I don't even need to get started on how they said all this BS about how they needed to cut down the Pokédex to 400 in favor of "higher quality animations", which was obvioulsy a fat lie, since the animations and graphics of Sword and Shield are exactly the same as on the 3DS (and even worse than those in some cases). Let's be real here: For a Gen 8 Pokémon game on the way more powerful Switch hardware the Sword and Shield games do have a very poor level of performance when compared to Gen 7 on the 3DS. With that in mind ask yourself this question: Does it really sound like an unexpected surprise if people like fan games more than the most recent official release? And thus we are back at the fact that the biggest threat about fan games is Nintendo itself. But hey, who am i to judge their decisions? I'm just a stupid customer that exists only to give them my money... And in case this was not obvious already: YES, this post contains (almost toxic levels of) sarcasm...
  13. Yes, but we don't know all the mods he's using, so of course it may be difficult to pinpoint which mod is, or rather was causing the issue here. But with him updating to 18.2 this might get interesting now.
  14. Now you made me curious. Do you imply that you are taking up requests to hotfix smaller bugs within the game? Or are you talking about errors caused by mods?
  15. Best part of the most recent episode: The game crashes on him and he's gotta do it again. TTar.exe stopped working as well XD
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