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  1. EP19 will be very interesting for sure. I've already made up my mind not to rely on my current EP18 saves at all and i will absolutely go for a fresh save once EP19 hits the public download section. With that being said, time to wreck some havoc by creating a new save right now and give myself a few of the strongest mons right from the get go...... Let's see.....6 Mons only, no legendaries, but as OP as somehow possible.....decisions, decisions....
  2. So.....if the max level will go beyond that of 100, will some of the mons learn new moves from there, or will it just be to increase your mons stats?
  3. As far as i remember Reborn EP19 will have a password system that will allow you to enable certain features for a new safe file. These features include things that are currently enabled through the use of mods, like using any HM without the need to teach it to one of your mons, as long as you have earned the required badge and have the HM itself in your inventory. Even Randomizer, Nuzlocke or Monotype should be included in that password system. At least that was the plan back then as far as i remember. Not sure what changed since that announcement back in July 2019.... But of co
  4. Some people here seem to think that Reborn EP19 is going to be so easy that anyone could steamroll the game.... Well, that gives me a great idea^^ Hey @Amethyst and @andracass, what do you think would be the average time to beat Reborn EP19 starting from a fresh save? Just throw us a number of hours that you think sounds somewhat doable for experienced players. I'd like to see those who claim that Reborn EP19 will be too easy to beat the game in half that time....
  5. Good news, really! Can't wait to see which Pokémon will be added to early game, and how many in total. Yeah, i don't really think that the new early game Pokémon will have THAT big of an overall impact. It will most likely be a selection of mons that are overall considered to be "weak" among their types. While Cass did say we will have at least 2 mons per type that "qualify" at the point we can challenge the first gym, we most certainly won't get a Drilbur or a Gible that early in the game. No worries there on my part. And just because it's there doesn't mean you
  6. I'm all for it! But this Unfezant HAS to be named Staraptor in battle for the lulz! Jokes aside, i got two real question here about the changes to early game encounters: Question No. 1: So you said players can encounter a wider variety of Pokémon early on in the game, which i really like, as it gives players new strategies to work with. But how does this affect the early game wild encounters in general? Will you just add new Pokémon to the early game, or will you also move some Pokémon that are currently early game encounters to a later point in the game?
  7. Well, well.... That new post on the dev blog looks promising. Okay, some of these things, like the mining overhaul, were already a confirmed thing, but still, all in all these changes would make for quite the interesting new possibilities. With all these changes i kinda want to do a fresh run once EP19 goes live, instead of using my existing end of EP18 saves. And with lots of new mons to be obtainable a lot earlier in the game, not only does that open up tons of new strategies for each gym, i also need to update this wild encounter list that i created for myself a while ago..
  8. Cave? Beware of caves! A great danger lurks inside caves. There is a mysterious shadow waiting there to ambush evildoers who dare to trespass on his domain. He's a dark knight who strikes fear into the hearts of evil! He is ZUBATMAN!!!
  9. Suffering, huh? I actually managed to finish a playthrough of EP18 by only using Pokémon that are weak to the teams of the next boss or gym leader i'm up against... I just now realize that i never once told you what i named the poor trainer on that save ^^' Yeah......since that run was nothing short of masochism, i named that trainer Masohara XD
  10. Haha... Don't get too hyped up just yet. It will still take some time until it's done.
  11. So it IS still a possibility then. But as much as i'd like to see an official Reborn hard mode difficulty added to the game, i think it is way more important to get the features done that are supposed to be in EP19 for sure. If there is still time (and motivation) left after completing that, you could still decide whether or not you want to add new features with separate updates in the future. I mean, the release of EP19 doesn't mean that's it, for good, right?
  12. I mean, if there are REALLY people who want it to be even more difficult, there were talks about a new hard mode coming with EP19, although i heard that this optional hard mode difficulty may be cancelled, or maybe even got cancelled for good already. Maybe Ame or Cass can give us a clear statement on the current status?
  13. Playing with your favorite Mons is not a self-imposed challenge per se, but it can BECOME a self-imposed challenge if you absolutely refuse to accept that your favorite mons will not get you past the gym or boss you are currently stuck at. Yes, most people would naturally tend to use Pokémon they like, but sometimes, as much as you like to keep your Pikachu and not evolve it under any circumstances, unless you are Ash Ketchum and can bend the rules of Pokémon battles as you like, you will be forced to accept that your Pikachu won't do much against a team of fully evolved high level Pokémon.
  14. Well, you both have some fair points there. I've seen quite a share of let's plays and live streams for Reborn and Rejuv, and quite a lot of them had their own limited selection of favorites that they kept using. But yes, you do have the option to catch lots of different mons, or to just use a select few, that's up to you. In that regard Reborn and Rejuv are no different than the official games, as you COULD train just your fav six mons, or capture and train every mon that crosses your path. Of course how difficult certain parts of the game are is entirely dependant on both your preparati
  15. a "jackhammer", huh? You sure you didn't mean something else that vibrates? But yeah, it's nice to see that number slowly climbing up. As i have now completed all self imposed Reborn challenges on my list, i will now start trying to beat all Persona games that i own (which is every game except Persona 1 and 2, had those in the past, but well....somehow got lost, but i don't care any more) on the highest difficulty AND try to go 100% on all of them (which for some requires to beat them a second time on NG+). That might keep me occupied for a while.....a month or so... maybe tw
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