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  1. Well, since TTar is a genius at puzzles and there are a few puzzles coming up in the near future this could get very much interesting as well, right? I mean, it took hours for him to find Victoria in Reborn City. The graveyard was my first thought back when i was at that point in the game for the first time. Finding DJ Arclight and Adrienn was easy, as both of them were at obvious places where you'd expect them to be, so i just went to the graveyard, as i expected Victoria to visit Kiki's grave. If he took that long to find Victoria which was a no brainer, i wonder how long it will take to solve the puzzles in the Devon Corp building, finding help for Adrienn prior to the gym battle, or the train puzzle at the scrapyard? None of those are really difficult, but finding help for Adrienn is, at best, rather annoying, especially if you want the best possible reward, as you have to run all the way through all of the city. But since he has to make it through the Devon Corp building first, and that will consume a full episode in itself, i'd say the earliest he will get to fight Adrienn is the episode after that.
  2. The Discord Server got renamed to Pacman Reborn for the day, and a lot of channels got Pacman titles.....but other than that i didn't notice anything.
  3. It's Shade! TTar sid it so many times now! Shade is behind everything! But he will be in for a shock next episode. Poor guy has no clue what's gonna happen. Also....Adrienn.....last gym leader......hahaha.....nope! Did he already forget about Amaria, Titania, Hardy and Saphira already, or does he just think that you fight all of them before facing Adrienn? Anyaway, let's see how much he'll get butchered next episode....
  4. Yes, preparation is important in nuzlocking, even more so for Reborn. This is why it is not recommended to play Reborn as a nuzlocke on your first playthrough. Even in a normal playthrough you want to be prepared for the gym battles (and other major character battles as well). In any official Pokémon game you could just be the guy who never played that gen and just nuzlockes it no problem at all. But in Reborn you have to deal not only with opponents whose Pokémon use strong move sets, but also with field effects that put up an additional challenge. This is where TTar really messed up a lot during season 1, as he constantly failed to train his team properly and just went into every battle like he was playing a regular Pokémon game with non-existing difficulty. Remember how he at first had 2 Pokémon trained to a useable level, and 4 that were 10 levels or more behind that? No surprise that he had to press the "Tiki button" all the time, as his other Mons were pretty much useless. If you are on your first playthrough, and you are going completely blind, without any sort of guide or something like that, even if you make use of all the information the game provides you with, like the field notes and communication devices at the entrance of the gyms, you will, at one point, still face a situation where you get pounded, as the opponent will throw something at you that you wouldn't expect. Now for any regular playthrough this is ok. You know what just tore through your Pokémon team, so you can prepare a counter for the next try. In a nuzlocke however, this may cost you some of your best Pokémon, and possibly even end your run. Trying to brute force your way through is never a good idea for a nuzlocke, as this may backfire at you at some point. TTar already admitted that he would have gone down with the ship, had he continued to nuzlocke the game. Even during season 1 there were 2 or 3 occasions where he stated that he would have lost there if people would not have told him to be careful when facing that opponent. By now he has reached the point where he clearly understands that he has to keep his team on a decent level, if he doesn't want to be eaten alive. However, now he makes a lot of other mistakes. His playthrough is still entertaining, as it is quite interesting to watch someone struggling his way through the game, with most obstacles in his way being obstacles he created himself by his own choices, like which Pokémon to throw away carelessly, or which move to throw out just like that XD Also his reactions are hilarious and his wild theories are a source of constant laughter.
  5. Definetely not an issue with the radomizer, as i have been observing this bug on regular playthroughs as well. The Substitute sprite will always be in the same place where the graphic of the Pokémon was. I hope this little piece of information helps you somehow.
  6. Dem's not contacts^^ Dem's teh mighty Charingan XD
  7. It can shoot L4Z0R-B34MZ from it's eyes! It can also instantly recover from any kind of injury, including being blasted into pieces smaller than atoms. Also it gets stronger the angrier it gets. It likes to take long walks through the park in the morning (or rather.....it flies, hunting for food XD), it loves asian food and it's favourite meal are Pikachu. Charizard is also into gardening. In order to create beautiful flower gardens everywhere, it likes to faceplant Budew into the ground, preferably into concrete and steel floors. Also it likes to see new footage of Reborn EP19.
  8. Well, it's not a secret that Reborn is one of the most challenging Pokémon fan games in existence. The fact that the obedience level caps are something that actually affects ALL of your Pokémon is a nice touch, as the official games always made it sound like those would apply to all your Pokémon, yet only your traded ones were ever affected. And as for the AI, i'm sure you have noticed that the important characters like gym leaders, rivals, or major bad guys all have Pokémon with strong move sets and abilities for their level. This was done with competetive play in mind, and a lot of time was invested to make the AI use these in a way as close as possible to what a competetive human player would. As a result you can see a lot of players who never played on a competetive level struggle quite a lot in Reborn. Shelly is a good example, and you should remember how she flattened you back then^^ Looking at TTar, who had Pokémon that could dominate her entire team easily, if he just had something to Fake Out her Illumise, lost his Blaziken in this fight that he could have won without any casualties. And you saw how much TTar had to struggle during the course of his Let's Play already, not only during the first season with nuzlocke rules, but even now, without nuzlocke rules, he gets his butt kicked a lot. And the way he is throwing away the good Mons one after another he will have a really hard time, as the game won't go easy on him. I don't see him making it through the game unless he stops wasting his team like that. I think TTar will have a really hard time with the Devon Corp building, as you have to face a few strong fights in there....and after that he's up against Adrienn, who's going for a fairy type double battle.....
  9. Or maybe it's just the classic anime trope of "red eyes = pure evil" or "red eyes = now i'm really mad" Sooo.....how did a request for tasty Pikachu flavoured EP19 screenshots escalate into a discussion about charizards eyes again?
  10. You think so? It's all a matter of preparation and some basic Pokémon knowledge. I have been playing very competetive up to Ultra Sun/Moon, but as far as i am concerned i think everyone could be able do that.
  11. Mmmmmmhhhh..... Pikachu flavored screenshots.... My Charizard loves those....
  12. I am thou, thou art i! But no, i am most definetely not TTar! If i were, i would be done with nuzlocking both Reborn AND Rejuv by now. (And with WAY less deaths) In my last Reborn nuzlocke i lost exactly 3 Mons, all of them within the course of the last 3 badges, and all of them to unlucky critical hits. Without those crits i would have had a perfect run XD
  13. Maybe it's time to feed a few screenshots to the hangry mob?
  14. Because it was Shade who made Lin do that. The truth is that Lin is not evil at all. Shade is a ghost, and he possessed Lin to have her do all the evil stuff. If you were to free her from Shade's control over her body, she would be all like "I'm sowwy oni-chan! Pls don't be mad at me!" and burst into tears. And TTar knows it! He found the missing link! Also i can imagine him being all like "NOOO! I don't want that!" when he confronts ZEL and is given the option to answer whether he is here to stop ZEL or not, and says "no", but has to fight Pulse Magnezone anyway XD
  15. No Problem at all. Always feel free to ask if you got a question. You'll always find someone who can help you out.
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