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  1. Nah, it's good XD Unless either Ame or Cass feel like revealing the answer, i won't keep asking^^
  2. I knew that much, obviously. But that is not really telling anything.
  3. So someone intentionally wanted to screw him over, and screw him good.....i like that guy!
  4. Am i right to assume that the level curve is like that because of the randomizer? I can not imagine the vanilla game to throw level 70 Pokémon at you on the 7th gym....
  5. About the department store.... Would it be too much of a spoiler to tell us what will change on the department store? Like which items are being moved to another floor (and to which floor exactly) with EP19, or what new items we may purchase if we have access to the final floor? Or are you intending to keep quet on that, so we may be surprised once we find out?
  6. So it's basically just like always....he goes in unprepared, underleveled, and with absolutely no clue on what he's doing, as his Pokémon may have move sets that want to make you cry....a lot..... Short, precise answer that gives all the information needed. Nice! Assuming Gen 8 also has the regular league system with 8 gyms + Elite Four that Gens 1-6 had (Gen 7's league was a nice change, but its was weird as well), that would mean he is almost done with the main story. That leaves the question of how much post game story there is, and whether he intends to play through that as well or not.
  7. That face is hilarious^^ How's his progress on his Sword/Shield Randomizer by now? I'm not watching that one, so started watching another Reborn Nuzlocke in the meantime...
  8. With the 18.2 update (the one we got for christmas) there were a lots of changes not only to the AI, but also to a lot of trainers, including, of course, a lot of gym leaders. No big changes, but definetely something you would notice. TTar will have a little more difficulties beating the game after those changes, if he sticks to his current "strategy" that is...
  9. Oh, they are DEFINETELY burned out! There is not much room for other explanations for why they did so many thing with Sword and Shield that they KNEW would upset their long times fans as much as it did. That part is totally understandable. Sure, sometimes input from your fans might help you create something even better, but the exact opposite can be true as well. But with the EP19 story part already done for months now, i doubt that Ame will change any of that right now, just because someone brought up an idea that she somehow likes.
  10. I can assure you that this piece of text on your screenshot is used at least 3 more times. And as you suspected, it is a reference to Musashi and Kojiro (or Jessie and James in english....why am i using their japanese names?). As you may have guessed their little announcement rhymes in both the japanese version of the anime as well as the english version this little hommage is based on. So yeah, you might want to translate it so it sounds close to Team Rocket's spanish version.
  11. I totally forgot about that part^^ It's been a while since i played any official games. Never said that. I was talking about limited use of a healing machine/Pokémon-Center between battles. Well, it's possible to missunderstand the way i phrased it, soooo....you have a point. All in all i would not mind a "regular" Elite Four formula, of course, with Reborn's own taste, field effects. But playing around with a "what if" scenario does have it's own charm, don't you think? But of course, you are right about Ame making Reborn in a way that it fits into the world of Pokémon, and even makes one wonder why things like field effects have never been a thing in official games in the first place. In the Anime and the different Manga, the characters are making use of their surroundings in battle. In the games however it doesn't matter where you are, the fights are always the same.
  12. not at all^^ Yes, i have already decided that there will be some phrases that i won't touch. I am, for example, still be calling the show Gossip Gardevoir's Interview Intermission, as i like the sound of that. The only change i will do there is to spell Gardevoir with its german name, which is Guardevoir. That is just one letter more, so no biggies there. And i already translated that interview with Terra. Not that much of a deal compared to her usual dialogues. I am also trying to capture the characters different speech patterns and dialects as much as possible and find matching german counterparts. Hardy for example kinda reminds me of sailors dialect from northern germany.
  13. Well, you are not wrong about that. It is certainly possible to create teams that can steamroll through the late game. However, the glass gauntlet can't be compared to the Elite Four in the same way, since the glass gauntlet is fought on the same field effect for every battle, and you are fighting with a partner. Only the second battle you fight alone, if i am not mistaken.... The Elite Four on the other hand will have their own field effect for each of them, and you will be fighting them on your own. This is just my opinion (again), but fighting multiple battles in a row on the same field, with none of them specialized to that field, is something different than fighting four different opponents, all of them on a different field effect, with teams that are designed to make use of their respective fields. Yes, Naganadel might be very strong, but i guess we will have to wait and see how this will play out.... Also, on a side note.....i just tried to translate Shade's lines on the Gossip Gardevoir Interview Intermission.....It's just 4 short lines......but it took me about an hour to create something that rhymes AND doesn't drift off too far.... Next up is an interview with Terra......i am......excited.......yay?
  14. Considering this is Reborn we are talking about, the Elite Four will be a completely different level of challenge than what we knew from the official games anyway. Assuming that Reborn will stick to how the Elite Four works in the official games. However, like i said, this is Reborn we are talking about, and i would not be surprised if Ame decided to do her own thing with the Elite Four. It would be quite the difficult task to make each Elite Four fight as challenging as possible, while still trying to make it possible to beat four entirely different teams with just one team of six Pokémon. If you want to keep Reborn's usual level of balance between challenge and fairness, you might end up with four opponents that are not that strong on their own, but are challenging as a whole because you have to balance your own team in a way that you can handle all four of them in a row. I can imagine Ame not being happy with this, so she may have created her own concept of the Elite Four entirely... If it were me, i would have gone with a concept that allows for each member being a really strong challenge on their own, but in turn allowing the player a limited access to healing and exchanging Pokémon between battles. You can't freely change your whole team for each fight, but maybe replace one or two Pokémon on your team after each battle, and you can't heal your full team, but only full heal one or two Pokémon of your choice between each battle. Something like that would allow for stronger individual Elite Four fights. That would be my personal thoughts on the Elite Four. What's your opinion?
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