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  1. This is Anna we're talking about! Whatever you decide to bring, she already knew it...
  2. ShogokiX

    Sorta stuck

    Wait, isn't there a healing machine right next to where you fight Arc? Or am i confusing this now with the fight vs Victoria?
  3. Would be cool if it worked with both Reborn and Rejuv, especially since Pyro is now on the case as well, as he is doing custom UI for both games.
  4. One question @Scrublord 5000: Will this at some point be compatible with Rejuvenation?
  5. Not really that much of a reskin, only made the colors of the default battle boxes a little darker to match those of Pyro's UI. His Battle Boxes do have similar colors to those after all.
  6. Thx for the fix. However, it seems that i have another case for you. The shiny indicator is also suffering from misplacement XD Oh, and if you wonder why the colors are a little different......i already took the liberty to give it some changes, since the rest of my UI is still Pyro's after all XD
  7. So out of curiosity i decided to give it a try and it looks good. However, i noticed something that i wanted to report to you. The indicator for already having captured one of this species is slightly off, as you can see here.
  8. Looks really nice, which is kind of a problem for me XD I am already using Pyrolusite's UI and i really like that one a lot, But i also like what you did there with yours..... Man, i would love to see something that combined both UI's into one.....
  9. Yes, there are already theories floating around about that one. You might want to look around on the forums a little. I can't tell you which topics to look for from memory though. But as far as i can tell you from what i last saw, there were some people who also saw that same let's play, or discovered the message by coincidence as well.
  10. Since you are interested in what i did with Noel, i'll give you another update. I now managed to beat him by using normal type Pokémon. I only used normal types that don't have any second type, but i made good use of their move sets. Lopunny was exceptionally useful in terms of damage, while Blissey tanked the living shit out of the special attackers like Porygon Z. Also Audino made for a great Wish user. Also some Ditto trolling was involved, as Ditto itself is a mono normal type until it transforms. So next up is Radomus, which will be a fun battle, as i already have something planned for that dude. But first i have to make it through the stuff that comes between the gyms.
  11. That won't cut it, as the only rule that i have set for this playthrough is that during gym battles i may only use Pokémon with types that are weak to the gym's primary type, which in Noel's case would be normal type. As there has to be a weakness to the gym's primary type, i also can't use dual typed Pokémon if the second type is either resisting or even immune to the gym's primary type. If i were to go for second types, i would be limited to only using Pokémon that are weak to all second types Noel's team has to offer, which would be fighting, psychic, flying and fairy. They would need to be weak to all 4 of these types. Not many Pokémon fit that bill....Counting only Pokémon i could have up to that point.....Stufful and Bewear would be the only possible choices, if i am not misaken.... Which brings me back to the fact that there are no types weak to normal. So there are only 3 things i can do here: 1. End the run, as i am unable to have a Pokémon weak to normal. 2. Don't count Noel's gym and just bash him with my strongest Mons. 3. Make up a special rule just for this gym, which is the option i chose: Fight normal with normal!
  12. I actually took her down with Misty Terrain and Grassy Terrain. Aromatisse and Tangrowth were really useful. Also you wouldn't have guessed what a heavy hitter Ludicolo has been. Zen Headbutt and Hydropump really killed half of her team XD But hey, as a grass type it's weak against poison, so it was legit^^ Well, never underestimate Rain Dance plus Swift Swim....... I also took down Serra....she got stoned like they did with criminals in the middle ages..... Now i have a problem: WHAT am i doing with Noel? There are no types weak to normal type......guess i'll make that one a normal vs. normal fight XD
  13. That depends on the setup of the league entirely......for now i am wrecking my brain for a way to beat Aya.....That one is quite the problem XD This might take longer than any gym until now.....hahaha........ *Darkest Dungeon flashbacks*
  14. Hmmm....as far as i am concerned i would say what i am currently pulling of with this challenge is both a lot of careful strategic planning, as well as a pretty big chunk of luck indeed. This whole thing depends on strategies that most people wouldn't consider under normal circumstances. And for some gym battles i really did need multiple tries. Not really sure i want to record all of that to delete dozens of fails afterwards XD Ok, some tactics are pretty easy to pull off.....Like a Goldeen with the Lightning Rod ability (just like i used to beat Julia) DOES seem like a legit strategy in a "normal" Pokémon battle... Then again, if my opponent would switch in a Pokémon with type disadvantage on purpose in a real Pokémon battle i would assume that he's either VERY confident about outspeeding and knocking out my Mon first, or he wants me to attack his weakness to trigger an item or ability to destroy me afterwards. The only other explanation would be that he doesn't have anything that is not somehow weak to my active Mons, which might be the case if he's down to his last 2 Mons or so....
  15. Well, i'm not gonna make a post for each leader i defeated.....right now i am preparing for Kiki, so yeah, i took down Shelly and Shade. It's getting more difficult, but i am pretty confident that i can make it through all of Ep18 before the release of Ep19 XD I can feel you though....this pandemic is bad enough as it is.....We have a rather low infection rate where i live, and because of that we have people protesting against the safety measures for protection against this virus.... Yes, i am not trying to make a stupid joke here. We ACTUALLY have thousands of people here that are organizing protests against wearing a mask, and who are seriously claiming that the virus does not exist and the government just wants to enslave us all..... I really need to stay home and play more games right now, before i start venting my anger on those idiots......
  16. Why don't you try it for yourself? Just a fair warning though: You might want to stock up on healing and reviving items, and you want to train your Mons a lot. Think outside of the box! If you want to go through with this kind of challenge you will need tactics you normally wouldn't consider..... Then again, how many people in their right minds would consider doing something like this in the first place.....Okay, i would, obviously.....
  17. Hey, i'm bored^^ I played Reborn in almost every way possible. From just normal playthroughs to the worst kind of self imposed challenges you could put on yourself, including several kinds of nuzlocke variants.... Also, i beat Corey.... Who'd think that picking Granbull, Leavanny, Pansage and Carnivine could be this effective.....i also had Tangela and Swirlix with me, but they didn't get to be used XD Next up is Shelly, and i'm really curious to find out how much destruction Pansage is going to bring to the stage there XD
  18. Well, that's good to hear. Still looking forward to where this journey is going XD
  19. Nah, i'm having fun XD I beat Julia with a Goldeen (technically weak against electric type) that has the Lightning Rod ability. As for Florinia i went for my Goldeen and my starter, a Froakie, which by that point obviously was a Frogadier, as well as a Sudowoodo and an Onix. Right now i am on my way through Japser and Beryl and already planing out what i'm about to do with Corey....
  20. The only way to play Reborn with any kind of controller is to use a third party software that allows you to map your controller buttons to keys on your keyboard. Of course which software you are going to use for that is entirely up to you. There are quite a few and everyone has their own opinion on what is the best to use.
  21. Hey, it's fine, take your time XD Your custom UI for both Reborn and Rejuvenation clearly display the level of skills and passion that went into these. But i like your idea to provide separate versions for Reborn's Game.exe and Game-Z.exe. Also, you might want to consider that Rejuvenation might start using the new engine that Reborn's Game-Z.exe runs on as well in future versions, as this engine makes the game run that much smoother.
  22. Ok, so i got bored and started a new game in Reborn. This time there is but ONE rule: Every gym must be challenged only with Pokémon on my team that have type disadvantage against the gym. Let's see how far i can get before TM21 kicks in XD
  23. I see where you're getting at. However... That logic would apply to normal plants. But we are talking about Pokémon that are capable of walking around above ground. Pretty impressive, even for a grass type, to wander around as far as you like, while still having your roots planted into the ground.
  24. If you just want to erase the Budew, that's what my Charizard and i have been doing for a while......but these things spread like crazy..... Unfortunately we were not given permission to escalate any more on this matter than we already have...... Ame was VERY mad when we "accidently created" Tourmaline Desert and Byxbysion Wasteland while exterminating Budew in these regions.....
  25. Yes, it's not a real philosophers stone, if it doesn't affect the Budew XD Also Commander might want to rethink about the payment^^ You (or your Mons) might turn into Snorlax if they eat 5 gallons of that sugar bomb. Then again.....I'm not the one who would need the stone, sooo i'm not the one you should charge the payment to.....
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