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  1. Rendolf

    PickUp Teams

    If you headbutt trees in the Beryl Ward you have a 5% chance of finding an Ambipom that can range from level 45 all the way up to 90. If you spend enough time doing it you should eventually be able to get 6 high level ones, and if they don't have Pickup off the bat you can use Ability Capsules to change them or just look for more.
  2. Nah, he wanted you to give him a Pidove so it could evolve into a Staraptor.
  3. Not even an Unfezant, just a Pidove. And the child is on the top floor of one of the apartment buildings (the one farther left, I think).
  4. Rendolf

    Zorua help

    The maze thing is right by the Upper Peridot Poke Mart
  5. I don't think she appears if the weather is not clear, so be sure to check on that.
  6. Yeah you get to her gym by going southeast from Train Town. Also leading with something that has Brick Break is a good idea since she leads with her Sandslash that sets up Aurora Veil.
  7. Yeah Magma and Aqua have different entrances and exits to and from 7th Street, which I was satisfied to learn when I did my second run, since I had wondered why there was a useless building in Lapis and a locked building in 7th the first time around.
  8. Rendolf

    Flame Orb

    A problem with that would be that you aren't able to access the Chrysolia Spring for a pretty long time when you get Surf
  9. You need to interact with the thing in the top left corner of the building that Aster and Eclipse were.
  10. Are you sure that the weather is clear when you're checking?
  11. There's a building in the Beryl Ward that has homeless people in it since the owner left in the chaos. If you go up to the roof at night (the weather might need to be clear too, though I can't quite remember) you should see something happen. Then look around the Peridot Ward (the upper part) and finally check around North Obsidia to finish the quest.
  12. Personally I feel like Mimikyu should be on this list since it doesn't show a location in the dex, the area you go to find it is hard to gain access to, and the place inside there where you get it is a secret I can't imagine someone guessing by themselves easily as well as containing a super dark maze. Also were you really able to complete your dex in just 100+ hours? It took me over 230 to finish it even using web resources.
  13. I would recommend waiting until it reaches level 42 to evolve it since that is when it learns Blizzard which is amazing on Snow Warning Ninetales, especially since the TM for Blizzard is currently unavailable, making that level the only way to learn it.
  14. After you beat Adrienn you get to choose to fund one of 3 projects for the city restoration using your own money, and then you can fund another after beating Titania, and the last after beating Hardy. Fully funding any of the three will grant you access to the Grand Hall's basement. Down one of the hallways to the left you can find a room with a lady who asks you for eggs of all the obtainable starter Pokemon, and offers rewards in return. After you give her 3 starter eggs she'll give you a HP Reset Disc, then another 3 she'll give one for Attack, then Defense, etc. Finally, once you give her all 21 starter Pokemon she gives you both the TM for Shadow Ball and the Garchompite. The problem you might have is that 4 of the starters (Torchic, Snivy, Froakie, and Oshawott/Litten) aren't available at all (unless you picked one of them as your starter) until you finish the final main story mission in Episode 18, right before you're able to get your 17th gym badge. So if you are still a ways from that and still want to go for the Garchompite you would have to ask someone to give you an egg of at least those starters. Also to get the most starters possible, I recommend funding the Azurine Island project, since that one grants you access to Bulbasaur, Chikorita, and Chimchar, while the only other one you get access to from a different project is Oshawott, and that's only if you joined Magma Gang.
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