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  1. If you breed a new Vanillite egg and hatch it on 7th Street then that should work for it
  2. I've heard that Sand Rush Excadrill can be really good for sweeping her, so maybe try that out
  3. Nope even after PULSE Abra the event will still happen, so once its clear you should be fine!
  4. Rendolf

    Kommo-o Z stone

    I don't believe it is yet, sorry
  5. You can catch both Phanpy and Donphan on any floor of Citrine Mountain too (highest levels from 1F and 3F)
  6. Yep, Post Restoration he'll be in Critical Capture in Central Obsidia
  7. Yeah you're right that Swanna learns Brave Bird at 47, but since yours is a female it wouldn't help you much because you wouldn't be able to breed it onto a Zubat, and since Brave Bird isn't an egg move for Ducklett it couldn't pass it down to a male offspring.
  8. The problem with that is that Pidgey can't pass Brave Bird on to Crobat through breeding. I think the earliest way to get it is to use Headbutt to catch a male Taillow once you reach Chrysolia Forest, get it to level 41 without evolving so it learns Brave Bird, and breed it with a female Zubat/Golbat to pass it over. (Talonflame is technically available earlier, but it doesn't learn Brave Bird until 64 so not much help) Also I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter when you save the Day Care Couple to get the Ditto, just need to turn it into Makuhita in Blacksteam Factory, but
  9. I believe you have to find them all before fighting Taka & ZEL in Beryl Ward to complete the quest, sorry.
  10. If you hover your mouse over the boxes it'll show the name of each item, even if the icon isn't loading properly (I can list them off for you if that doesn't show either). As for the exact rarities, since the table looks pretty similar to the ones for Emerald-Gen 6, I would assume that the rarities for each section are the same; that is to say the Common is 30%, each Uncommon is 10%, each Rare is 4%, and each Very Rare is 1%. I haven't played Rejuvenation so I couldn't tell you if it's the same personally, but other people probably could.
  11. You can buy your first Link Stone on the Grand Stairway after your 4th gym battle I believe, and you can find some on the ground pretty soon after (one in Beryl Cave I think but its a hidden item)
  12. Really the hatching an egg on 7th Street doesn't work? I've seen that be the solution for a bunch of people so idk why the Vanillite would work differently.
  13. Rendolf

    an apology

    Incredible, it's the moment we've all been waiting for!
  14. Rendolf

    Pixie Plate

    I believe you can get them from mining yeah. There might also be a place you can get it otherwise, but I can't remember where it would be.
  15. There will probably be some way to get them once Episode 19 comes out, but like the others said you can't get them right now.
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