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  1. Oh ye I saw it even before the quote. I don't have the game rn tho since I just got a new computer so I wouldn't be much help sorry.
  2. Which gym is it you're stuck on if you don't mind me asking? Because both of those are available pretty early on (before the second gym).
  3. Dang Malchous Forest looking fiiiiine (I'm guessing but I could be wrong)
  4. Looks like the only place they're available in that section is the mountain part of Route 4, which you need Rock Climb for, sorry.
  5. Btw if you hadn't been able to solve it you can get Pixie Plates from mining and you don't really need the Luck Incense if you get the Amulet Coin from the Scrapyard in the desert.
  6. For Pumpkaboo I believe you need a Soul Candle (purchased from 7th Street) and then to talk to the pumpkins at night. Tyrunt and Amaura should just be a Farfetch'd and Pidgeot, but I guess if you can't get another Helix Fossil then you would need the trade (btw if you do have a Helix and it still isn't working then put all your Dome Fossils in the Item Storage in your PC).
  7. You get to the 1st floor for free, so 1 sticker gets you to floor 2, 2 gets you to floor 3, and eventually 10 gets you to floor 11.
  8. To get to that floor you have to obtain all 10 available Department Store Stickers. Here's a link to how to find them: https://pokemon-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/Membership_Card You can also find a Protector in Iolia Valley if that's easier.
  9. Would you mind sending the IV/EV page of the summary of one of the affected ones?
  10. Have you hit the 510 cap? A Pokemon can only have a total of 510 EV's spread over all its stats, as well as a maximum of 252 in each individual stat.
  11. Yeah this is pretty damn good, and even so, IV's and Nature help but it isn't the end of the world if they aren't incredible.
  12. Yeah I would also suggest something bulky, since if you can't one-shot something you'll want to be able to survive a hit or two.
  13. Oh wow that's some damn good luck, congrats!
  14. This also means that they aren't nearly as rare as they would be in other games
  15. Flamethrower will definitely do more damage, especially if its EV trained, which is why specializing for physical or special even matters
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