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  1. I have to say I didn't know this... but since I' m not such a fan of Greninja (one of the few I guess), what happens if I don't use it and breed it later, so that I can release Ren's?
  2. Probably I shouldn't be telling this, because when you notice something and say it, it changes, meaning that maybe this small "bug" will be fixed in V13 the moment someone of the developers read this thread. However, I felt too excited to not to share! So, when you play as Ren, he tells Nastasia to link his computer with the player's. He manages to persuade her, but the moment you try to open the computer as Ren, someone else is using it, untill your main character is awake in the hospital. During this period of time, you come through a lot of battles. Among others, you can also fight and catc
  3. Hello. Apparently, I'm an idiot. I accidentally turned off the "backup" option. Then my game got stuck, and frozen. Now I can't even move. Although it's my third round of the game, so I should have been more careful, I still don't want to lose my progress and start all over. Could you please help me? Game_3.rxdata
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