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  1. Did you maybe replace the scripts file? Try redownloding the game. It might take some time, but I really don't know what else it could be... PS sorry for the late response. I have to admit I rarely log in... I really hope you have already found the solution though...
  2. Although I also tried the Golden Gauntlet, with no success whatsoever, I never thought of trying a Pokemon that could learn Strength via level up. Good thought, thanks for sharing!
  3. Is it possible that there is a non compatible mod? Try removing the mods... if you don't have any mods installed, I can't think of anything...
  4. For the Ferrothorn I used Feather Dance twice, then Blaziken with double bulk up and High jump. For the Gardevoir a sturdy Donphan with endeavor and ice shard (stolen strategy, but very effective sometimes). Took some time to figure out how to beat the rest of her team, but then it was much easier. For Dufaux Leech seed Torterra. A classic and effective strategy. The hardest for me has to be the Hippowdon... those defences were high... too high...
  5. If you look at the guide of the crests, Dusknoir crest is not in the Zygara Castle. If you find all crests in Zorrialyn Labyrinth, the archaeologist in the village will give you the Dusknoir crest. True, you will not have access to some crests, like Claydoll and Torterra crests, but the Dusknoir crest can totally be obtained. As for the Labyrinth per se, you can find maps online, so as to make the search easier. Anyway, here is the link for the Dusknoir crest: https://rejuvenation.fandom.com/wiki/Dusknoir_Crest
  6. Well, I used Electorde with flash to change the field. With the first chance I used Noctowl with echoed voice. It did the job. I also used Hariyama with knock off for her Dusklops and a Butterfree with Sleep Powder. Plus Pancham and Sawsbuck. It didn't really give me that much of a hard time. Hope it helps...
  7. Actually, I recently made a discovery: I installed the modpack of V12.1 (at least some of them, but I changed the script file, according to the instructions). Then I had some flash idea to try some Aironfaar's mods for reborn, thinking that some are the same between the two packages. Not all of them worked, but debug worked, at least for me. And without any bugs...
  8. turns out you were right... I found in route 11! I guess I found that one near the lighthouse during a past visit... Thanks a lot!
  9. Sure we 're talking about the same poliwag... except it's not there! It's the only one left and it's not there! Does it have to be a specific time of the day? Or something with the weather? How can it not be there??? PS thanks for the help...
  10. Nope... no poliwag to be found... are you sure there is a poliwag near the lighthouse? Because I have surfed all around, but no poliwag, no lillypad...
  11. I have found all the poliwags except one, the one in the centre front lillypad. I read it is in aquamarine cave, near the lighthouse, but I can't find it... can someone please help me? Thanks in advance.
  12. I have to say I didn't know this... but since I' m not such a fan of Greninja (one of the few I guess), what happens if I don't use it and breed it later, so that I can release Ren's?
  13. Probably I shouldn't be telling this, because when you notice something and say it, it changes, meaning that maybe this small "bug" will be fixed in V13 the moment someone of the developers read this thread. However, I felt too excited to not to share! So, when you play as Ren, he tells Nastasia to link his computer with the player's. He manages to persuade her, but the moment you try to open the computer as Ren, someone else is using it, untill your main character is awake in the hospital. During this period of time, you come through a lot of battles. Among others, you can also fight and catc
  14. Hello. Apparently, I'm an idiot. I accidentally turned off the "backup" option. Then my game got stuck, and frozen. Now I can't even move. Although it's my third round of the game, so I should have been more careful, I still don't want to lose my progress and start all over. Could you please help me? Game_3.rxdata
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