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  1. No I said them getting shinies after Kieran messes with their mind; I never mentioned ryland or ancient times or Leisel or anything even close to that. One shiny in your life isn't weird in-universe, Melia's full shiny team is just shy of being outright stated to be as a result of Arceus's Light, and unobtainable for any normal person (Our character's shiny rate might also be highly unusual), and Adam is only non-generic NPC aside from Melia to have more than one shiny across all difficulties (Where Love Lies shows that Keta's Ninetails was a gift from Tesla, and I think his Lucari
  2. Something I noticed on my 3rd replay of Rejuvenation was that Erick is the badge that gives Strength, even though beating Flora / Florin gives you the actual HM. I wanted Prankster Whimsicott for the Rift Gardevoir fight, so I was thinking about how I could get it without boarding the train to GDC. I tried using Golden Gauntlets, but they had the Use button disabled. So I went to bulbapedia to see if anything learned Strength without a HM, and saw the only Gen 7 to do so was Machamp. So I used a Link Heart on Machoke, since Machamp learns Strength on evolution, and it worked. I got all the Str
  3. I was thinking that, Adam had more than one shiny in all versions, and 4 shinies in Intense when his team changes to Normal when you control him, which is very unusual. If his team got changed around due to Kieran, and if next chapter we can battle Valarie and she also has a changed team with new shiny pokemon, that might point to then also having some of the same powers as Vitus.
  4. Something I realized when replaying the game was the encounter with the Rift Gardevoir: When Vitus takes back "his power" from Gardevoir, it loses it's shiny form. And in the doomed timeline, Kenneth said that there'd been no new shiny pokemon since the doomsday event Shiny Pokemon might be plot-relevant a few chapters from now; I've been paying more attention to which pokemon on each team is shiny, and which gym leaders carry shiny pokemon.
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