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  1. RIP all the Cain shippers lol Awesome to see how the points are gonna affect the game. Ever since I found out about them I've tried to maximize them as much as I can, even though they didn't do all that much. Also, you mention the previous estimate, what would that be again? (I know, "a slight against my character" but I can't quite recall if there was a more concrete estimate or just like "eventually-ish")
  2. I believe if the black king moves back 1 space it would no longer be in check. To fix this:
  3. Rendolf

    Kommonium Z ?

    As of Episode 18 there are a number of Mega Stones and Z-Crystals that you can't yet obtain, Kommonium-Z being one of them. It will become available once Episode 19 is out, so right now I don't believe there's a way to use Clangorous Soulblaze, without using mods.
  4. If you breed a Vanillite and hatch the egg in 7th Street then that should work for the quest.
  5. The Beldum area is the only place that you actually need the Tauros to reach, the other areas can all be reached through the caves and boulders and, in one situation, going back down the same ladder you came up.
  6. Would you mind sharing some screenshots? I've never heard of anything like this.
  7. The game follows gen 7 learnsets, but Flygon learns Dragon Dance at level 1 in both gens so you're good there.
  8. Seems pretty strong, though it could be good to swap any one of your Infernape's moves to a physical Fire type move (Flare Blitz or Fire Punch namely) so you can have one that's more spammable than Overheat, but if you don't feel like that's a problem for you then don't worry about it. Also I've noticed in the past that Crobat's a bit lacking in power, but you have Brave Bird which kind of makes up for it and Super Fang and Tailwind mean you don't really need to use your Attack stat, however if you wanted to add to its utility even more you could swap Cross Poison out for Poison Fang to get that Toxic poison and extra chance for it. Oh and Dragon Dance could be nice on Flygon too! P.S. I'd forgotten that Magnezone gets Electric Terrain too, but I looked it up and it's just at level 1, so an easy Heart Scale away.
  9. Looking fancy! Semi-related question: are you going to do revamps for any other characters or just the MCs?
  10. I think that's just a tiling error, as far as I know there isn't a cave there. Although Route 4 will lead to Victory Road so maybe it'll lead to something in Episode 19.
  11. Assuming you've finished Episode 19, you can actually get all the starters without trading. For Grass starters: Bulbasaur: Wild on Azurine Island after its Restoration Project. Chikorita: Trade on Azurine Island pre-Restoration or gift there post-Restoration. Treecko: In the cave at the end of the Kecleon sidequest in Rhodocrine Jungle. Turtwig: From a tile game in Agate Circus. Snivy: In the grass reached after the Hiker sidequest on Route 4. Chespin: An egg received from a woman in 7th Street after giving her Oddishweed (obtained by passing a flower in South Aventurine Woods via a Flower Charm) in the morning. Rowlet: An egg in a nest on Teknite Range that requires Rock Climb (and probably Tailwind though I can't quite remember) to reach.
  12. I'm on my 3rd mono-run right now and I'd say they're not that hard to get into (depending on the type you choose I guess though) and they are a fun way to use Pokemon you don't usually use without as much of the high risk. Alternatively if you want to do a Nuzlocke instead you can change some of the rules if you'd prefer something less challenging, but I've personally always felt that battles in Reborn are hard enough already without all the Nuzlocke restrictions, so I'm not sure I'd recommend one of those for someone without much challenge experience.
  13. Oh god I didn't want to click the bottom one because I knew exactly what it was gonna say, but I just had to see. Also I'm a little sad to hear that Corey and Kiki won't be gym leaders anymore (especially Corey since being a new leader is a big part of Aya's character, I can see how you can make it work for Kiki pretty well) but I'm sure you guys will make it all work nicely and make sense for the story.
  14. Enter from the Grand Stairway and go down the ladder on the right. On the next floor go down the ladder directly below where you start. Next floor, go down to these ledges. Hop down the ledges and stay to the middle right. Once you're on this raised area, descend the ladder at the bottom right. Go down these stairs and to the left and you'll reach the cutscene.
  15. Rendolf


    As far as I can tell this seems pretty good, though one thing I noticed is that your Silvally and Aegislash have a lot of overlap with the Ghost/Steel moves, so maybe change your Silvally to a different type like Ground to deal with your Electric weaknesses or Fire/Fighting to give some other coverage. Also it's often a good idea to only have either physical or special moves on a Pokemon so that you can just focus that stat when training, so you could do that by switching out your some of TMX moves for better moves and only teaching them when you need to.
  16. According to Bulbapedia, "If the user is not on the field when Future Sight hits, its Ability and held item are not applied.", so it's possible that could be some of what you're seeing if it isn't wrong.
  17. Rendolf

    e19 when

    Dang I've gotten so used to the game in its current state that it'll be crazy once it finally changes, but I'm all for it!
  18. Which game would this be in, since it seems you're not talking about Reborn.
  19. If you have a Pokemon with Flame Body or Static you could try to get one of those to activate, or if you have some Pokemon with Intimidate you can switch between them to drop her attack and make her easier to deal with. There are probably other strats you can go with, but remember that abilities are your friends.
  20. I think the most common culprit for a stolen Exp. Share would be the Type: Null sidequest, so that's probably what happened to yours too. Someone should be able to help you out though.
  21. If you check the weather channel at a tv then you can see if its probably supposed to be like that, in which case it should change at the end of the week, so I think it might not be a bug. On the other hand if it turns out to be stuck or you just want to change it yourself you can download the Weather mod to set it to whatever you like.
  22. Also, to answer your question, right after you beat Ciel is when the restoration happens.
  23. By any chance would the affected Pokemon happen to be a flying type or have Levitate? Misty Terrain only prevents status effects for grounded Pokemon I believe.
  24. Huh that is weird. I tried it myself and it just goes straight from Quick Attack to Focus Energy.
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