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  1. So did you figure it out then? In case you hadn't, that gate is unrelated to the puzzle
  2. No problem! I actually just got to Restoration today and was looking around, so it was my first time seeing it (it's new to E19).
  3. There's a shop in the Beryl Ward that sells incense so I'd imagine you can buy one there. It's right next to the southern entrance to the Jungle I believe.
  4. In Episode 18 at least it was actually assigned once you fight Cain and Victoria for the first times, not quite on the creation of the save meaning you could pick your starter and stuff and as long as you save before going downstairs you could SR there to change them. So unless it was changed in this version you can wait until that point. Also in E19 there are certain passwords that you can enter which influence which you can get from these.
  5. Yeah you're quite a ways off from it then, best just not to worry about it for now.
  6. Yep that's correct, a lategame sidequest. The NPC that starts it is in the Grand Hall basement once you have access to that and fulfill another certain requirement.
  7. Yeah that is a bit odd, but just download the Windows 7 or earlier version and it should work just fine. btw nice crumb profile picture
  8. I used a Gale Wings Acrobatics Talonflame and swept her basically without getting hit (also I recommend EV training if you hadn't yet)
  9. Yeah I actually had this issue yesterday, they were in the museum, said to meet in Tanzan Mountain, and then were nowhere to be found. I've had it work properly in previous playthroughs (all on v18), but this was my first time running into them after having cleared the Meteor base there, so I thought that might've been the reason for it. What point in the game are you at right now, in case that is the issue?
  10. Specifically the current level cap is the lowest visible number on the card (the others are covered by your badges)
  11. I'm not there yet in the E19 version but if it's in the same spot as E18 that would be in the building in North Obsidia where you are brought to after being captured in Devon, in one of the puzzle rooms, though I'm not sure how much is explorable after Magnezone is defeated. (Also if things are changed please don't quote me or anything, I'm trying to play through blind for the new version changes, thank you!)
  12. Damn, shame if they changed it. It was a nice bypass for messing up these quests in some way.
  13. Can you not just breed a Vanillite and hatch the egg in 7th Street? That worked in Episode 18 but I guess I haven't heard anything about it in this version yet.
  14. You can get Hoothoot at night in the Opal, Peridot, Obsidia, Coral, and Onyx Wards and in Malchous Forest and Rhodocrine Jungle, and if by gym 3 you mean Shelly I believe you can find Espurr in the Gang hideouts (and maybe some other places).
  15. If you catch a Goldeen with Lightning Rod and train it up enough there's not a whole lot she can do against it.
  16. You actually need to go to the fountain when it's rainy as well (and specifically raining, not thunderstorming), but otherwise if that doesn't work I'm not sure.
  17. I believe you can pick any starter you want through use of the Debug Mode mod, but I've never used it myself so I'm not sure how it works.
  18. Oh on mobile I'm not actually sure, I don't have any experience with it myself and this method is generally just for PC as far as I know, so sorry maybe somebody else can help! And I was just using Google Translate too lol ES: Oh, en dispositivos móviles, no estoy realmente seguro, no tengo ninguna experiencia con él y este método generalmente es solo para PC, por lo que sé, así que lo siento, ¡quizás alguien más pueda ayudar! Y yo también estaba usando Google Translate jajaja
  19. I'm not sure if there's any way to get around it, but you could just load your previous save by going into your Saved Games folder on your computer, deleting the file named "Game.rxdata" and renaming the one you want to "Game.rxdata" (or "Game_#.rxdata" if it's not your first save file). Also that's some impressively accurate grammar for using a translator, though I'm not sure how well my message will translate. En español: No estoy seguro de si hay alguna forma de evitarlo, pero puede cargar su guardado anterior ingresando a la carpeta Juegos guardados en su computadora, eliminando el archivo llamado "Game.rxdata" y renombrando el que desea " Game.rxdata" (o "Game_#.rxdata" si no es su primer archivo guardado). También es una gramática impresionantemente precisa para usar un traductor, aunque no estoy seguro de qué tan bien se traducirá mi mensaje.
  20. Well since Zorua and Zoroark get all the same moves by level up, the only reason to wait on evolving is to get them sooner, and the only ones that are really worth getting post-30 are Nasty Plot and Night Daze (if you haven't beaten Luna yet, after which Dark Pulse is probably better anyway), the latter of which you can just have Zoroark relearn immediately for a Heart Scale once you open the Move Relearner's house. So unless you really want Nasty Plot for Serra or Night Daze for Radomus (which could be nice I suppose, though I'm not sure it'd be worth waiting 27 levels) for free, I'd say you could just go for it ASAP.
  21. If you catch a Boldore/Gigalith in Teknite Cave, breed it, and hatch the egg in 7th Street it actually counts for the quest since it only checks for the location obtained and not the OT.
  22. Do you have a Pokemon in your party that knows the move? I know it doesn't give any sort of prompt in there if you don't. Also since that wall is one-way make sure that you're trying to climb it from the bottom.
  23. I'd imagine an easier solution to be just asking someone to trade a Dratini for your starter, but if you want it to be easily replayable I'd understand why a mod would be preferable.
  24. They're actually including a way to turn those off built in with the Episode 19 release if you're willing to wait a little bit before playing (which might be a good thing because they're supposed to be changing a pretty good amount of stuff besides that)
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