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    Is M3G4 T3RR4 dead?

    Would you revive her?

    We have seen Samson out of the net so...

    She would say something as "Enough Internet for today" when she revives...

    Maybe I have believed you were the one in charge of this chapter and you weren't but however... I was just curious


    1. Amethyst


      "dead"? are you sure we haven't seen evidence of her somewhere since then?

    2. PARCB



      In the black hole yeah... and her parents in Jasper. I am not sure about that evidence, just Samson unlucky appearance near the end of ep 18. Maybe i have forgot something 😅


  2. Okey it was very stupid, but solved with almighty Backup system!!! Anyways it's very difficult to surpass this battles without being able to save between them.
  3. While I was in Fiore Mansion battling I fast save with D in order to skip events when I lose, all as Pokemon Reborn Guide On the Hunt recommends. But I dunno how, my character kinda of soft locked the game and it crashes because of event collision. I dunno either if this has already been solved, but any help? Here I attach my rxdata if modifiable and the snapshot of the problem. Game_2 - 1333 - William - 41h 51m - 12 badges.rxdata
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