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  1. I was trying to get rejuv on mac but it says that z.universal just quit what it said: Is there any way to fix this please?
  2. Does anyone know if the Mac version is compatible with the M1 MacBooks?
  3. I have a save file on my windows computer and got a new macbook recently. I want to continue playing rejuvenation on my mac but I don't want to start over. Is there a way to play rejuvenation on my mac using the save data from my windows?
  4. I am making a post here because I encounter a game-breaking bug and cannot find similar reports on the forum. I have downloaded the game (version 18.4.1, "fruit edition") on Mac (latest version, Big Sur 11.5), and I can launch the game without problem. However, after I initialize my character and view control, my computer freezes at the introduction scene when the train is riding through a desert (see spoiler below). The soundtrack is playing, and I can move my cursor, but otherwise the computer does not react to either mouse click or keyboard, so I am forced to restart with the power button. I have moved the game to the application folder. I have attempted installation using both the MEGA and Google Drive portals. I am running no other apps other than Safari and activity monitor. Also, in case this is relevant, I can play Rejuvenation just fine on my MacBook. Any assistance will be much appreciated. UPDATE: I have attempted a workaround by playing the game on a Windows computer until I can control my character at the train station and moving the save to my MacBook. However, the game remains laggy and freezes my computer after I move around 20 steps.
  5. Hello, I am a MAC user and after downloading both patches 13.01 and 13.02, my game cannot load which forces me to play the original and bugged version. However, there appear to be some fatal bugs which can be resolved through 13.02, which is why I am keen on updating the game. However, after unzipping the 13.02 patch and adding the contents to the respective files, the following error appears: Script 'Export/Import Scripts' line 302: Errno::ENOENT occured. No such file or directory @ rb_sysopen - Scripts/Event YEET professional SP2 .rb Can someone help me, or upload a game folder which is patched and working?
  6. Hey guys! I have played Reborn on my Windows PC for some time now, but I want to move my save file over to my Mac. I have copied the correct save file (to my knowledge) and have the file on my Mac. I tried putting it into the folder that I think it should go into but it is not picking up when I select "OtherSaveFiles" in the startup menu when launching Reborn. Also, I have tried saving in game and it keeps telling me "can not save". I assume this has to do with the same problem. Additionally, I am not using Wine or anything like that. All I did was download it from Google Drive and then ran the file. I know this is sort of long winded. I have tried for the past hour to find a fix but none of it seems to be working. Thank you in advance for your help!
  7. Hello, I'm running the game on the latest stable version of wine with 10.14.0 Mojave. The sound effects in the game work, but music never plays. The checkbox under the settings for BGM and ME is checked by default. I also ran into this issue with another fakemon game I downloaded. In the other fakemon game I checked and unchecked settings and restarted the game but this made no difference. Help? edit: nevermind, i downloaded the version of wine that came with winebottler (im guessing it's an older version?) and everything started working.
  8. Hiya so newish player here. I've been playing Rejuvenation on my Mac using Wine for the past couple of weeks. Well, I'm an idiot and updated to OS X Catalina so now Wine isn't supported and I cannot play Rejuvenation anymore. I'm heartbroken because I don't want to lose my save data- I love all of the pokemon I've caught so far! Since I'm on Mac, there's no outside folder that holds my save data- the only related file is my LastSave.dat Earlier I tried to zip up my Rejuvenation file, send it to my Windows Bootcamp partition and play from there, but when I started up the game, there was no previous save file, I could only start a new game :( I'm at a loss here, I'm not sure what I can do. Any help is appreciated! And to any other Mac users out there- DON'T UPDATE TO CATALINA IF YOU WANT TO KEEP PLAYING. I've also attached my zipped Rejuvenation folder below on the hopes that it'll help Rejuvenation-V12.zip
  9. Hey there fellow Reborn players! Some of us would like to play on a mac, like me! So I figured I would put a little guide together that correctly shows all of the steps. Within this guide or whatever you would like to call this, I will show you steps that some Youtube videos skip on, or don't show you clearly when downloading the game to run it with smaller lag / easy to play! There are two/three methods to do this system; however, I have found the wineskin wrapper way to be more efficient and easy to use when doing multiple games. Please do note I will simplify the term "WINESKIN" to WINE from here to there, so please do not get confused because of this! Majority of the dates are incorrect as I, and my friends have done this with Insurgence first, all of the steps followed should say reborn for you! RIghtyo here are the download links that I have personally used to sure this all up: http://www.rebornevo.com/index.php?/pr/download/ (Note: Please use the "Mega" download option) http://winebottler.kronenberg.org/ (Note: I prefer the stable one, you can use the latest developed one if preferred) Now after you have gotten all of that downloaded, go ahead and unzip the Pokemon Reborn file. When you attempt to unzip it, there could be a chance that your Mac system will ask you to change the system settings for this: Simply go to Security & Privacy Change the option for "Allow apps downloaded from, to anywhere (don't worry this can be changed anytime) UNZIP YOUR GAME FOLDER AND DO NOT TOUCH IT TILL LATER! Once that is done and set open up winebottler and move both applications into the applications folder. Go ahead and fine wine, and it should appear something like this: https://imgur.com/a/YTf2n Please do not worry if there is nothing in the picture above, as it should be this way. To run the game you will need a new wrapper anyways. Go ahead and hit the (+) button to add a new engine/wrapper: https://imgur.com/a/VI59K I personally chose WS9Wine1.6.1 as I have found it worked the best! Select the one that you want and hit download and install as well as "Okay": https://imgur.com/a/I3LpC Once the download is done, there should be a wrapper there for you! Make sure it is the wrapper selected, once it brings you back to the main part of wine. From there go ahead and create a new wrapper by clicking on the button that says, "Create Blank Wrapper", it should prompt some more questions, which would be the name of the application/wrapper. For this case, you can call it Pokemon Reborn as it is the game you will be playing! Hit "ok" once done. It might take a tad bit of time to make the wrapper so be patient! Also congrats on making this far! As this occurs pop-ups might happen to minimize other browsers open at the same time so nothing is missed! The first couple of times you make the wrappers you might be asked if you would like to install .NET and HTML libraries in the wrapper. (I went ahead and told it to install them, just its easier in the long run!) Hit "yes" to both the pop-ups for this. Now onto the last couple remaining steps! You should get another popup saying that the wrapper has been created, and to be checked out in the Finder window. Hit the button, as prompted to. The following picture is an example, of someone else on Youtube, but you should have Pokemon REBORN in there. https://imgur.com/a/Phhzs Once you select the game, move it to the desktop for easy access during these steps! Proceed to right click the wrapper on the desktop, and choose "show package contents". From there another finder window should pop up looking like this (Yes the data is messed up deal w/ it): https://imgur.com/a/dCEFD Double click underneath where it says "drive_C" to where it says "wineskin" from the like show in the picture above. Hit "Install Software". You should have three options popup to you now, I went ahead and hit "Move a Folder Inside" for easy purposes. (Doing the other options can lead to loss of data at times.) Head to your finder into your "Downloads" section and search for Pokemon Reborn (Folder) and then click choose. As this occurs it should say: https://imgur.com/a/IWgmL (Execpt with Pokemon Reborn ofc.) Click "Okay" and then "Quit" and you are all set. All there is left to do now if double click on the wrapper you created and moved to desktop and the game should start up! I hope you guys enjoy this! If you have questions @ me on the discord "Ashk5 | Ashwin #2226" I will also be checking this forum from time to time and will update it/reply to it when needed. Following up some questions I have commonly gotten a friend has found some videos to also help w/ Wineskin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VSGvNfb-OQ
  10. Hello, I have read most of the topics concerning the location of the save file on mac, but I still couldn't find mine. The problem comes from the fact that I use Wine 1.8 and i never put concern in the directory where to run the file. (Which is /Users/filippo/.wine) However, now that I need the save file, it is impossible for me to find it. The aforesaid directory doesn't seem to exist and the file game.rxdata doesn't come up when I search it from the finder (while rejuv save and ep 14 reborn save still appear). Now, is there a way to find it? Because the file must exist somewhere in the computer, as the game starts normally. Does someone know how to find it? Thanks in advance
  11. Hi, I've encountered a problem with Pokemon Rejuvenation on Mac. I've played version 8 without any problem, but, lately, trying to play version 9 (but even version 8 now doesn't work), I got this error, which approximately says: "The program Game.exe has encountered a mistake and has to be closed. We're sorry for the incovenient." "This could be caused either by a problem in the program or by a shortage in Wine. You could be willing to consult the Applications' Database for tips on this application." and the game blocks and Wine blocks, so that I have to force exit from Wine. What can I do? I have no clue, please help me. Thank you in advance, Filippo
  12. I grabbed the ported mac version of the game from the Pokemon Rejuvenation Subreddit, and honestly, even though I'm still only at the first city (having only just obtained my Mudkip), I'm hooked on the story. There is only one problem - the lag spikes every 5 seconds or so, and it will only move about one frame every second for a little bit, then return to normal, then spike again. I remember I used to have a similar problem on Pokemon Zeta, but it went away within a few hours of playing. So does anyone know a solution, or really just anything to help at all? Its very difficult to make progress when it stutters every few seconds but I feel like this was the Fan Game I've been looking for
  13. hey guys i m sorry if I created a new topic but I couldn't find the right area to post it. how can I tranfer my previous savings from mac to windows? i moved the files but it doesnt seem to recognize them as savings. how do I do? ? really don't want to restart it all. lil help?
  14. Hi fellow Reborn fans! I absolutely love this game and have been playing it for several years. I recently got a MacBook (the 2016 edition, not a Pro) and figured out how to get Reborn up and running on Wine. However, the game has been unplayable for me because of the severity of the lag. It's not just throughout Reborn City (though it's worst there). It's across the overworld and, to a lesser degree, in battle. So my question is, what can I do to reduce the lag? Should I just give up on playing? I'm not sure if it's due to running on wine or because of the specifications of my laptop. I may be doomed by getting a Mac instead of a PC when mine died and I will take full responsibility if so I can easily run games like Stardew Valley, Starbound, and RimWorld on this laptop. They are... 1.1 GHz Intel Core m3 8 GB 1867 MHz LPDDR3 Intel HD Graphics 515 1536 MB I'm already running Reborn by itself and using Activity Monitor to ensure no other programs are running. Thanks in advance!
  15. Since i update to episode 16, at the time of the battles i have this error (script is hanging) and always restart the game. i have a macbook pro with wine. when i played episode 15 the game didnt give this error. please help me. Game.rxdata
  16. I need some help retrieving my save file so i can update my game. I really dont want to restart my game and any help would be greatly appreciated.
  17. So I've followed advice given about the back up saves and now this is what changed...
  18. Ame, I got a copy of Game Maker for Mac as a Christmas Present, and I was struck by an idea: Why not make a port of Pokemon Reborn for Mac users? I wanted to make sure that it was OK with you before I did so.
  19. Hi, I tried playing this game for some days now but keep getting problems with starting up te game. I've downloaden the pokémon reborn files and wine (tried 1.6.1 and 1.7.37) for mac, followed the steps but it doesn't work. Three friends of mine (also with macs) who followed the same exact steps as what i did, don't seem to have any problems with opening the game. I keep getting this black screen (see attached file). Does anyone know how I can solve this problem? None of us seem to find the problem.
  20. The game has been running very slow after around 20 minutes of gameplay (just downloaded today). When I ran htop it showed Wine running at 100% CPU. I'm on 13 in. Macbook Pro w/ 8GB RAM and a 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5, so the machine is plenty powerful. Is this a problem with Wine or the game? Has anyone else run into this/solved it? Thanks -cc
  21. foovy10

    The Mac

    So i decided that this would be a good discussion to talk about. Why is Pc so popular compared to mac when it comes to gaming. Macs are slower then Pc, cant be customized, and expensive. But there is something i wanna talk about that can change that. Now the reason i said i wanted to discuss this is because i cant buy rocket league on my mac. Or Terra. Or GTA 5 Now what if mac users can get games like those to be available. What if mac got a little cheaper. What if they made a apple version of a pc that keeps its qualities as a mac(cough cough harder to get viruses cough cough) My dad has a mac a 7 year old mac and it still lives. I got a pc when i was a kid and only used it for youtube and minecraft...2 years later... RIPERONI ON PEPPERONI. If these things happened i bet the Pc vs mac battle would flip like the krabby patties in the spongebob shows that we watched when we were young. Not immediately tho. Tell me what you guys think.
  22. This game looks like it could be so fun to play but I'm pretty aggravated with the game at this point. Every time I try to heal my pokemon at a pokecenter or catch a pokemon the game crashes. I have seen other post about the same issues, and the only help I've seen is that it has to do with my computer not being fast enough. There seems to be a problem with the coding in the error report that Wine sends me. Please it would be greatly helpful if someone could offer a suggestion other than get a pc or it has to do with my machine not being up to par. I'll be happy to help with whatever information I can.
  23. I have recently started playing had have this reoccurring issue when healing my pokemon after battling cain at the start of the game. heres my save file ... just in case it is needed Game.rxdata
  24. Hi, new to this forum but been playing reborn and rejuvenation for a while. was able to download and play reborn on a mac using wineskin (and deleting a few sounds etc) i am currently playing rejuvenation on windows but would like to install it on my mac laptop. have tried to open it using wineskin but this time its not working. is there a mac version i can download? is anyone having the same problem? thanks!
  25. Hello, so today I decided I wanted to play pokemon reborn on my mac. I followed all the instructions given by TacosAndFlowers in the Pokemon Reborn For Macs! topic, but when I opened the Game.exe file to play it, a small window popped up that said: DirectX 8.0 or higher not installed. Below is a picture of the window/ error.
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