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  1. Crescent umu And something that's kinda v13 spoilers so watch out
  2. Were you saved in the Gearen City Apartments...?
  3. There is a breeder in East Gearen! ( and Sheridan too! ) The one in EG is on the Hotel Rooftop.
  4. It is still in the AP shop. However, you will have to get to a certain point in the game for it to appear there.
  5. Neither Honedge nor Dreepy are in the game at the moment ( and probably will not be in until the dark and fairy gyms are completed. ) You used to be able to buy revival herbs in gdc, however they were axed and are therefore no longer available.
  6. The Gothita itself was moved now. It's no longer in the mansion and instead replaces the Nuzleaf that Gothitelle used to yeet at you.
  7. *shakes v13 like a maraca* you have consumed my thoughts i am goimg to crY

  8. The Gen8 starter abilities are a bit bugged at the moment; you can get one already having the HA on it upon receiving, but ability capsules do not work to shift particularly their abilities at the moment.
  9. Zorua is still in the puzzle, however Dragapult definitely isn't in lmao.
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