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  1. more stuffs!! ---------------------- Karen Axel and Aevia Crescent but wit a ponytail cause she looks cute Kieran. I lov him Minta, Rejuv OC of Garufan descent uwu
  2. uh hewwo uwu Narcissa, Geara, and Rift Galv with its babies
  3. um so everything will be put under a spoiler tag- but the e5 stuff will be separated from the other stuff just in case! ( the only e5 thing here really is a character that was introduced. not really any plot related drawings with me yet lol ) Ok that was the first box! Now this second spoiler box DOES CONTAIN E5 STUFF. Be warned!! That's it-! For now~~~~
  4. Cerise


    don't cry you're doing great we appreciate u thank you for this code >>>>>>
  5. Ok- sO- I know I haven't even been here for a long time at all- I'm not a forum veteran or a boomer in the community lol But honestly with all the amazing people I've met here already it kinda feels like I've been here forever!! I've never really been good at making friends- I'm quite a timid and anxious person, believe it or not, despite my enthusiastic personality at times. But I'm so happy I got to meet so many amazing people already and like you all are so amazing- even if I somehow didn't find you/put you in, or if you're just a random person who happens to read me being sappy and overemotional in this- you are valid and ily Okay sO starting now- @Ruby Red you. yes you. you were one of the first people I technically knew about from this community due to your amazing fanart that you've done- You're so heccin talented and an amazing person brO- you're a huge inspiration like teach me how you drawww. You're also just so kind and have a great sense of humour oKKkKKKDKkkd?? Tldr ur amazing + talented and ily nh @Posty "posty what the fuck" ok ok jkj xD. You are also someone with an incredible sense of humour and a liking of Cyndaquil which I very much respecttt. also thamk u for the job u do as a mod owo I know we bulli u but we lov u mk? ( And I'm sorry, but I don't have a kettle so i make my tea in the microwave uwu ) @MintMan h e l lo k y l e Ok so ur a fuckin hilarious man ok bro? keep being you and make sure to take some time for yourself too cause you deserve the rest mdude @Azzie ok my friend you are a hecking sainT . you're really wholesome and really talented at singing too and so i'm so glad you were one of the first people i became acquaintances with in the reborn community. keep being you, and remember that your own mental health is important too b @ZEL HellO therE Ama Like most people on this list, I also have not known you for a super long while, but you are also amazing and talented. there's never a dull day talking to you- it's always interesting to see what you have to say UwU ( ur art is great btw- dont u dare say otherwise ) @ everyone in the reborn channel of the reborn server who has helped me through the game ----- i love you all too and i hope your runs are going greaT ( Soloclus, Holly, Pyuku, etc ) @Amethyst @andracass @Ikaru aight, of course i'm going to give you ( and anyone else who worked on Reborn ) the obvious love for the game- mwaH. i love the story that goes through with it all, and the characters- it's interesting ( and also quite sad,,, ) how a couple parts of it is based on some irl events that happened But i'm also gonna give the speech about y'all as people; even though, agaiN, i haven't talked to you as much as some of the other people, you all are quite fun and amazing to talk to! you all hav incredible senses of humour and are hilarious and kind as well. i appreciate you for all of that positivity too!!! <333 @ Brave, wherever you are on here lol. You're pt cool too man. Stay strong- you're doing amazing UwU and @ everyone else on the Server and on the forums- basically anyone who I've interacted with positively; y'alll are amazing as well and completely valid >v> ok sappy stuff is over lol
  6. ok sO I made more stuff UwU ( put in the spoiler tag and i pray it works lol. and spoilers bc it's kinda later game. nothing too story based tho )
  7. Aaaaa I can't wait till this event! I'm so excited for it :0 It's gonna be so much fun, I can already tell >>
  8. Oh wow what is this? A lovely Fanart thread? My gosh, everyone I see here is so talented <3 Here's some stuff I myself have made~ Ame >v> Arclight ^v^ Ciel~
  9. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

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