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  1. Yeah Decimate is a priority 1-hit KO move with 100% accuracy and ignores abilities ^^
  2. Iirc Sturdy actually doesn't protect from Decimation in the newer vers. However- you CAN use a Fletchling ( though I recommend having evolved it into Talonflame so it can actually do stuff in the Neved battle ) with Quick Guard ( the ones on Oceana Pier come with this move ) to stall out all the Decimation PP ( should be 10pp ) and then she should struggle to death in four struggles afterwards. As long as you have that Fletchling/Talonflame up front with Quick Guard, you should be good.
  3. The hidden room is pretty simple! Red + Green ( Brown ) Red + Green + Blue ( White ) Red + Yellow ( Orange ) In that order of Brown-White-Orange
  4. You can only do HL2 and HL3 if you initially missed them ( tho the whole GDC part that changes will only change if you do HL3 before GDC ) But HL1 is unavailable after occurs, so if you didn't do HL1, there is currently no way to do it after the change. ( and then if you didn't do it before, you are of course locked out of the other two as the first one needs to be done to progress onto the second )
  5. Hey! I am not an Insurgence Dev, however I am here to point out that any form of hacking in Pokemon/modifying in general, etc in Pokemon Insurgence isn't allowed- and that having debug enabled for the game would fall under that category. Insurgence has a legitimate (trade) system, so anyone who uses Debug or such would ultimately be trade banned, etc. It is probably in the best interest to remove the Insurgence debug files.
  6. Day Event, not fatal : (Player1) calls (Player2) a clown.
  7. Tips on how to be a good oarent

    1. logintomylife


      Don't rent your oars to strangers, get to know them a bit before engaging in the oarenting.

  8. Flareon - ( basically made for Guts Flare ) Badly Poisons when sent out and boosts speed by 10% Jolteon - ( basically made for Quick Feet Jol ) Burns when sent out and boosts SpAtk ( or SpDef- I honestly wasn't too sure about this ) by 10% Vaporeon - ( basically made for Hydration Vap ) boosts def by 10% and sets rain upon entry Delcatty - Allows its normal moves to hit ghost types and gives a 20% power boost to any moves not very effective on the opponent
  9. more stuffs!! ---------------------- Karen Axel and Aevia Crescent but wit a ponytail cause she looks cute Kieran. I lov him Minta, Rejuv OC of Garufan descent uwu
  10. uh hewwo uwu Narcissa, Geara, and Rift Galv with its babies
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