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  1. Lin is Sans undertal
  2. Aevis - Willow Axel - Silver Ariana - Cherry Aevia - Blossom Alain - Snow ( not Snowball. ) Aero - Eagle Ana - Hope
  3. Rejuvenation does not have any online features; which also means no trading.
  4. Did you go back to the shop in Kristilline, unfreeze it, and get Magma drift?
  5. Turns out to get better at spriting I gotta actually sprite things???? Wack

    1. Chrixai


      Das WACK 

    2. Dark Warrior

      Dark Warrior

      omg REALLY?!?!?

  6. ( Note- do not try to eat them. trust me. i tried. you will regret it )
  7. Ah ... I believe it is indeed. Quite clever.
  8. did u know geara is a catboy?

    i found that interestinG

    1. OrangeOrb


      probably the only redeeming thing that geara has left

  9. Nope, you cannot. They are very time based, so if you didn't do the first one while you could then there's no way to get them done now.
  10. That second theme was made by Glitch, however she no longer has it public/up.
  11. also i've had Rune a while as pfp should I keep her or switch to someone else ( and if so who )

  12. awa

    gimme drawing suggestions

    1. Evi Crystal

      Evi Crystal

      Draw Adrienn, Lilith, Amelia or DJ Arclight. I would say Talon, but we have already enough set of him already

    2. Dark Warrior

      Dark Warrior

      Draw Lin, ZEL, Solaris, and Sirius

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