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  1. 13.5 is an entirely new version part. 13.0.5 is just the patch indicator.
  2. In a den closest to wispy ruins exit on Route 4. You also need to have beaten Amber
  3. Geara's Haunted Field there is specifically not able to be changed. On purpose
  4. Well you can get EV cards from the very beginning loL. You just need the AP points ( which are possible to grind out. ) Also IV upping does exist for a price :)
  5. You do realise that,,, Jan doesn't make the battle team sets and rejuv didnt create the Fairy Tale field. So stop yelling at them i stg people lmaO The Aegi really isnt the worst provided you have a nice counter. It honestly isn't that bad, people are just not used to fighting on the field/vs an Aegi.
  6. Idk i think pikachu would be rlly powerful if he had a gun.

    1. Dreamy


      I raise you this;

    2. Dark Eclipse

      Dark Eclipse

      Um. Should I be concerned?

  7. Well first of all, breeding a shiny pokemon does not increase the chance of shiny eggs. But yes the den pokemon can be shiny. Second, there are no ''gigantamax pokemon''. The Gmax forms were turned into custom megas and just function as such.
  8. Blessed field always changes Silvally to dark type. It is intentional.
  9. Thru debug, each mc has a Switch for when it is selected. Changing the player character will change the sprite, but not the proper switch. You need to turn off the switch for the name of the originally chosen mc and then turn on the switch for the new mc you are using.
  10. No, it's supposed to start out as fire/ghost. That is very much its first form. It is only once it evolves that it will gain the electric typing in place of fire. The moveset is also correct.
  11. No. The save files are stored in a completely separate place, so they will never be rewritten or deleted unless the person just completely lacks brain cells and happens to delete all the saves directly.
  12. You just have to keep trying. It's possible, you just haven't found the exact correct path yet. Eventually your hands will remember stuff properly via muscle memory and you'll be unlikely to make mistakes. There is a walk thru walls thing, but highly recommend you dont use. If it's really getting you this unnecessarily frustrated, perhaps it's best to step away and take a break for a bit.
  13. You just gotta not run into walls. Also going towards the maid isnprolly not best play; iirc the first passageway down at that area was better
  14. Turn off speedup but keep autorun on. Follow the passageways with the red ivy.
  15. No. At least the Solrock has to be shiny; if not just Solrock then both mons.
  16. I think so? Also it only appears in blue beams iirc.
  17. There is no Ditto event anymore. Ditto can be found in one of the raid dens closest to the Wispy Ruins exit on Route 4 after defeating Amber.
  18. No. They are far too powerful to be obtainable and thus never will be. The only one you can technically rebattle is the Gyarados thru a time limited sidequest.
  19. Oh, yeah. You should've mentioned that you were at the point where the sewers was a WTC loL. There are no more land encounters in there at that point.
  20. ??? It shouldn't have moved anywhere Should still be available for coins in the casino.
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