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  1. straightmers are an elaborate hoax perpetrated by the patriots
  2. the marketing department says that the truth is irrelevant in the face of Profits™
  3. i think this is the first devblog post i've written with consistent and accurate use of capital letters. it was agony.
  4. It's me, Cass, from the website Reborn, Evolved. Developer for the Hottest Game™: Digimon Reborn. I am here to bring you News regarding some updates for the World of Digimon. For years, there has been one universal truth of the Digimon Reborn region. "Lag." Many Elite Gaymers have left constructive criticism regarding this lag. Very constructive criticism. So today, we here at Real Namco HQ decided to look into this "lag". A video below shows our findings. ScreenCapture_2020-4-7 00.27.52.mp4 god why does this stupid website make this so big This video is annotated as follows: We observe our hero, [well known Digimon Protagonist], walking the streets of Calcenon. The weather outside is currently made out of snow, a form of precipitation created when nature gives you the cold shoulder. [Well known Digimon Protagonist], enjoying this weather, proceeds to run incredibly quickly at a brisk pace of 120FPS1. After a brief run, [well known Digimon Protagonist] (who we will now refer to as Ash) decides to sneak inside of the Calcenon gym, glancing behind her to make sure that no one is watching before entering. Ash carefully steps into the gym. After a few cautious steps, she realizes that, unlike Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, No One Is Here™ and decides to sprint around Charlotte's arena at a brisk 80FPS. Not wanting to leave the lower levels untouched, she proceeds to run around them as well. The video abruptly cuts off because I decided to stop recording. As you can clearly see from this video, there is No Lag2! Such criticism can now be permanently put to rest. Thank you for joining me. This is Cass, Prime Minister of Actual Namco In Real Life, signing off. 1: FPS is actually a real unit of measurement for velocity and does not indicate anything else about Ash's movement 2: Our marketing department insists that, though there is clearly some lag in the video, we state it does not exist. We apologize for lying.
  5. andracass

    LOL random XD

    next year's april fool's joke: ultimate random. abilities? random. pokemon? random. trainers? random. map connections? random. button inputs? random. sprite displays? random. audio output? random. we'll also randomize a pixel distortion so it looks like one of those grainy TV screens from back in the day
  6. *puts on hazmat suit okay, we can look into that
  7. hi also. if you've been following this thread then you might notice that there are some things hidden. stuff got a little bit off topic/out of hand. i like how ame is in the picture because he has no idea what's coming
  8. her garchomp uses the field really well. first, the physical/special split change weakens your team pretty significantly- gallade loses some STAB, alolatales loses dark pulse and dazzling gleam, noivern loses boomburst. the type effectiveness changes also helps it a lot: dragon hits it neutrally, fairy is normal type, and its ice weakness is mitigated by its assault vest, which also gives it infinite draco meteors at full power. i'd suggest maybe a pokemon with knock off to get rid of its vest (https://www.serebii.net/attackdex-sm/knockoff.shtml) a little more ice coverage would also do you some good. i'd also say, in general, that iron tail on noivern basically wastes a moveslot. flamethrower would probably be more useful there (though not necessarily for this fight in particular) edo's idea is also pretty good. it might also be worth swapping out meowstic if you do that.
  9. andracass

    LOL random XD

    here! also added this to the post
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