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Florin Location after Ch. 14?


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Minor spoilers for Chapters 10-15 and Paragon Chapter 0:



I finally got around to playing through 13.5, and generally had a good time with all the new and altered content. However, as I am Bladestar's #1 stan, one change from v13 stood out to me immediately; the fact that I can no longer find Florin in/around the Botanical Gardens after starting Chapter 15. In v13, he had an event where he would say that he was taking over Bladestar and taking it in a less violent direction, and, since I had "joined" Bladestar back in Ch. 10, offered to let me join for real and help him out, with the promise of future sidequests in future versions. In 13.5 Chapter 10 has been altered such that not exposing Flora no longer results in her recruiting you, which is probably for the best; however, I'm worried that this future Florin Bladestar questline that was teased in v13 has also been cut as a result. I thought I'd ask the forum before jumping to conclusions, so... Has that questline been cut? Am I just too stupid to figure out where Florin is located in the new GDC to trigger that event? I've searched the whole of GDC multiple times at various points in Chapter 15 and Paragon Chapter 0, but can't find him anywhere (except during the Talon gym puzzle thing, where he doesn't mention Bladestar at all). Is there some secret variation of the Chapter 10 choice that I missed that I needed to do to trigger the Florin event? Is there some way to unlock that white building in the middle of the new Botanical Gardens? Is there anything I'm missing here? Or has the event just been removed outright and I've been baited into thinking I can join Bladestar three separate times across all three of my playthroughs.


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