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  1. V15 and V16 are still separate from V14. V14 is simply split into three parts, but how that works? For the time being, that's
  2. Zumi

    Regarding Intense Mode

    by the way, if you throw a shitfit in the comments about this decision, i will bite your head off and that's a promise
  3. All of the Aevian forms do actually have dex entries..... Just that the Pokédex won't heckin cooperate in-game and doesn't show alternate forms properly. I'll probably put together a post with all the dex entries at some point!
  4. i think we've already said plenty of times that the player will not get to date characters so i'm surprised this question is still coming up at all
  5. The Pokédex is currently bugged and doesn't include the A-forms as a result. The wiki's pages work based on PBS files and since the alternate forms of every mon are script-side, they're not included on the pages. They'll manually be added at a later point, we're working on it!
  6. Definitely a story change -- got changed because of Covid and how it seemed in poor taste to keep that part in after everything that's happened.
  7. Feedback either got buried underneath a lot of other things, or simply just... kinda went over our heads due to the other stuff we had to pay attention to. There were indeed a lot of experienced players part of both alpha and beta, which might've also skewed the perspective compared to people who are playing for the first time or aren't completely used to the difficulty of these kinds of games yet. We're probably going to use a better method of collecting feedback about balancing during testing in the future to make sure the former doesn't happen as often.
  8. We're aware of the issues with balancing. Unfortunately, most of these issues came to light after V13 was brought out. The feedback we got during alpha and beta seemed to have been too little in regards to balancing to properly gauge how other people would be experiencing the game (especially now that the AI is completely different -- which really did end up adding a lot to the overall difficulty), but we take feedback on this stuff very seriously and hope that we can make a more enjoyable experience in the future. Sorry for the trouble things have been causing in the game, we're definitely looking at different options for what we can do to make things better!
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      Will this help alleviate your mood?




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      i can sing for you!

  10. Not necessarily, honestly. There's a lot of things in this balance patch that should've been addressed a long time ago (and there still are a lot of things that have gone unaddressed but we just simply didn't have time to make even bigger changes), and weren't decided to push through on just a whim. It's also a lot easier to crank up the difficulty after toning it down significantly in comparison to having to tone it down from an already way too difficult fight. Adjustments will be made where necessary in the future!
  11. Quick update; added Emma's new art and updated Aevis' artwork to match his new appearance.
  12. hi i uh forgot to add the updated artwork for emma so there you go. the updated art for emma is now in there as well + on the sta.sh site i cannot be assed to make wallpapers rn
  13. Unfortunately we do not have an alternative so we're sticking with the fandom one.
  14. I'm sure many of you are probably familiar with the Rejuvenation wiki, or at least have tried to look it up before... Only to find it rather lacking in its appearance and contents. For a long time the wiki has gone neglected and contained a lot of outdated information about the game. Recently the wiki has gained a completely updated look to it, but the problem of the wiki being barebones and containing outdated information still remains. Well, fear no longer, for today marks the day that we're launching the Rejuvenation Wiki Expansion Project! The idea is to get people together and update the wiki with as much information as possible, so people will have a reliable source of information to go to in the case they need to know this. Part of this project is also writing a proper summary for the game's story -- this is something that we know that people have been asking for a long time, so where else would be better to have a summary for both the overall story and each chapter than on the wiki itself? We've set up a discord people can join for the Wiki project specifically so talk about it doesn't flood the channels on the Reborn discord. The discord is mostly to discuss information put on all the pages and to help each other with formatting, so it's not going to be a community discord akin to what Reborn has and really more one for the sake of project organization. We're still affiliated with this community however, so the same rules of conduct apply -- it's expected that you behave accordingly. If you wish to join the discord, you can click here to join! Either way, your help would be greatly appreciated. The devs will also be around to keep an eye on stuff (though please don't ping us unnecessarily, we will kick you for that stuff) and will pitch in from time to time. Thank you in advance! o7
  15. You don't need it; Patch 13.0.2 includes the fixes given with the 1st patch as well.
  16. Idk where y'all are getting the "Exposing Flora reduces karma instantly" thing comes from, because literally the only thing that will count towards getting the bad ending is when you I've double checked-- nothing in the events where you can choose to expose Flora's secret both inside the caves and just outside of them (in Honec woods) shows that karma gets reduced by picking any other choices.
  17. 15 out of 18 gyms are currently available!
  18. It's a custom one that was commissioned by Jan from GlitchxCity! She's done four tracks total for the V13 update, but she'll be uploading them separately.
  19. That'd be correct, yes! The lionfish indeed was used as an inspiration for this particular line.
  20. IT HAS BEEN A WEEK SINCE V13 CAME OUT. TIME IS A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT, AND THEREFORE I AM NOW HERE TO FINALLY PRESENT TO YOU; *inhales* ALL THE OFFICIAL ART & MUSIC I'VE MADE FOR V13!!!!!!! ...ahem. Anyways, so like I promised, here's everything I've made! There's a ton of it. And a lot of it I've also been sitting on for like a year! But I'm very, very happy with all the work I've delivered for this version, and I really do hope you guys will enjoy it as much as I'm excited about it. Everything will be put in spoiler tags of course -- both for reading comprehension AND for the sake of not accidentally spoiling someone who's not seen all of these yet. Actually, if you're here and haven't beaten V13 stuff yet, why the heck are you spoiling yourself??? you fool. you clown. you utter buffoon. you absolute walnut. go back to playing the update. don't ruin the experience for yourself!!!!!!!!! unless you willingly chose to do this. i guess i have no say over your actions so it's entirely up to you in the end! but anyways, let's get to it, shall we? enjoy! V13 COVER ARTWORK: Vague Clarity V13 BONUS ILLUSTRATION: Aelita (1st popularity poll winner bonus illustration) V13 - PEARL ROUTE KEY ART (HEAVY SPOILER WARNING) CHARACTER ARTWORK(HEAVY SPOILER WARNING) V13 TEASER (+ Some drawings assets that flash by!!) V13 ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK PLAYLIST (Not including the music done by Glitch, sorry ) As per usual, all the official art alongside links to the full resolution art (and wallpaper versions!) can be found in the Official Art Thread, alongside bonus icons and character wallpapers! i spent........ SO much time on writing this post and also accidentally lost half my progress twice so i'm sorry if i missed anything LOL... Oh, and if you're worried about a certain group of mons... Don't worry. A future post will have more about those. :) Until next time!!! o7
  21. The dex entries unfortunately aren't accessible at the moment as the dex isn't working correctly with alternate forms, but I'll be listing them in a future post once the spoiler embargo is gone! We do have all of them written.
  22. Hey, please send this feedback to the feedback form that's linked in this thread, it'd be very helpful for us to improve gameplay experience in the future!
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