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  1. gurgles

    1. Cerise


      too much beetroot?

  2. The designs for the deathwings will likely also get a slight overhaul, but likely will be a simple color scheme adjustment + a few other small changes as their designs are already relatively unique as is. It's likely being kept for V13.5 though, due to that they don't really appear as often in the story in comparison to the grunts and admins, plus the workload is high enough as is.
  3. Zumi


    what the fuck
  4. Icons & character art for the new Xen designs have been added!
  5. Whoa! Wasn't expecting one of these until after V13, were you? Well, Boy Do I Have A Surprise For You(TM) For context -- not too long ago I mentioned to Jan that if I had free time I'd like to try and redesign some of the outfits for the Team Xen members, for the heck of it! The designs were thought up on the fly and the generic grunt uniforms were a bit too similar to the original sprites they were edited from, so I wanted to see if I could redo the designs to be more thematically cohesive, while remaining recognizable compared to their old outfits. A few days ago I decided to fin
  6. Yes, there's updates to older areas both graphically and storywise to improve overall story flow and tying up loose ends that were previously unaddressed. 1) Because... we want to? Gen 8 adds a lot of new mons that ppl from the dev team like a lot, so it's not like we're doing it because we have to. We want Gen 8 to be in, so we're adding in Gen 8. There doesn't need a better reason than that. 2) Older content gets reworked and other QoL updates to keep the quality of the game consistent across the board, and not just have the quality get better further into t
  7. There are quite a good couple of changes throughout the whole game in terms of encounters and event pokemon, though it's mostly additions of Gen 8 in various places. However, as far as I'm aware, Lapras/Aggron/Gardevoir have not changed obtaining methods, and will remain in the same place as they've been obtainable before. The only pokemon that currently are publicly known to be moved are Rockruff, A-Grimer and Eevee, which will no longer be the reward for the Sheridan help center quest. I don't think I can disclose any further information though, but I wouldn't worry *too* much ab
  8. The music for Goldenleaf was composed by me specifically for Rejuvenation, and the nighttime music was composed by a mutual friend of Jan and mine's (though not specifically for rejuv, just used with permission).
  9. You will have to revert to an older savefile for the hotfix to work, which is explained how to do so in the image below.
  10. We do recommend starting a new file, but when V13 is out we plan to host a public project to get the Rejuv wiki fully up to date, including adding a story summary. The reason we are waiting for this is due to a lot of QoL changes in older content, which makes it so that writing a summary now would be wasted effort.
  11. You do actually have to do both!
  12. You're allowed to use Rejuvenation's graphical assets as long as proper credit is provided and aren't used with malicious intent! For character sprites it's still more recommended to edit your own for originality's sake though
  13. its been uh a While(TM) so time for a very big update yall, strap in bc it's gonna be a ride!! separating some things bc it's a bit more self indulgent ffxiv stuff that not everyone cares about probably HAHA first off, here's my art summary for the year!! all of the other art i've done can be found in the spoilers. Main FFXIV self indulgence (so....... many......... sketches)
  14. still happy ppl enjoy the music i made for v13 so far, even though they're mostly previews (with the exception of one of the songs posted in the latest showcase)!! hope you'll enjoy the full versions when you hear them in-game when the update is out 👀🙏

    1. Vinnie


      You shouldn't doubt as much as you do. You're an incredibly talented artist with both your visual arts as well as your compositions, and you're only going to continue to improve.

  15. Zumi

    hi again

    for any future commenters; please respect the decision to remove the progress bars and take the devs' feelings in consideration before you start moaning about how it's not the way you like it just because reborn is back in development does not mean it's time to start making demands of people again!!!!! don't be entitled i will personally clown on each and every single one of you who decides doing any of these two is haha funny or a smart idea anyways thank u have a nice day, good luck ame and the devs with the final stretch of work
  16. So, unsurprisingly, last time I posted an audio preview people were trying really hard to guess where the song would play -- And a lot of people guessed for older, already existing areas. While I won't spoil which location specifically, I can at least tell you guys that these audio previews are NOT for old areas, but for new content in V13! So yeah, these are all songs that will play in areas you haven't seen before. Maybe it'll be fun to try thinking of what locations you'll be visiting that could have these songs playing in the background, hm? I won't be giving away any hints though, so have
  17. Hey all! Who's ready for the Winter revel?! If you do not know what the heckle deckle frick frack a Winter revel is, go check out the post here first! As a lot of the people who have been at a previous party know, the Hunger Games simulator sessions have become a party staple over the years, and are always exciting to watch unfold. yknow. because you get stuff like this. I've had the pleasure of hosting it almost every time, and during the previous party we made use of the site's feature that allows for custom events to be added to the simu
  18. A good amount of routes and locations have received overhauls either graphically, storywise or both -- particularly the ones earlier on in the game (but there's some newer content that got revisions as well). With the addition of Gen 8 mons becoming obtainable (through encounters or sidequests), the map updates and some ~*~*Other Neat Stuff That Is Still A Surprise(TM)*~*~ I would personally suggest starting a new file once V13 is out so you get the full experience!
  19. thank you guys for all of your patience for rejuv v13 🙏

    1. Chrixai


      Worth the wait!

  20. A little bit of news coming in fresh from the music department of things! So while V13 obviously got a lot of graphical and gameplay improvements and new stuff added, both in terms of sprites, maps and game performance, there's also some stuff that'll be fresh off the grill in the music department! In fact, V13 will bring quite a number of new songs to the table that were custom made for the game. I myself am also once again providing a good number! ...Though, I can't go and let people listen to all of the tracks that have been made so far right away, now can I? Nonono,
  21. im counting my blessings that i'm not really in charge/responsible for any of this when i look at the sheer amount of suggestions y'all are putting out, god damn
  22. i don't know what's more threatening, the list of bugs that need to be fixed prior to v13's release or the sheer amount of crest suggestions

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    2. Autumn Zephyr

      Autumn Zephyr

      Have I missed some Ash-Gren. Crests? Those are kinda the only things that were hard-banned, so there definitely shouldn't be. 🤔

    3. DemICE


      dunno about now but i remember people kept suggesting gren crests that turned it into ash gren

    4. Abyssreaper99


      I mean that comes with the territory of being online, people can't read 😅

  23. i will personally come over and destroy you
  24. Again, it's a matter of phrasing, lol. If you don't know the context to the details, they won't be much of a spoiler.
  25. Well, if the story is told in chronological order as shown in the game as the summary should be, there's no need to worry about spoilers, since you can just read up to where you want. It's your own risk in the end, and not the responsibility of the person writing the summary as long as it's written as intended and doesn't have spoilers strewn through it in places where it's not appropriate.
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