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  1. They'll be treated as custom megas in the purest sense, and therefore mons that already have a mega will just get an extra alt mega evo (for Charizard, it'll have X, Y and G in that case) And yes, some will have new abilities upon mega evolving! However, I won't be specifying which ones, so you'll just have to figure it out once V13 is out :]
  2. Download the hotfix for this here, this is the strength bug. We rolled out a mini patch for that a while back for people who had this issue.
  3. If the script is hanging that might just be a PC problem. You can try running the unofficial MKXP port of the game (which uses a newer engine) and see if it helps the problem, but otherwise I don't think that's something we can really do anything about since that is mostly an user-to-user based issue.
  4. Can you show a screenshot of the error that shows up? Because the patch should get rid of the error altogether, so I don't see why it wouldn't work. Are you sure you installed the patch correctly?
  5. Please download the 12.2 patch in the V12 thread, this fixes your issue.
  6. We already made the shinies for Gen 8, yeah. All of them came from the dev team itself, sorry if you wanted to get yours in!
  7. You can find a download for a fix here in this topic!
  8. i want to have a talk with the person who listed vitus as INFP on the mbti personality database site because i might have to throw hands

    1. Mindlack


      So there is such a thing as a mbti personality database for fictional characters. 

      I’m really surprised. 

      What type should Vitus be in your opinion? 

    2. SomeNerdIDK


      I refuse to associate with weird creepy cult man

  9. You definitely just have bad luck! None of the mons bar the shadow pokemon are shiny locked, and the rate is the same as reborn -- 1/100. Just keep trying!
  10. Zumi

    Pointless Progress Ramble

    Much better performance on newer pcs for the most part as it's a far more modern engine! The game will run far faster and smoother, and there's barely any lag. It'll be slower on older pcs unfort, but we've been able to optimize the RMXP port (aka the current engine) game for a good chunk thanks to the help of Cass that we've been getting, so there should still be a noticeable difference between V12 and V13 for those who are using the RMXP version of the game -- especially during battles, where the brief lag before move animations playing is no longer an issue.
  11. ok i lied not my only time responding to this thread, but i'd not look into this too deep considering that this bit of information has become obsolete in the current iteration of the game (and any future ones as well). While this was indeed something mentioned during the game's intro on the S.S. Oceana in older versions, it's no longer accurate and it's probably best to just let it slide! It's a remnant of the older versions of the game and no longer holds any value lmao
  12. bro...

  13. I don't make the teams, but I'm pretty sure it's a mix of it having fit the character thematically, along with difficulty. Some characters are known to have a bias for certain types (or in Erin's case, color) so it becomes automatically easier to work with. It's finding a healthy balance of what makes sense for the character and what is strong enough for at that point in the game. Most rival characters let go of their type bias however, and just received teams that are more all-round than anything else, but still work with their characters. I'm sure Alex or Azery would probably be able to enlighten you more on the matter, but I'm pretty sure that what I said is the gist of it.
  14. so i could be posting this in the official art thread, but really i don't care enough to do so since it's not really super official anyways, and also slightly outdated lmao the situation is that this drawing was initially made for a video that would contain a remake of flora's battle theme (the one used for the fight at eclysia pyramid), but considering that kinda fell through due to that i was unable to recreate it to an extent that i was actually satisfied with it or that it sounded good, the art kinda lost its purpose so here! have some art of flora and sierra. the latter is an admin from team splicer, the evil team in pokemon xenogene -- my own cancelled fangame, and where the song used for flora's fight initially came from.
  15. Fal (Falirion) was doing a run with Gyarados to show that it's possible to solo Rejuv intense for almost the entirety of the game with Gyarados. Gyarados is currently not legally obtainable in the game as they were debugged in, but it IS pretty undeniable proof that putting it as obtainable anytime soon is a bad idea LOL
  16. you expect us to add in the gameplay system of a wholly different game??? i know it's pokemon but like come on dude, you're expecting something unrealistic here, rejuv isn't a fighting game also if you had checked the status bar on the dev blog anytime today, you would've seen that progress is still being made. please be patient. As for this, we're doing good! Jan was on a break for a week or so so he hasn't been working on the game during that time, but I think it's safe to say that he's returned in full force. He's been feeling inspired and ready to work on the game, particularly for the main story of V13 content, so expect the status of that department to make leaps! I can't disclose what the content entails of course, but he's been having fun with it, so that's definitely a good sign!
  17. its not a tierlist if you can't change the tier names to something weird
  19. The one time I'm actually gonna respond to this topic to clarify something; it's really just genetics! Kenneth and Deagan are basically the in-game equivalent of hispanic, and hispanic people vary quite a bit in skin tone. Deagan and Kenneth likely have different complexions as the result of their parents having different complexions as well, kinda like how Amber inherited Deagan's complexion while Tesla's skin is lighter than Amber's. And uh... Let's not mention that Kenneth's been through some shit. His health absolutely has taken a huge toll over the course of time -- He's a lot paler as Keta as he probably would've been had he been healthier.
  20. I'm not going to pin this or make a whole dev blog post about it, but today I spent some time making a character sorter! Essentially it allows you to pick your favourite between two characters from a selection of predetermined characters, and will keep doing so until it's done sorting. After it's done, it'll show a table with a ranking from most to least favourite character based on the characters you picked in each battle. Kinda looks like the image below! There's only 24 in the image, but the list went all the way to 82. There's also options to filter by chapter, affiliation, or filter out specific genders or the rift mons. That way you can get your faves from any specific set of characters you want! There's about 88 characters and rift mons in the sorter right now, but I might add more characters later down the road (probably with only sprites for icons though -- mostly because there's no official art for a lot of characters). You might be busy for a while going through them. Feel free to post your results here! Or, if you find mistakes for some filters, please let me know as well. There might be some oversights, but I'll do my best to fix them ASAP. Enjoy!
  21. Added the illustration for the popularity poll results under other artwork!
  22. I'm not going to make a long winded post up front since I'm sure all of you want me to just get to the point, so without further ado... Here are your winners! There's a bit of a catch though. The plan was to give 1st place the illustration, and that stays that way! Aelita will be receiving a full illustration to go along with V13's release. However, the idea had surfaced while the polls were open to give 2nd and 3rd place artwork as well, which I really liked. Therefore, Erin will also be receiving a full illustration that will be released after V13 comes out, during V14's development. But then there's Melia.... And as much as I might probably disappoint some people with this, Melia has been featured in a lot of artwork already. After some discussion with the rest of the dev team, we've decided that the illustration will be given to Venam instead, who placed 4th! That way we can keep things fresh, and give a character that hasn't had as big of a chance in the art spotlight a full illustration instead. This illustration will also be released during V14's development, though it's possible it'll release alongside V14 instead if there's too little time to work on a second full piece. Hope you guys are looking forward to the art regardless! Now, back to the poll results... I did have to purge a couple of submissions or deem some invalid due to them being repeat votes of the same thing in the same submission (or reborn characters... im looking at the ppl who voted adrienn despite me having said the cameo characters dONT COUNT), so not *all* of the votes are listed -- especially for the things/people that only got one vote -- but here's a couple of the funnier ones we've seen between the answers/votes! "PIRATE VALARIE AND HER BABIES (me)" "that edgy guy with the latios i forgot his name" (Damien) "YE, ye, Ye", three votes in the same submission "Geara's left shoe 1, 2 and 3" "Ninja Nim" "Pupper Master" "i don't even remember what the characters are named at this point, sry for wasting your time have a nice day" "Kanye west" So, how do you guys feel about the results? Were they as expected, or are a couple of placement surprising to you? Feel free to discuss it! Also, there's a wallpapers of the artwork made for this without the text able to be found here! I'll also be linking it in the official art thread under wallpapers. Thank you all for voting in the poll! This was a blast. Maybe we'll host another one of these in a couple of years once we're a couple versions further! Until next time y'all o7
  23. thank you cass for your bravery and hard work. i understand only about half of any of this because i'm smooth brain and blank the moment i stare at any code, but it's very, very clear that you've put a ton of effort into this and that you're doing god's work tbh. you're a blessing to all of the ppl who run their games on older versions. godspeed you magnificent bastard
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