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  1. mmmmmmmy god this thread is a fucking mess
  2. Known bug (god knows how many times we've gotten reports about that), and is fixed in V13
  3. All the testing is done manually by simply playing through the game, and we'll know when we run into an error bc either an actual error pops up, the game crashes, you get stuck or you just kinda... walk into something that you can just kinda tell isn't right. The testers share screenshots and reports collected in a handful of channels, after which someone (usually Azery or Cass at this point) shares a hotfix download with the files in it that need to be replaced in order for the fix to take effect. It's not the most efficient method to collect all the reports though, so for V13's p
  4. So I don't think I'm gonna need to point out that little testing bar in the progression tracker on the right... But in case you missed, there sure is a testing bar in the progression tracker on the right! Meaning that V13 is officially out of the internal testing stage and has reached the next stage of testing. Hurray! Progress is being made and release is creeping closer! But, it's still going to take a little time. Now, as I've noticed in both the dev blog comments & the V13 discussion thread, there are a lot of questions about testing, so I'm compiling the most frequently as
  5. Every time this is asked I will make sure it'll get postponed by a month :)
  6. Alright so since you're basically inviting me to add on to this, I'd like to clarify this stuff once again since the message clearly didn't come across last time this was talked about and there seems to be a misunderstanding here, lmao I'm not going to snap anyone's neck over speculating about pairings and such -- if you want to ship characters with each other or the player, go ham! Have fun! The world is your oyster and as long as you're not harming anyone or being disrespectful to the original content (i.e. erasing lgbtq+ representation & couples that *is* actually in the gam
  7. yall testing's been going on since last week, the progress bar just doesn't update with every day passing lol
  8. Unfortunately this isn't really feasible on our end. Logistically speaking it's a much bigger hassle to deal with 100 people reporting the same common bugs over and over again, which is why internal & alpha testing take place before public release so we can catch the most common ones early by only a handful of people, and won't have to worry about having these same common issues in public release, making it possible to sift through more different uncommon bugs people find in the public release faster. That way we can keep things easier for us to manage as well! New story is
  9. hello while u all wait for v13 please take this really cool BW2 soundfont remix one of my friends did of the rift battle music as a surprise for jan and go tell them how good of a job they did ok???????????? ok thank u
  10. Usually, a README.txt or CREDITS.txt file is included along with the game's files, which contains the full list of people who have worked on the game/ whose work has been used/included in the game. Make sure you keep track of where you get your resources from and credit the people responsible properly in the document-- commonly divided in categories like game development, programming/scripts, graphics, music and miscellaneous/special thanks. And as an addendum, make sure to double check whether you're allowed to use whatever you're using!!!! This is important, you really don't want
  11. Yep! You can still play V13's content and understand everything without having to start over.
  12. Story progression is better & more polished and has been changed in a couple of areas + there's a ton of graphical updates in many areas- it's not just changes of teams and the addition of gen 8. To get the optimal experience I'd still recommend starting a new file.
  13. You only need to find the crests in the labyrinth to get the Dusknoir crest from the lady in Sashila. The Torterra/Claydol crests are missable because of the aforementioned reason of that it's possible to miss out on the final HL quest if you didn't finish the others in time, and therefore are not a requirement for it.
  14. Dimension type is being removed in V13 actually because it never gets used anyways, so Gyarados will have a minor type change.
  15. it is real p5s hours my dudes not everything in the spoiler is p5s related stuff, but a lot of it is, and it's NOT spoiler free, so you've been warned! zenkichi hasegawa my beloved......... i wanna give him a hug so bad
  16. We're just as excited to get the update out as you are, trust me -- but releasing it in its current state would mean it's unfinished, riddled with bugs and nowhere near the kind of experience we want the player to have. It's the final stretch, so please be patient a little longer as we test the game and fix stuff up!
  17. Savefiles are shared across both versions of the game!
  18. Don't read into it too deep LOL, it's just a running gag that's been happening a lot this dev cycle since we can't promise any release windows. We made that mistake a couple of times before and then ended up not being able to meet that expectation due to a lot of stuff suddenly coming up.
  19. We're using RPG Maker XP for the game, as Pokémon Essentials was made for that particular engine as well!
  20. It's a version of the game that uses the MKXP engine rather than the RMXP engine. It runs much, much faster and works a lot better on newer pc's.
  21. Nope, we're still doing internal testing as there's still a bit of ground to cover and haven't even reached the alpha testing stage.
  22. This has been answered before on Jan's tumblr!
  23. We're not that cruel, lmao. p sure we would've pissed more people off than make them laugh, really
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