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  1. Reuploaded Spork UPDATES -added a Galar legendary quiz to the legendary move tutor quizzes -male Pokemon can now breed with other male Pokemon and female Pokemon can breed with other female Pokemon -it no longer costs money to withdraw a Pokemon from the day care -updated Cherry's rap at the Rap Battle House -added text to the books on the floor in Virima Library -added info to evomethodsandotherchanges notepad file on learnsets, HMs, and shiny rate -Anthony's Araquanid's nickname changed from Waterfox to Netscape -added a Toxtricity to Noise Pollution BUG FIXES -fixed freeze that occurs in Quinn's office in the BCC Building if you approach the scene from the left or right tiles instead of the middle -fixed typo in the Kanto quiz where if you answer "Make quizzes" to the fourth question, the response was "Sorry, that's incorrect. Do I like anything like Lorelei to you?" instead of "Do I look anything like Lorelei to you?" -updated leftover text in the Sinnoh quiz where answering Rad Rickshaw to the second question would lead to dialogue about Felicity instead of Rad Rickshaw I've been unsure about the older version of Cherry's intro rap since I first made it in ep 1. House and douse don't rhyme, they're just spelled similar. There were also a couple other lines that either felt like a stretch to me or I just wasn't feeling. If I had to rate the raps of all the trainers in the Rap Battle House from favorite to least favorite, Cherry's original part here might've been on the lower end, and I think this is an improvement. The line "I don't just box on the beat" (referring to beatboxing) randomly popped into my head a few days ago and that's when I decided to update Cherry's rap here. Overall a lot of the updates in this reupload are smaller ones. The Smoothie solo songs were going to be in this one, but the BCC Building bug was game-breaking, and I try to upload fixes for game-breaking bugs as soon as I'm able to find the cause and fix them. On the subject of music, Noise Pollution will also be getting a song called Toxtri City in the future! That one will be related to the Galarian Moltres quest when Gen 8 DLC Pokemon can be added.
  2. There's a note about a similar issue in the known bugs list: idk if it's the same error message or if you used debug or are playing in RPG Maker, but iirc f12 is the button that resets? If so, it might be a similar error and you would want to close the game by pressing x on the game window. I chose to respond here and hid the thread for organization, but here was a post in the thread that mentioned full screen as a possible cause as well: Also this part of your post: "pretty unplayable in my opinion if you cant f12 without it crashing 99.99% of the time. just downloaded this game and 1 minute into its crashing on almost every f12." the tone here comes off as rude/aggressive. I'm not sure if it was intended to be that way but it gave the impression you were mad at me and made me uncomfortable.
  3. Blue Shards: have you been south of Ocean Coast, through Staryu Valley to Serenity Seaside? There's a building at Serenity Seaside called the UB Playground. There's a room at the UB Playground with a shard machine in the middle and a group called the Ultra Beast Despair Girls. After defeating the Ultra Beast Despair Girls, you can interact with the machine to get Blue Shards. In order to get past the entrance of the UB Playground, you need the Sea Star Diploma, which you can get by completing a quiz at the Sea Star School. Alternatively, Blue Shards can be found through mining. Norall City hide and seek:
  4. Sorry for the late reply. I thought I would get a notification when a post was made in this thread, but it seems like I wasn't following it like I thought I was...I did merge a few threads in here last month, so maybe merging threads removes followers because a new URL is created? Either way, sorry again for not seeing this until now. I actually only even saw it now because I saw that you viewed my profile so then I viewed yours and saw you posted here, who knows how long it would've taken if that didn't happen Anyway, here's your save file. I was able to get you unstuck by warping to a different map in debug mode. There was another person last year who got stuck here too, though I wasn't able to replicate it...I wonder what causes it to happen. It seems like you got stuck because the player character tried to move up and couldn't, but the only time the player is set to move up in that event is at the beginning. Game.rxdata
  5. This NPC in Olidroll City Recreation District can change Toxtricity between Amped and Low Key forms. This is noted in the bug reporting thread, but might be worth mentioning here in advance: there's currently a bug where if you mega evolve Toxtricity, when the battle is over it always goes back to Amped form even if you had it in Low Key form. This is because mega evolutions are set to revert back to a specific form number after battles, and I didn't know what to do for a Pokemon that has more than one form.
  6. I've heard that one solution for Mac/Wine is to delete the Audio folder, but there's another way that doesn't involve deleting them. I don't know the details myself, I just know that @SilverAngelus has helped people play Spork with Mac without needing to delete the Audio folder. If you're able to contact @SilverAngelusor if @SilverAngelus can contact you for help, your friend may be able to play on Mac!
  7. I just checked and it seems it just holds Lagging Tail.
  8. There's currently no way to change controls, apologies for that. A couple years ago someone asked and I asked if they could ask Ame how, and Ame did respond, but I haven't gone forward with doing it because of task-specific procrastination. I don't know why, but sometimes there's a specific task that I just can't find the energy or motivation in myself to bring me to do. I don't know what my brain's criteria for it is. Similarly, sometimes I'm too shy to ask a specific question to a specific person, which is why someone else had to ask Ame for me as I'm shy about asking Ame about game development stuff fear of bug reports related to switched controls. I feel like this might've happened with Reborn? but I'm not sure/don't remember the details, I just vaguely feel like there were a couple bug reports that couldn't be solved or weren't universal that were related to peoples' changed control settings, but I could be remembering wrong
  9. I actually didn't know that Burmy was in specific forms in specific locations in Spork. I wasn't really knowledgeable about how Burmy and Wormadam's forms work in general. There's an NPC on the ground floor of Virima Hotel that can change their forms, though: If you want to find a place for Sandy Cloak manually, maybe the sand near the water at Virima City, or Bolaii Coastline, Bolaii Beach, Sand Castle, Weather Wonderland (Sandstorm), Premoggin Softlands, Premoggin Canyon, Dyserean Desert? Those are areas off the top of my head that have a lot of sand.
  10. I haven't touched the Pickup table in Spork (I'm not sure where that data's located in Essentials), so it would be the default Essentials Pickup table, or at least Essentials v16.2, the version Spork uses. I'm not sure from which games that would be though. I apologize that that's as much as I know.
  11. I'm glad you enjoyed the game and hope you enjoy the postgame too! Cool reptile team!
  12. The area that Zoroark was blocking before is your next destination. Based on mentioning of barriers and black background, which don't exist on the map, it seems like the area isn't properly loaded for you on Android.
  13. The flower pots are an optional sidequest in Celium Park. There are three things you need to do for everyone to be ready to go to Celium Park: Defeat the simulations at the Help Section (and talk to Emily after) Get chocolate eclairs for Delicia (talk to Delicia at the Food Section, then talk to the guard in front of the Undersea Volcano in the Help Section, then return to Delicia in the Food Section) Complete the tournament in the Battle Section
  14. You'll still have your save file after updating, since it's stored in a different location in your computer. Also, I moved this from Troubleshooting + Bug Reporting to Topics since it's not about an error or being stuck.
  15. After all the map revamps have been completed, I plan to add a notepad file for a walkthrough of the main story. Currently, I don't believe anyone's made a written walkthrough or guide for it. The closest for now would be watching Youtube playthroughs (many would probably be outdated due to map revamps and other updates, but you're getting close to where the map revamps end in the public release for now), or you could continue to ask here on the forum when you're not sure what to do.
  16. If you get one of the answers incorrect, Couragi will appear and you'll be able to ask Couragi for a hint. Answers below, in spoilers so you can choose whether you want to continue solving them with or without the hints or if you prefer just having the answers:
  17. Yohane's birthday solo MV!
  18. I looked at the event page and everything seemed correct, then I tested by giving myself one of every plate and Arceus joined me, so it should be working. I guess I'd recommend double-checking your inventory to make sure you have them all. I feel like Pixie Plates might be less remembered than the others since they were introduced later.
  19. I've merged this topic with your topic from yesterday about Norall's gym. Please keep in mind what Enigma requested. "If you have any questions going forward, please post them all within the same thread, so there aren’t multiple open threads at once." You're in front of the gym arena now. About not seeing the colors: is it that the tiles don't look like rainbow tiles to you, or you're just not sure which is which, or do you have color blindness? If you have a form of color blindness that makes the rainbow tiles difficult to see, I can try to give Couragi an additional explanation for color blind players in the future. Game.rxdata
  20. Crolea also mentioned that the rocks from the avalanche near the mountain should be cleared by now. If you went here just above the gym before talking to everyone at the Pokemon Research Institute, the path would've been blocked by rocks. Now you'll be able to go to Norall Mountain.
  21. Reuploaded fixing a glitch where using a sound-based move on a Pokemon with Punk Rock caused an error message
  22. Reuploaded fixing a glitch where using a sound-based move on a Pokemon with Punk Rock caused an error message
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