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  1. quick question: When do we first get the Ruby Ring (or whichever crystal key it is we got first?)

    1. Mindlack


      You get the jewel just after the Tanzan Cove moment (that is, 7 working badges). 

  2. When you train up a Trubbish/Stunky with Acid Spray for the PULSEs Also, not mine, but I must have found this on the forums some time ago because I had it saved in my ages-old Reborn folder. Wish I could remember the creator/context.
  3. Hi, just beat Charlotte and the next story beat calls for me to go fight PULSE Avalugg, but I'm missing the Dive HM? Where would I go to get that? Thanks!

  5.  Is Copycat broken in the latest version of Reborn? Every time I try to use it, it says "The copycat failed!"...

  6. This is like those off-the-wall illuminati theories. I love those. How about my mans Crash Bandicoot? (Also, does declaring them an anime swordsman make them more or less likely to get into Smash...?)
  7. This tile in the Totem Area in Rhodochrine Forest is layered above the player.
  8. Just started Pokemon Reborn again, fresh, for the first time since E14. The Zigzagoon those punks were trying to toss over the bridge turned out Shiny. Sometimes you've got to wonder how people like that remember to breathe.

  9. in the pokemon rejuv files, there's a song called "feeling - serene". i know it's a remix of eterna forest, but does anyone know specifically where it's from/who made it? thanks!

    1. Youmu9


      Oh, it's actually from the Diamond and Pearl anime. Just search something like D/P Eterna forest anime and you'll find it. 

    2. Kunikunatu


      ah, thank you very much!

  10. i have a question for you all:
    i'm breeding alola-raichu, i want it to have t-Wave, t-bolt & psychic. i want to make the last slot an egg move, but idk which. im thinking either wish, fake out or electric terrain. what do you think?

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    2. Zargerth


      Alolan Raichu is amazing in Rejuvenation. I ran Thunderbolt, Psychic, Nasty Plot and Grass Knot. Encore can be used to create an opportunity to set up with Nasty Plot. I used Togedemaru for Electric Terrain support.

    3. Kunikunatu


      nasty plot sounds really good, actually! i didn't realize it could have that move.

      that would make encore really helpful, then. thanks so much for your help!

    4. Wolfox


      Electric Terrain. might as well make use of the ability

  11. after many, many trials and errors (because i suck at pokemon), i have finally beaten pokemon rejuvenation up to the most current version. it's been wild, man. thanks a ton to all who worked on it!!

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