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  1. @Zarc @Sayia @FairFamily @Ainz Ooal Gown @Mr. Finn @LykosHand Is this topic still open?
  2. Hi @Zarc Is this topic still open for requests? If so, could I ask for the following 'mons? doing a speedrun with my brother: 1 Horsea 2 Dratini 3 Charmander 4 Budew 5 Ghastly 6 Nidoran (M) 7 Starly 8 Growlithe 9 Lapras 10 Riolu 11 Zorua 12 Noibat Thanks in advance
  3. Ok... I do so hope you're prepared for a barage of zigzagoon, because that's about the only early game mon I can get off the bat :/
  4. That would be awesome thanks, but it's not particularly urgent. I can only start tomorrow evening. What can I give in return? I'm sure that in game you have everything and anything that you need?
  5. Hey I am looking for the following Pokemon for a dragon mono through Reborn. If you can acquire them, I am looking for: Dratini Skrelp Bagon Gible Treeko Mareep Noibat Tyrunt Horsea Trapinch Deino And I will get Charmander at the start. I'm not sure how many of those you can actually get but I would very much like those so that I can do a proper dragon monorun. Oh, and Magikarp, but that's the forbidden fruit xd. Please and thank you
  6. This descended into madness more quickly than I expected (says he who only checked the forum now for the first time in two weeks) Anyway, continue the madness. Can't be long before somebody starts crying. I mean, let's all be nice, or something. I'm going to go find a dragonite doll just so that I can cuddle it for some arbitrary reason.
  7. At this specific moment: Da Vinci Riot Police George Ezra Wanted on Voyage Now: Summer Love Neil Diamond The Jazz Singer
  8. Please could someone explain what is happening here?
  9. Yeah but I couldn't find anything where the people had completed all the quests without getting the stuff.
  10. a) but... I did I beat the stuffing out of Team Magma already, and have cleared 7th street. that covers b as well. Perhaps I should post my savefile... wherever savefiles get posted to be looked at and laughed at. c) ...tentacool *les shudder*
  11. Hmm I has a problem. I've beaten every gym including Adrienn, and yet I don't have: a) a bicycle b) sunny day/rain dance c) any ideas on what to do next other than grinding my pickup team composed of Phanpies and their ringleader of a Meowth Any assistance with a and b is appreciated. I'm too much of a nutjob to get adequate help for c
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