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  1. @lenjin online username - lenjin Message me for a battle whenever you want
  2. @Zarc Do you want a shiny poke for each one or slowbro and frogadier with 5 and 6 max IV's for all of those? ^^
  3. Will double battles be added to online play in the new update? ^^
  4. It's fine i'm grateful for your effort you don't have to do all of them if you're busy ^^
  5. Me whenever you can send me a message
  6. Of course! abomasnow staryu gastrodon qwilfish bulbasaur mudkip roserade with spikes and hp fire if possible ^^
  7. The attack one thank you! ^^ my online username is lenjin im waiting for your request
  8. Okay just tell me when What do you need in return? i have a froakie with 5 31 IV's and a slowking with 6 31 IV's to offer ^^
  9. Hey does anyone have some of these pokes with good IV's? Abomasnow qwilfish gastrodon starmie/staryu mudkip line bronzong and rosarade with spikes? Ask me what you need maybe i have something to offer ^^
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