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  1. Hey! Uh, so, I'll put this in a spoiler as it concerns E5 content.
  2. 2 reports! Firstly, this tile in Helix Cave can't be walked through. Secondly, the description for the Premier Ball has one (1) buggy character at the beginning.
  3. Hey yall So basically if you catch a mon and input certain characters in the nickname screen it outputs an error, closes the nickname screen and you lose the caught mon (and any stuff you used during the battle) Been testing, characters affected by this seem to be letter modifiers (^ ` ´ ¨). Sometimes it errors after a typing a few, sometimes it happens right away. I have a spanish keyboard so I keep hitting those accidentally :<
  4. I had the idea to try and make a full spritesheet to add a custom trainer to Reborn, ended up wasting a day and a half on it :x ((hope it's okay, but I used some of the original player sprites as reference. Mainly with the small sprites, they're a pain to make)) They look kinda wonky, but I'm pretty happy with how they turned out, considering they're my first "serious" pixel-art project. I also made a custom Kartana shiny, cuz I'm going to do a run with this character and Kartana as a starter. May be op, I know, but I love my origami boi. EDIT: this was a mistake, my precious paper boi is too strong. So sad I won't be able to use the sprite :< Any tips on how I could improve the trainer's overworld sprite? I'd post the rest but I don't wat to clutter this too much.
  5. A bunch of buildings in GDC completely lack tile collisions, mostly in the Residential District/Main Street/that place with the café. Also, there's a weird bug where, if a Pokémon uses Wish, the game will skip the animation completely, cut to your turn, and next turn it will play the "X used Wish!" scene again, heal, then do it again for the new move. Finally, I've noticed some really weird things with the battle terrains. Sometimes the opponent's pokémon won't attack at all, giving you basically endless free turns. I don't recall exact examples, sorry, but I do remember it happening with a Florges on the Dragon's Den terrain.
  6. I'm testing the pack (kinda, I can't test stuff like the egg/pickup/mining mods right now) and most mods work perfectly. I've only noticed problems with the Unreal Time mod, there's no clock and no option to change the time (though, that might be intentional, not sure). Also, the game feels a bit laggier, but that might just be bad luck? Uhhh, hopefully this helps : >
  7. Hi! I've got a few dev-related questions, hopefully they're not too many/too boring for y'all : > (( and I also hope no one's asked these before, if so, sorry : < )) 1) How long have you been working on Rejuvenation, roughly? 2) How hard is it to optimize RPGMaker so the game doesn't lag too hard? 3) Rejuvenation feels like a very big project, so how do you manage to stay focused while making it? Have you ever had to take long breaks to recharge dem inspiration batteries? PS: thanks for making such an awesome game!
  8. I think I've found a couple of bugs... First, with NoTMXNeeded installed, opening and closing the Fly map from the "Use TMX" option (without flying anywhere) crashes my game with this error (and only from that option, using Fly like normal doesn't crash) And when using the ShowStatBoosts mod, sometimes (I haven't been able to reproduce it consistently, sorry) certain moves and stat changes will freeze the battle after your turn is over, and then give you an "extra" turn (for example, if you defeat a poké and the battle freezes, the sprite will still be there, the HP bar will be depleted and using any moves return the "But there was no target!" message, after which the battle will end). Other times the game will just crash (error log below) Hope this helped!
  9. Just two very teeny tiny tiling errors...
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