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  1. Happy Birthday Ame! :-)   

  2. Im using Wine on a Mac to run the game, but sadly, I am unable to install the Mod. It just doesn't work. Is there any way to fix this please?
  3. Im playing Reborn on a Mac and I am using Wine to run it. Sadly, I cant install the Sandbox Mod. Is there any way to fix this?

  4. I doubt that it was ever about hunting down and punishing actual "witches." That was just the cheap pretense they used to kill people they didnt like under the guise of justice. Thats one of the fundamental principles of any religion out there: No evidence based logic is required.
  5. This is Lin we are talking about. She probably brainwashed Radomus Gardevoir with the Pulse 2 (it can break a Pokemons will) and will use it in her battle against us as a "human shield", forcing us to kill it if we want to beat her.
  6. @Eigengrau do you have another Bagon and Ralts available by any chance? I would be very grateful if I could have them. I already have a Ralts of my own, however it has very poor IVs and I need another one which I could use as a Mega Guardevoir. I would also please like to take one of those Honedges and a Tepig and a Torchic if you would be willing to part with them. Thank you very much in advance.
  7. Worst part of it is that he could have been saved. With therapy, medical treatment and the support of some loyal friends things might have worked out for him in the end. He gave up too easily. No matter how much your life sucks and hurts: Death sucks and hurts more.
  8. I think its the context that matters. The word "trap" itself isn't a slur, as long as its not referring to a person being transgender. Its the hidden meaning behind it that only applies in this specific case which is offensive. And that hidden meaning in this case is the suggestion, that trans-people are trying to deceit or trick other people into a sexual relationship by pretending to be of another sex than they are. The same would of course apply to other words if they ever got a derived and derogatory meaning like this. If there was ever such a case for people of Asian descent, then yes, I think that the same should go for that word and it shouldn't be used in such a context anymore. Which is why, of course, any other way of suggesting that trans people are simply pretending to be something they aren't in order to get something they want on the cost of another persons gullibility should be seen as an offense as well. No matter the words used.
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