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  1. I got stuck in Darclight Woods after surfing behind a tree, can someone help me out? Thanks in advance o/ Game.rxdata
  2. Oh wow, thanks o/ Unfortunately i'm having some problems with my game and i think i need to re-download e17, is it fine if i contact you tomorrow? because now i gotta go :/
  3. Oh yeah, that's right I thought more about the signature move instead of the most powerful learnt by level-up, well nevermind then
  4. 1 -My pick is Chatter, Chatot is the only one who can learn it it's either this or Boomburst wich can be learned by other 5 mons and if the right answer is Boomburst i'm gonna throw a chair outside the window lol 2 - Aipom got Skill Link in gen 5
  5. I think i'm going for Chatot and Aipom (does it count as a gen 4 mon? I plan to get an Ambipom after all)
  6. I just remembered of my never-finished run of Pokemon Dark Rising, it began almost 2 years ago...

    It would be a pity to give up on that game i hate (and love) so much so i'm thinking about a new documented journey, i don't know if this will become a thing or not but for now i'll consider the idea (feedback/suggestions are appreciated as usual)

  7. Didn't download the patch and i noticed it has been reported already, sorry Game.rxdata
  8. Shad_


    It's the reward for beating Adrienn so yep
  9. TFW you finally complete your flying mono of Reborn, really enjoyed it tbh

  10. I'm on, search for Steee and send the request o/ EDIT: Ayyy thanks!
  11. Murkrow is fine, i'll become crazy before i can level it up 'til the 60s but i'm doing a challenge after all so i don't mind o/ Tell me whenever you are ready
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