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  1. Hi, I'm new to the game. I just got the soul stone but I don't know how to get to Amethyst depths. All other guides tell me to fight Kage but he just tells me to go to the depths. How do I access them?.
  2. I've gotten multiple times to her last pokemon, but I just can't seem to beat her. Here's my team: Greninja lvl 74 Ability: Protean. Substitute, Extrasensory, Night Slash and Water Shuriken. Gallade lvl 74 Ability: Justified. Leaf Blade, Shadow Sneak, Close Combat, Psycho cut. Noivern lvl 74. Ability: Frisk. Dragon Pulse, Iron Tail, Super Fang, Boomburst. Sceptile lvl 74. Ability: Unburden. Giga Drain, Dual Chop, Nature Power, X Scissor. A-Ninetales lvl 74. Ability: Snow Cloak. Ice Beam, Dazzling Gleam, Dark Pulse, Hail. M-Meowstick lvl 74 Ability: Prankster. Psychic, Light Screen, Fake out, Sucker Punch. I need the help, I've been stuck here for 2 days!!!
  3. Would anyone be willing to trade me a Dawn stone? I can offer a few shinies, and some bred pokemon I have.
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