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  1. Would anyone be willing to trade me a Dawn stone? I can offer a few shinies, and some bred pokemon I have.
  2. So, before trying the gym I went back to Reborn to get the move relearner. I tried to get back and the most I can get is to the house with the hiker. I managed to get to the Springs too, but hiw in the heck do I get back into town!?
  3. And here I was trying to open the barrier like a moron. Thanks!
  4. I don't know how to complete the Railnet Puzzle to get to the cave and it looks like the layout of it was changed from previous episodes so the game guide I've been using is useless now. Please help.
  5. Update: I ended up beating it thanks to my Sandslash one shotting it with Magnitude and a Earth gem. Thanks everyone!
  6. I've been stuck here for over an hour now. This boss is just ridiculous. My team is: Greninja- Manectric- Alolan Sandslash- Meowstic(M)- Growlithe- Sceptile. All of them are between level 40 and 43. I seriously need help.
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